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Suyati's immense Salesforce skillsets have seen us write 130+ modules with around 1 Million successful LOC. We're great at Customization, Development, Migration and Integration. What's more, we're aces at the Appexchange, as well as in customizing the platform via Apex and VisualForce.

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  • OverviewEnterprise-wide applications on’s on-demand platformLeverage, to increase productivity, visibility, and profitabilitySalesforce expertise - Facts and FiguresNumber of Salesforce Developers: 27+ Time period: 3 yearsTotal number of modules developed 130+ Total lines of code written till date nearly 900K Governor Friendly Apex delivered to our global clientsStrong expertise in platform including the Spring13 release
  • DevelopmentAutomation of Business Process Using workflow rules, field updates, Email alerts, outbound messaging and tasks Workflows Complex Approval Process, Chatter PostsSite Force Building Intranet Sites and public sites with VisualForce Micro Sites (Data collection)Dashboards and Reports Analytical Snapshot and Dashboard CreationCustom Report Types and Dynamic Report BuildingData ManagementImport & Export of Data from Salesforce org UI and also using Data LoaderBackup JobsMass Delete, Update, InsertEmail SolutionsCampaigns management and Mass mailing Request for information emailsVarious Email based SolutionsIntegrationDeveloped Canvas ApplicationsDeveloped MailChimp connector for GEDeveloped OAuth enabled Social Media AppsGoogle Apps Integration (Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Gmail to Salesforce, Gmail Buttons and more) and development of Chrome extensions.
  • Apex – On Demand Language available on platform for Canvas – is like an intelligent iframe that can show applications developed in various other languages ( like showing an website inside salesforce with to and fro data communication between salesforce and the application)Connected Apps – are like integration points between the canvas and the outside applicationVisualForce – is the HTML language of Salesforce
  • On Demand Printing – the work includes sending data like live ISBN’s for printing to 3rd party printing vendors when there is a request for Hardcover. We do it via Outbound Messages + web services.ExactTarget Integration – Campaigns that are created in Salesforce will sync up with ExactTarget through which marketing can take control.Real Time Commerce Server Sync – The packages and services that are introduced in the business can be synced with Commerce Server Catalogs in real time. We do this in ASI world almost every minute.Custom Workflow Engine – we have developed custom workflows in apex language that trigger various points in the publishing cycle like design, editorial, proof reading, marketing and publishing on online bookstores.DupeBlocker– we use this appexchange app to control duplicate entry of leads and thus maintain a neat set of leads and contacts in the organization.ELAN Bookstore Integration – we send data from Salesforce CRM to Elan Database and keep the contact and purchase information in sync so that the user gets the real time data on our websites and even in Elan bookstore.
  • Visualforce Pages – they give the ability to bring the power of HTML and very recently the power of HTML5 that enable us to create pages that have life and perform operations without any delay. SOQL – Salesforce Object Query Language (this is very similar to the SQL language of Microsoft SQL Server) – just like apex, this is the Salesforce’s own DB language. The advantage is that the cloud always expects a limit in data fetch or data pump. SOQL and SOSL manages that very well.SOSL – Salesforce Object Search Language (this is also similar to SQL but is specifically used when huge data fetch is necessary in applications)Scheduled Batch Apex – we can automate certain piece of logic written in a class that executes in a scheduled interval of time in the application.Enterprise WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) is like the schema or skeleton of the salesforce organization setup. This WSDL will have information about the custom objects, classes that can be called from an external web service. We normally use this when we want a service layer that can talk to salesforce.Google Map Integration – we implemented a functionality that maps an author and freelancers near to the author’s location and assign work to nearest freelancers for co-ordinating on proof reading, design, etc.Google Chrome Extensions – we developed a chrome browser extension that pops up any chatter notifications even though the user is not logged into salesforce.
