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MetroLink Activity Book for Children

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Metro Activity Book

  1. 1. Activity Book is ri-Illino Missou
  2. 2. How 1 2 3 4 Much 5 6 7 8 Do You 9 Know 10 11 About 12 Metro? 13 Across 3. Never try to open the ________ when riding Metro. 6. What do you pull on to signal a MetroBus that you would like to get off at the next stop? 8. Metro Call-A-Ride provides curb-to-curb transportation for __________ with disabilities. 9. Wait for your MetroBus on the _____________. 10.Always enter the MetroBus through the ________ doors. 11.You can save __________ by taking Metro. 12._____________, look and listen for trains before crossing the tracks. 13.Allow passengers to exit before you ____________ a vehicle. Down 1. Metro is safe and ____________. 2. It is dangerous to walk on the _________ that MetroLink travels on. 4. What is another name for a Metro professional driver? 5. MetroBus, MetroLink and Metro Call-A-Ride are public _______________. 7. Where do passengers stand while waiting for MetroLink? 8. Do not _________ around train tracks or stations
  3. 3. Taking turns with a friend, draw a line from one Railroad Crossing sign to the next. If you complete a box, write your initial in it. (See example) R R R R R R When completed, count the M number of boxes with your initial. The person with the R R R R R R most boxes WINS! Example R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R Be alert near railroad crossings. Look both ways before crossing. Never race a train or drive around safety gates. Wait until the red lights stop flashing to go through the intersection! Remember: MetroLink always has 2 tracks!
  4. 4. Metro goes GREEN! People talk about being green, but Metro s ar uses Green technology every day. During c 40 rush hour, Metro trains and buses remove 1M s= cars from St. Louis area traffic. et u ro oB How many words can you make out of L r in et these Metro GREEN terms? k 1M tr ai n Bio-diesel Fuel = 12 5c Renewable Energy ar s Fluorescent Bulbs Cleaner Environment Air Quality Public transit can save Public transit a family more than users drive $1,400 annually! 4,400 fewer miles per year 5 GREEN Things on average, YOU can do when and fewer you go places! miles traveled results in 1 Walk. You’ve got legs and you’re not afraid to cleaner air. use them. 2 Ride your bike. It’s faster than walking and just as GREEN! 3 Carpool. Two passengers are better than one and more is even better than that. 4 Ride METRO. It’s the ultimate carpool! 5 Learn more at If you have to drive, don’t leave the car idling. Pollution is the NOT GREEN!
  5. 5. FIND THE METRO WORDS IN THE PUZZLE BELOW! G G G R C T N S Y J T A O P C E Q V E O N Z V T I M R C O M P N Y Y M T I D C A T F N V R U I V W F U A K S E T V F A O B A L I O O E R M K E I Q N F L R E C R T B B E N C J O N T I T Y L T O B U I P X A O N A C V I K A D N E S K O X R R L B A O V B Y N M R I D E K T P R O L T L T F R E F S N A R T M Q Y T E F A S N N E C M B P R E L I A B L E Z R T L C X A B F R P A F P Y Q P E A O A D R W Y E U K M U Q H I F L P Z T R A N S P O R T A T I O N T Bus Metro Reliable Tracks Comfortable Operator Ride Train Convenient Platform Safety Transfer Environmental Public Station Transportation Fun Railroad Ticket Van
  6. 6. Find your Way to the MetroLink Station! Fun things to do near MetroLink Stations! Arch-Laclede’s Landing Forest Park-DeBaliviere •Gateway Arch & Museum of Westward Expansion •St. Louis Zoo •Gateway Arch Riverboats •History Museum •Helicopter Tours •Art Museum •Bicycle Rentals •The Science Center •The Muny Visit for more information! •Steinberg Ice Skating Rink
  7. 7. 1 If there are 2,221 railroadwill it takemile to walktakes Mary one secondhowwalk from one ties per and it to tie to the next, how long her a mile? At this pace, long would it take Mary to walk the 37.7 miles from Airport Main to Shiloh-Scott Station? 2 The average elephant weighs 2,017 pounds. The average MetroBus weighs 28,250 pounds. How many elephants would it take to equal the weight of one MetroBus? 3 TheisGateway Arch isHow manytall and 630 feet from leg to head Thetoe does it12 year 630 feet leg. average old 60 inches tall. 12 year olds stacked from to take to reach the top of the Arch? Double Puzzle Unscramble each of the clue words. Take the letters that appear in boxes and unscramble them for the final message. SCKATR GISLASN EICETLITCYR NATSISTO LIRA ABTSLLA ODOW DAN RONECTCE SITE
  8. 8. Connect the Dots and Draw Yourself as the MetroBus Operator! Answers Metro Mind Twisters 1 1. 37 minutes to walk a mile. S 2 T E 1394.9 minutes or approximately 3 4 DOOR C 23 hours and 14 minutes to walk 5 P A T U from Airport Main to Shiloh-Scott. 6 7 E CORD R P 2. 14 elephants = 1 MetroBus 8 R K A P EOP LE 3. 126 twelve year olds! A S N L A 9 T S I DEWALK T Double Puzzle O P Y F TRACKS 10 11 R FRONT MONE Y SIGNALS R R 12 S TOP M ELECTRICITY A STATIONS T RAIL I BALLAST 13 BOARD WOOD AND CONCRETE TIES N RIDE METROLINK