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STARTeurope history


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STARTeurope history

  1. 1. STARTup Live #4 Date: 29th - 31st of October 2010 @ MS Headquarter, Vienna Idea pitches: 26 Participants: 82 Mentors: 8 Experts: 5 Venture teams: 15 Nationalities: 13some more information:, every time is a new time and this was our 4th STARTup Live Vienna. From our perspective, it rocked. We had great pitches,awesome teams, wicked atmosphere and really interesting discussions throughout the weekend. The experts and mentors stuckaround for far longer than their timeslots and the afterparty was epic. The results of the pitchround and team formation: 15 teamswere formed – that’s a 57% successrate for the pitchers! Wicked.
  2. 2. STARTup Lounge Entrepreneurs Evening Date: 1st of October, 2010 @ Inits HQ, Vienna Pitches: 13 Participants: 40 Guests: 100 Mentors: 8 Experts: 20some more information: the 1st of October, STARTeurope together with inits and accent organized a pitchtraining and party for the entrepreneurs ofAustria. During the day the elevator pitch (STARTeurope style ) as well as the 5 min money pitch was practiced, performed andfeedbacked by experts. The winners of the pitchround was invited to present at the Business Angel Day in November. Was ablast, the teams got some great feedback, were schooled in the subconscious matters of pitching as well as presentationtechnique and rhetoric.
  3. 3. STARTup Lounge Alpbach Date: 26th - 28th of August 2010 @ European Forum Alpbach, Alpbach Pitches: 15 Guests: 300 Panel Discussion with: Reshma Sohoni (CEO of Seedcamp), Selma Prodanovic (CEO of Brainswork), Markus Wagner (president of i5invest), Daniel Mattes (cofounder of JaJah, founder of Jumio), Christopher Kahler (cofounder of Qriously)some more information: the stretch of 3 days STARTups, people with ideas, experts and investors came together and unleashed the entrepreneurialspirit in Alpbach. Together with IG Senza confini, IV Wien, “Die Presse”, Tec Net, accent and many more we had the opportunityto arganize a panel discussion (topic: “Unleash the entrepreneurial spirit – what’s missing in Europe?”) , STARTup Meet and Greetand a Pitching session with a bunch of amazing STARTups. We hope that we did not just convince our participants about thevalue we create, but also had an impact upon the whole European Forum Alpbach.
  4. 4. Summer University CarinthiaDate: 3rd - 11th of July 2010@ KTS Villach, CorinthiaParticipants: 50Countries: 18Experts: 4Venture teams: 6some more information: We had a definitly amazing week with 50 participants from 18 countries in Carinthia. Nice lecturers, great workshops and a lot of unforgettable side events. The event brought together top qualified and committed students with international, multidisciplinary backgrounds and innovative companies looking for sustainable business solutions. It fostered entrepreneurial thinking and acting, enables mutual learning, helped building up a network among all stakeholders, and additionally creates value for the public.
  5. 5. STARTup JamDate: 23rd - 25th of June 2010@ MS Innovation Center, ViennaIdea pitches: 16Participants: 62Mentors: 10Experts: 5Venture teams: 10End presentations: 10some more information: happens if you take 62 high school students, days short of finishing their semester, from four different schools, let thempitch, form teams, work, learn the method of pitching, how to express their ideas creatively and present in front of a high caliberjury? Well, a bunch of crazy ideas, loads of feedback from mentors and experts and amazing perfomances from futureentrepreneurs.
  6. 6. STARTup Live #3Date: 11th - 13th of June 2010@ MS Headquarter, ViennaIdea pitches: 27Participants: 94Venture teams: 17Mentors: 33Experts: 7some more information: event started with a bomb – 27 pitches! The STARTeurope team was amazed at the quality of the pitches, ideas and people –you guys blew our minds. Some developed prototypes, others rethought their concepts, several used the business model canvasseminar which STARTeurope gave to get to know their strengths, business and potential pitfalls. The result: 16 pitches weredelivered on sunday evening! WOW! Usually some give up, but these guys and gals had that amazing “feature” calledpersistency.
  7. 7. STARTup Lounge #3 Date: 5th of June, 2010 @ Palais Kinsky, Vienna Pitches: 11 Participants: 20 Guests: 150 Groups formed: 6 Mentors: 4some more information: Pitch – Perform – Present – Party In June 2010 we hosted a Lounge event taking place at Palais Kinski. The STARTup Lounge was followed by an entrepreneurs clubbing with more than 190 people and startups from Germany and Austria. A perfect mix: 200 people,3 hours of starting & 10 hours of partying. Palais Kinsky turned into a place with loads of inspiration, new ideas and a lot of fun.
  8. 8. STARTup Lounge #2 Date: 23th of April, 2010 @ the Hub, Vienna Pitches: 12 Participants: 50 Groups formed: 10 Mentors: 3 some more information: April 23, we gathered again with about 60 people at The Hub Vienna to talk about ideas and starting up. This time, theLounge consisted of a STARTup Hours and a live streaming of the awesome Startup Lesson Learned conference in San Francisco!
  9. 9. STARTup Lounge #1 Date: 18th of March, 2010 @ Nelsons, Vienna Pitches: 12 Participants: 60 Groups formed: 10 Nationalities: 13 Mentors: 3 some more information: March 18th a group of about 60 participants gathered at Nelsons, located in the middle of the Tech University of Vienna, topartake in the very first STARTup Lounge.The participants were put through a blistering hour of pitching, forming teams, workingand presenting their own ideas at a rapid pace! It was the first stop for the participants of the LIFT @ Austria conference, exploringenabling spaces and organizations in the region . The attendees were from Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark,UK,Hungary, Belgium, US, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Belgium and Ecuador – making it a somewhat internationalgathering.
  10. 10. STARTup Live Prishtina Date: 26th – 28th of March 2010 @ Amercian University in Kosovo (AUK), Prishtina Idea pitches: 24 Participants: 76 Venture teams: 12 Mentors: 7 Experts: 6 some more information: first STARTup Live event in the Balkans took place in the Republic of Kosovo, Europe’s youngest state. Upon invitation by thethree host organizations, ECIKS, UNI Group and START, 70 students and entrepreneurs from Prishtina met a delegation of Europeanbusiness people and venture experts at the American University in Kosovo for a weekend of intensive idea generation andbusiness planning.
  11. 11. STARTup Live #2 Date: November 2009 @ MS HQ, Vienna Idea pitches: 20 Participants: 113 Venture teams: 9 Nationalities: 8 Mentors: 20 Experts: 7 some more information: weekend/Out of twenty presented ideas, nine venture teams were formed resulting in the foundation of one company and one art project,which is described subsequently. The other venture teams are still working on their business ideas, probably resulting in newcompanies. High quality standards, experts and coaches with different professional backgrounds, a creative and stimulatingatmosphere and an interdisciplinary and also a high class expert panel resulted in the successful STARTup Live Vienna #2.
  12. 12. STARTup Live #1 Date: 5th - 7th of June 2009 @ MS Innovation Center, Vienna Idea pitches: 19 Participants: 60 Venture teams: 9 Nationalites: 5 Experts: 5 some more information: named-startup-weekend/The first STARTup Live (formerly named STARTup Weekend) project was held in June 2009. This project can be seen as a prototypeof the STARTup Live concept. It was important to gain experience in designing and implementing STARTup Live. Fifteen ideas werepitched. Nine ideas were not able to assure participants of their potential. As a consequence, six interdisciplinary venture teamswere formed. This can be seen as a first selection of ideas.