  • We help our clients to understand and execute partnerships with SalesforceDevelopment of applications that can be packaged to AppExchangeCo-ordinating with Salesforceand our clients on security review of the applicationManaging versions of the application and releasing patches and major updates to the appsWe help our clients in setting up eye catchy Product and Publisher listing on the AppExchange that in turn generates more leads
  • Suyati & Salesforce

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Our Salesforce Expertise 30+ Salesforce developers including DEV 401 certified developers 130+ modules with around 1 Million LOC delivered successfully 3+ years of experience with global clients Strong expertise in platform
    3. 3. What We Do Customization Development Customize CRM to adapt your company’s existing processes Extend Salesforce CRM Improvements for – Efficiency and Effectiveness Developing other apps on the platform using Apex, VisualForce Migration Integration From Microsoft Dynamics CRM, FileMakerPro, SAP, excel sheets 3rd party apps like GoogleDrive, GoogleMaps, MailCh imp, ET, DocuSign, Amazon WebServices, BizTalk and Social Media Database migration via ETLs like Dell Boomi, DBAmp
    4. 4. Moving with Releases Up-to-date with the latest release features Now Winter 13 Spring 13 Summer 13  New apex classes and methods  Data types – geolocation, formula checkbox  New HTML5 compatible VisualForce tags  Canvas, connected apps  Chatter updates  Salesforce community
    5. 5. Proposed AppExchange Apps from Suyati in addition to those already done for our clients
    6. 6. Extending the Platform
    7. 7. Extending the Platform to support Book Publishing Processes On – Demand printing for title Live ISBNs via outbound messages Custom workflow engine in Salesforce to adapt publishing processes Exact Target integrations for E-mail campaigns AppExchange app integration DupeBlocker Real-time synchronization with Microsoft Commerce Server for catalog updates ELAN Integration for BookStore processing
    8. 8. Customizing the Platform
    9. 9. Customizing the Platform via Apex, VisualForce Substituting the standard edit page layouts with custom VisualForce pages with advanced lookups Scheduled Batch Apex Classes which executes to Geo-Locate Records using Addresses Enhanced search layouts using multipupose grids with the aid of VisualForce and SOQL/SOSL Real-Time Synchronization of Data from SQL Server Databases via SOAP API (Enterprise WSDL) Integrating Google Maps to locate freelancers and also to help authors to find nearest freelancers Google Chrome extensions that provide notifications on chatter feeds via Streaming API Geolocation fields on custom objects to store latitude and longitude data Visual Flow for building interactive wizard-based business logic
    10. 10. AppExchange Consultation Development and Packaging of apps Coordinating the Security Review Process License, Release and Patch Management Product and Publisher Listing & Branding AppExchange Installation, Integration and Publishing apps to AppExchange
    11. 11. Client Speak “Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team model has offered us the opportunity to continue our high quality, rapid software development while effectively managing our IT spend, by using Suyati’s transparent cost driven model. The DGT model allows us to work closely with Suyati to hire the most talented people in the market – at a fraction of our historical cost – and offers us great flexibility in scaling and deploying those resources. I highly recommend this model; it has delivered and continues to deliver long term value for us. I look forward to our continued relationship with Suyati.“ Randy CIO
    12. 12. Client Speak “When it comes to Salesforce development, we trust Suyati. Suyati has excellent expertise in synchronizing legacy applications with platform, creating lead management systems using sophisticated scoring and conversion workflows, and integrating with in-house web services and Google services. The Suyati team has delivered top notch and innovative results. Through its partnership with Salesforce and development projects, Suyati continues to strengthen and build its center for excellence in Salesforce. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Suyati and look forward to growing our engagement.“ Mark Global Director, Application Development
    13. 13. Client Speak “It has been a true pleasure working with Suyati. The diversity of technical skills coupled with a high level of professionalism and a constant desire to knock down any barriers that get in the way, have contributed to a mutually beneficial relationship between our team and that of Suyati’s. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with Suyati technology teams“ Romi Global Director, Enterprise Architecture
    14. 14. Development Website Flow Multivariate testing INDIA US 2nd Floor, B-Wing, Thapasya Bldg. Infopark, Kakkanad Kochi – 682 030 +91 484 424 2800 47,South Pennsylvania Street Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 +1 313 427 1816 GERMANY (Business Partner) Consulting Team Hoeltgen GmbH Bussardweg 31 30880 Laatzen +49 511 9 82 52 81