Cloud computing


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Cloud computing

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Ms. Suwanna Thongkhome
  2. 2. Cloud Cadets - Protectors of the Sky.
  3. 3. Cloud Computing
  4. 4. “The Amazing Journey of Data to the Cloud”
  5. 5. Cloud computing is everywhere
  6. 6. Cloud Cube
  7. 7. Private Cloud • Internal cloud used by an organization Community Cloud • Internal Cloud Shared by multiple organizations Public Cloud • Providers Cloud shared by many users Hybrid Cloud • Cloud that composed of two or more cloud
  8. 8. Welcome to the Service Cloud CloudOn
  9. 9.
  10. 10. IBM Opens Cloud Data Center
  11. 11. TRUE IDC Cloud   บริ การ True Cloud Server (Aspen Cloud Server)  บริ การ True Cloud Storage (Aspen Cloud Server)
  12. 12. Panda Antivirus Download: Panda Antivirus Free Edition 1.1.01 Link :
  13. 13., from Spoon, is a public-facing, cloud-based application virtualization service. You make an account at the website install a small "plugin," and click launch to start a variety of applications. The applications are cached on your machine and run locally, isolated from your registry.
  14. 14. Cloud eyeOS by Daydev on Desktop Download:
  15. 15. Thank you… Q&A Cloud Computing Ms. Suwanna Thongkhome