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101 Awesome Marketing Quotes


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101 Awesome Marketing Quotes

  1. 1. 101!!Marketing!Quotes!@HubSpotTWEET EBOOK!!
  2. 2. SETH GODIN!KEYNOTE SPEAKER!AUTHOR OF PERMISSION MARKETING!“If you wait until!there is another!case study!in your industry,!you will be "too late.!Image Credit: Josep Ma. RosellTWEET EBOOK!!
  3. 3. People share, read and!generally engage more with!any type of content when!it’s surfaced through friends "& people they know and trust.!“ MALORIE LUCICH!FACEBOOK SPOKESPERSON!Image Credit: Fr. Stephen, MSC
  4. 4. CHRIS BROGAN!KEYNOTE SPEAKER!FOUNDER, NEW MARKETING LABS!No matter what, !the very first piece of!social media real estate!I’d start with is a blog.!“Image Credit: Colette Cassinelli
  5. 5. DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT!MARKETING STRATEGIST!AUTHOR OF THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING AND PR!Instead of !one-way interruption,!Web marketing!is about delivering!useful content!at just the precise!moment that!a buyer needs it.!“Image Credit:By SeLmAn pInArLI
  6. 6. Image Credit: FishTechIncreasingly, the massmarketing is turning into!a mass of niches.!“CHRIS ANDERSON!AUTHOR OF THE LONG TAIL!
  7. 7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GUY KAWASAKI!FORMER CHIEF EVANGELIST, APPLE!CO-FOUNDER, ALLTOP.COM!When you enchant !People, your goal !is not to make money !from them or to get them!to do what you want, !but to fill them "with great delight.!Image Credit: Purple Phoenix“
  8. 8. BRIAN CLARK!FOUNDER, COPYBLOGGER!Remarkable social !media content and!great sales copy are !pretty much the same"—plain spoken words!designed to focus !on the needs!of the reader, listener, !or viewer.!“Image Credit: Chiceaux
  9. 9. “The next time you hear "a social media myth, question it. !Ask for the proof,!and ask out loud.!DAN ZARRELLA!SOCIAL MEDIA SCIENTIST!HUBSPOT!
  10. 10. “Bring the best of your authenticself to every opportunity.!JOHN JANTSCH!AUTHOR OF DUCT TAPE MARKETING!Image Credit: snre“
  11. 11. DARREN ROWSE!FOUNDER, PROBLOGGER!There are no magic wands,!no hidden tricks,!and no secret handshakes!that can bring you!immediate success,!but with time, energy, "and determination!you can get there.!“Image Credit: Hryck!!
  12. 12. TONY HSIEH!CEO, ZAPPOS.COM!Your culture is your brand.!Image Credit: TerryJohnston TWEET EBOOK!!
  13. 13. LAURA FITTON!FOUNDER, ONEFORTY.COM!Focus on the !core problem !your business !solves & put out!lots of content "& enthusiasm,!& ideas about how !to solve that problem.!!“Image Credit: Machine Project
  14. 14. You can’t just ask!customers what!they want and!then try to give!that to them.!By the time you get it!built, they’ll want!something new.!Image Credit: Kevin N. Murphy!!!STEVE JOBS!CEO, APPLE!
  15. 15. TIM O’REILLY & SARAH MILSTEIN!CO-AUTHORS OF THE TWITTER BOOK!Image Credit: LarimdaMEThe biggest mistake we see !companies make when they first!hit Twitter is to think about it !as a channel to push out information.!“
  16. 16. DR. FLINT MCGLAUGHLIN!DIRECTOR, MECLABS!Clarity trumps persuasion.!“Image Credit: fox_kiyoTWEET QUOTE!!
  17. 17. “Don’t be afraid to get!creative and experiment !with your marketing.!MIKE VOLPE!CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER!HUBSPOT!
  18. 18. STEVE WOZNIAK!CO-FOUNDER, APPLE!You need the kind of !objectivity that makes !you forget everything !you’ve heard, !clear the table, !and do a factual study !like a scientist would.!“
  19. 19. TWEET QUOTE!!“Make the customer!the hero of yourstory.!ANN HANDLEY!CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER!MARKETINGPROFS!Image Credit: Fotographia GuerillaTWEET EBOOK!!
  20. 20. …the Internethas turned whatused to be acontrolled, one-way messageinto a real-timedialogue withmillions.!“DANIELLE SACKS!WRITER, FAST COMPANY!
  21. 21. In today’sinformation ageof Marketing andWeb 2.0, acompany’swebsite is thekey to theirentire business.!“Image Credit: BethanMARCUS SHERIDAN!AUTHOR OF THE SALES LION BLOG!MARKETING SPEAKER!
