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7 Reasons to Use Open Source for Product Development


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Software products are growing rapidly, at a larger scale, and identifying the right technology to develop a strong and proper code base is a major challenge for product and platform organizations. Several considerations, including usability, scalability, availability, migration from legacy technologies, and various other factors influence the decision of selecting the right platform for delivering products.
Businesses are now widely recognizing the role of Open Source Software (OSS) in product development because open source comes with features that make enterprises more responsive in addressing user desires effectively. Open source is also more flexible in adapting and catering to the changing business demands. Welcoming open source fundamentally means changing the way enterprises think about their business as well as their consumers.
Besides flexibility, scalability, adaptability and other features, open source also points a radical move away from the long existent “company-customer paradigm”. It encourages businesses to go away from the notion of “company creating a product and customers using them”. Open source ushers in a more advanced method of design thinking where product development takes birth as part of a community collaboration.
So why do many Fortune 500 organizations and government IT departments prefer open source? Is pricing the only deciding factor? What are compelling reasons behind enterprises going for open source? Take a look at our infographic to know more

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7 Reasons to Use Open Source for Product Development

  1. 1. Customer faith in Open Source Software (OSS): use Open Source technology at some level leverage Open Source to gain competitive edge believe in efficien- cy, interoperability & innovation of OSS prefer OSS be- cause it offers freedom from vendor lock-in What makes Open Source more popular? Top 7 reasons to use open source for product development: increase in the use of OSS vis-a-vis 2015 enterprises lever- age OSS for speedy application development enterprises lever- age OSS for pro- duction infrastruc- ture total global OSS related jobs will touch 1.47 million Security and Quality: Agility and Elasticity Review of source code by a wide community Increased chance of flaws being detected & fixed quickly Access & awareness on source code makes it technically superior More user-friendly w- ith ample scope to in- novate Agility & ability to react quickly to busi- ness changes Reduces cycle time for component up- dates & corrections Less resource inten- sive Easy to customize on available hardware Developers get the ‘building blocks’ of the software for free Developers can spend their time on specific & unique functional- ities Businesses can easily modify software to reflect changes in processes No constraints creat- ed by a rigid inflexible software Freedom from Vendor Lock-in: Access to source code Overcomes commer- cial vendor uncertain- ties Mitigates risks asso- ciated with propri- etary software vendor Protects against cha- nges in supplier terms or conditions# Customization Offers a fixed cost option that may be enhanced & scaled over time Less expensive than proprietary software as the basic stack co- mes free Annual license fees- OSS requires no on- going costs Lesser upgrade char- ges, while making ch- anges Facilitates easy in- teroperability with other businesses OSS standards such as Eclipse & COBRA simplify integration of products Strong community ensures availability of new drivers & hard- ware-related features Interoperability: Adhering to open standards Support easily avail- able for localizing de- fects and making fixes Scope to avail paid support options as re- quired 67% contribute to OSS projects in terms of bug fixing & adding functionalities Exhaustive support through vibrant communities Lesser Costs and Resources $ References: Why Should You Use Open Source For Product Development 76% 65% 2018 By 90% ? ?? ? ?