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10 Best Open Source Android Apps


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Here are 10 of the best apps vehicled on F-Droid.

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10 Best Open Source Android Apps

  1. 1. The region of open source Android apps is still catching pace and one of the most effective centers to download and install such apps is F-Droid.
  2. 2. An installable directory where you can check out, install and keep a check on app updates of your device What is F-Droid? Showcases apps from the domains of security, entertainment, writing, system, money, reading, phone & SMS, connectivity, navigation, theme and development
  3. 3. Here are 10 of the best apps vehicled on F-Droid!
  4. 4. Droidgain automatically adapts the volume according to the song Droidgain Droidgain selects files through an external app
  5. 5. AirPush Detector acts as a preventive by letting you know which apps have adware and are not displaying the desired behavior. AirPush Detector Once AirPush Detector is installed, it will let you know which app is causing adware
  6. 6. Botifier Botifier capacitates the sending of notifications to non-compatible devices like car radio The notification can be displayed as text along with summary as album and application as artist
  7. 7. Podax can keep a series of subscriptions and also download the most recent podcasts when they become available Podax It comes with two simple widgets which will allow you to play and pause the podcasts
  8. 8. Atomic is an IRC system marked with a clear dashboard and SSL support Atomic This is ideal for those looking for no-nonsense chatting board
  9. 9. AnotherMonitor A precise graphic view of the processes running on your android along with the detailed representation of which-app-is- using-how-much. When you are dealing with a rash app, Another Monitor also puts up a color contrast.
  10. 10. Effects pro has an outstanding user interface which makes it effortless to add in filters Effects Pro It offers easy-to-use experience and MIT License
  11. 11. A personal wifi assistant who will remind you of the passwords when you enter the specific wifi zone Wi-Fi Reminders The reminder will pop up as a basic notification with vibration, blinking and sound
  12. 12. It can create a shortcut for almost anything you imagine available on your device: for sending messages or calling a certain person, to do a certain task and so on Any Cut
  13. 13. Applications Info gives a detailed overview of every application on your device Applications Info A flip through the range of apps will give you an idea of which app might be draining the performance of your device and allow you to find better alternatives
  14. 14.  ChronoSnap: ChronoSnap excels at time-lapse photography, avoiding the mistakes that generally cloud mind-blowing clicks Two other useful android apps  AFWall+: Founded on DroidWall, AFWall+ has VPN Support and allows you to export or import rules to an external storage
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