  22. 22. DANAH BOYD!SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCHER!MICROSOFT!The way you can understand!all of the social media!is as the creation of!a new kind of public space.!“Image Credit: ghirson
  23. 23. NANCY DUARTE!PRESIDENT AND CEO, DUARTE DESIGN!“TWEET QUOTE!!Presentations!are the most!amazing persuasiontool available inorganizations today.!Image Credit: AJC1
  24. 24. D!!!!!!!!!Image Credit: xJasonRogersx“ GAIL GOODMAN!PRESIDENT & CEO!CONSTANT CONTACT!What makes content engaging isrelevancy. You need to connect !the contact information with the !content information.!
  25. 25. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Give them quality.!Thats the best kind of advertising.!MILTON HERSHEY!FOUNDER!THE HERSHEY CHOCOLATE COMPANY!Image Credit: Bob.Fornal
  26. 26. GARY VAYNERCHUK!AUTHOR OF THE THANK YOU ECONOMY!More contact means more sharing ofinformation, gossiping, exchanging,engaging—in short, more word of mouth.!“Image Credit: questin
  27. 27. MATT CUTTS!GOOGLE!Thinkaboutwhat!a user !is going !to type.!TWEET EBOOK!!“Image Credit: TheGiantVermin
  28. 28. For corporate marketers,podcasting is low-hanging fruit.!“ PAUL GILLIN!AUTHOR OF THE NEW INFLUENCERS!
  29. 29. Image Credit: Pedro Moura Pinheiro“STEVE GARFIELD!VIDEOGRAPHER AND VIDEO BLOGGER!AUTHOR OF GET SEEN!!!!!!Video is just!one part of a !marketing plan.!!It fits certain!messages & people !better than others.!
  30. 30. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ANDREW NACHISON !FOUNDER, WE MEDIA!Institutions thatonce had to gothrough media!to deliverinformation !are nowthemselvesmedia.!“Image Credit: chris.corwin!
  31. 31. “Before you createany more “greatcontent,” figure outhow you are goingto market it first.!JOE PULIZZI & NEWT BARRETT!AUTHORS OF GET CONTENT GET CUSTOMERS!Image Credit:cadfael1979!
  32. 32. If you have more money than brains,you should focus on outboundmarketing. If you have more brainsthan money, you should focus oninbound marketing.!“GUY KAWASAKI!FORMER CHIEF EVANGELIST, APPLE!CO-FOUNDER, ALLTOP.COM!Image Credit: RangerRick!
  33. 33. “People shop and learn "in a whole new way "compared to just a few "years ago, so marketers needto adapt or risk extinction.!BRIAN HALLIGAN!CO-AUTHOR OF INBOUND MARKETING !CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, HUBSPOT!
  34. 34. D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D!!!!!!!!!!!BRIAN REICH & DAN SOLOMON!AUTHORS OF MEDIA RULES!!Understand why and how "your audience uses technology!and then start trying to align!your communications efforts.!“Image Credit:!notashamed!
  35. 35. Audiences everywhere are tough. They donhave time to be bored or brow beaten byorthodox, old fashioned advertising.!CRAIG DAVIS!
  36. 36. Image Credit: Sidereal!The attention economy is notgrowing, which means we have tograb the attention that someoneelse has today.! BRENT LEARY!CO-FOUNDER, CRM ESSENTIALS!“
  37. 37. D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GEOFFREY MOORE!AUTHOR OF DEALING WITH DARWIN!We have embarkedupon the world’slargest and longestcocktail party, !and every issueimaginable is up !for grabs.!“Image Credit:!Jeremy Brooks!
  38. 38. !!!!!!DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT!MARKETING STRATEGIST!AUTHOR OF THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING AND PR!“Social media are tools.!Real time is a mindset.!Image Credit: stockerre!
  39. 39. Increasingly, search is our mechanismfor how we understand ourselves,our world, and our place within it.!JOHN BATTELLE!FOUNDER!FEDERATED MEDIA PUBLISHING!Image Credit: !MicMacPics1!
  40. 40. Either write something worth reading ordo something worth writing about.!BENJAMIN FRANKLIN!“ Image Credit:!lhalstead!
  41. 41. Search, !a marketingmethod thatdidn’t exist adecade ago,provides the mostefficient andinexpensive wayfor businesses tofind leads.!“JOHN BATTELLE!JOURNALIST!FOUNDER, FEDERATED MEDIAPUBLISHING!!
  42. 42. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D!!!!!!!!!!!LARRY WEBER!AUTHOR OF MARKETING TO THE SOCIAL WEB!For the past 10years, corporationshave been trainedthat they should useall the differentmedia... !But the Internet isbecoming theumbrella.!“Image Credit:!♥ Unlimited!
  43. 43. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AARON WALL!AUTHOR OF THE SEOBOOK BLOG!“Doing well with blogging!is not about writing one keypost, it is about performing dayafter day and helping a fewpeople at a time.!!
  44. 44. You can’texpect!to just write and!have visitors!come to you"—that’s toopassive.!!!“Image Credit: Aunt Owwee!ANITA CAMPBELL!FOUNDER & CEO,!SMALLBIZTRENDS.COM!
  45. 45. D!!!!!!!!!!!JOE PULIZZI & NEWT BARRETT!AUTHORS OF GET CONTENT GET CUSTOMERS!Word-of-mouth!marketing has!always been!important.!Today, it’s more!important than "ever because of the!power of the Internet.!“Image Credit:!winterofdiscontent!
  46. 46. CHRIS BROGAN & JULIEN SMITH!AUTHORS OF TRUST AGENTS!In a way, the Web is like "your Hollywood agent: "It speaks for you wheneveryou’re not around to comment.!“Image Credit:!gavinj1984!
  47. 47. “For business,our Internet loveaffair was a giftfrom the gods.!GARY VAYNERCHUK!AUTHOR OF!THE THANK YOU ECONOMY!Image Credit:!CarbonNYC!
  48. 48. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Corporations must answerquestions about why theyshould be in theblogosphere.!!Small businesses need toanswer questions aboutwhy they shouldn’t.!“PAUL GILLIN!AUTHOR OF THE NEW INFLUENCERS!Image Credit:!Mylla!
  49. 49. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“Good contentshould be at theheart of yourstrategy, but it isequally important tokeep the displaycontext of thatcontent in mind aswell.!Image Credit: Lee Ann L.!TIM FRICK!AUTHOR OF RETURN ON ENGAGEMENT!!
  50. 50. No matter what orwhom we’re talkingabout, from moviesto chiropractors tobooks to financialplanners, theconsumer hankers!after specialization.!“SUSAN FRIEDMANN!AUTHOR OF RICHES IN NICHES!
  51. 51. The right people to startvideo blogging are thosewith a passion to tell a story.!STEVE GARFIELD!VIDEOGRAPHER AND VIDEO BLOGGER!AUTHOR OF GET SEEN!Image Credit: jaqian!
  52. 52. “I am all for conversations.!But you need to have a message.!RENEE BLODGETT!PRESIDENT!BLODGETT COMMUNICATIONS!Image Credit: Daniel Y. Go!
  53. 53. DON TAPSCOTT & ANTHONY D. WILLIAMS!AUTHORS OF WIKINOMICS!Your network is your filter.!Image Credit: C. St
  54. 54. DAVID ARMANO!EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT,!EDELMAN DIGITAL!When you’ve gotpeople commentingon your stuff orcalling you out orchallenging you—you have to beprepared to guardyourself from beingsomething that isn’tyou.!“Image Credit: Artz!!
  55. 55. “No matter your sector, chancesare that people are alreadytwittering about your products,your brand, your company or!at least your industry.!TIM O’REILLY & SARAH MILSTEIN!CO-AUTHORS OF!THE TWITTER BOOK!Image Credit: ejbSF!
  56. 56. “What happens online is you areconstantly dealing with invisibleaudiences.! DANAH BOYD!SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCHER!MICROSOFT!Image Credit: joncandy!
  57. 57. CHARLENE LI!CO-AUTHOR OF GROUNDSWELL!Twitter is not a technology.!Its a conversation.!And its happening!with or without you.!“Image Credit: !THEMACGIRL*!
  58. 58. To trust agents,!hyperlinks are thetwenty-first-centuryequivalent of thename-dropper.!CHRIS BROGAN & JULIEN SMITH!AUTHORS OF TRUST AGENTS!
  59. 59. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good-bye, Broadcast.!Hello, Conversation.!“Image Credit:!Mac Babs - Bárbara Bessa.!SHEL ISRAEL!CO-AUTHOR OF NAKED CONVERSATIONS!
  60. 60. Marketers need to build digitalrelationships and reputationbefore closing a sale.!“Image Credit:!Nisha A!CHRIS BROGAN!KEYNOTE SPEAKER!FOUNDER, NEW MARKETING LABS!
  61. 61. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“…as you’ve noticed,!people don’t want to!be sold.!!What people do want is!news and information!about the things they!care about.!Image Credit:!By PinkMoose!LARRY WEBER!AUTHOR OF MARKETING TO THE SOCIAL WEB!
  62. 62. You want to invent new ideas,not new rules.!“ Image Credit:!doug88888!DAN HEATH!MARKETING SPEAKER!CO-AUTHOR OF MADE TO STICK!
  63. 63. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Businesses should follow!and learn from others’successes and failures!in order to betterunderstand and predicttheir own.!“TWEET QUOTE!!Image Credit:!Menina Dedê!BEN MEZRICH!AUTHOR OF THE ACCIDENTAL BILLIONAIRES!!
  64. 64. “Image Credit: Artiii!Companies arelearning that it’smuch better to offercustomers a placeto give directfeedback at theirvirtual doorstepthan to ignorecomplaints and letthem crop upeverywhere.!BRIAN REICH & DAN SOLOMON!AUTHORS OF MEDIA RULES!!!
  65. 65. ““To be successful!and grow your business andrevenues, you must!match the way you market yourproducts with the way yourprospects learn about!and shop for your products.!BRIAN HALLIGAN!CO-AUTHOR OF INBOUND MARKETING !CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, HUBSPOT!
  66. 66. “Smartphones arereinventing the connection!between companies!and their customers.!Image Credit: Ziębol!RICH MINER!PARTNER, GOOGLE VENTURES!CO-FOUNDER, ANDROID!
  67. 67. !!!!!!!!!!Understand the key factors!in the math behind!viral marketing, and use those!to figure out what it!takes to get viral growth.!Image Credit: Woodlouse!DAVID SKOK!GENERAL PARTNER,!MATRIX PARTNERS!!“
  68. 68. You’ve probably!got a device on!you that can shoot !decent video, !so what’s stopping "you? !!Capture and share!some moments.!“Image Credit: !KTVee!STEVE GARFIELD!VIDEO BLOGGER!AUTHOR OF GET SEEN!!
  69. 69. Think like acustomer.“Image Credit: decafinatPAUL GILLIN!AUTHOR OF THE NEW INFLUENCERS!
  70. 70. “Effectiveengagement isinspired by theempathy thatdevelops simplyby being human.!Image Credit: !EUSKALANATO!BRIAN SOLIS!PRINCIPAL, ALTIMETER GROUP!AUTHOR OF ENGAGE!!
  71. 71. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!From sixdegrees toFriendster!to Facebook, !social networking!has become afamiliar andubiquitous part ofthe Internet.!!Image Credit: !Franco Folini!DAVID KIRKPATRICK!AUTHOR OF THE FACEBOOK EFFECT!!“
  72. 72. We’re all learning here;!the best listeners will!end up the smartest.!“Image Credit: !dsassoi!CHARLENE LI & JOSH BERNOFF!AUTHORS OF GROUNDSWELL!
  73. 73. ““DAN ZARRELLA!SOCIAL MEDIA SCIENTIST!HUBSPOT!!Marketing isn’t magic.!There is a science to it.!!
  74. 74. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“Holding backtechnology to preservebroken businessmodels is like allowingblacksmiths to vetothe internalcombustion engine inorder to protect theirhorseshoes.! DON TAPSCOTT & ANTHONY D. WILLIAMS!AUTHORS OF WIKINOMICS!!
  75. 75. The future of business!is social.!“Image Credit: greekaBARRY LIBERT!AUTHOR OF SOCIAL NATION!CEO, MZINGA!!TWEET EBOOK!!
  76. 76. Keep your eye out for!hot topics and trends.!The media is constantly!looking for timely !stories.!“Image Credit: motograf!JIM KUKRAL!MARKETING SPEAKER!AUTHOR OF ATTENTION!!!
  77. 77. Traditional methods!of sales prospecting!are grossly inefficient.!“Image Credit: dominiqueb!JILL KONRATH!SALES KEYNOTE SPEAKER!AUTHOR OF SNAP SELLING!!
  78. 78. I can take whatI learned fromwriting articles,educate a newaudience with "a new channel,and leapfrogothercompanies "who aren’tembracing thisnow.!Image Credit: John Vetterli!BRIAN J. CARROLL!CEO, INTOUCH!!“
  79. 79. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!By publishingcontent that showsbuyers youunderstand their!problems and canshow them how tosolve them, you buildcredibility.!!“ARDATH ALBEE!AUTHOR OF EMARKETING STRATEGIES !FOR THE COMPLEX SALE!!
  80. 80. Already, companies!that speak in the!language of thepitch,the dog-and-ponyshow, are no longerspeaking!to anyone.!“THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!Image Credit: Dottie Mae!
  81. 81. Authenticity, honesty, and personalvoice underlie much of what’ssuccessful on the Web.!“ RICK LEVINE!CO-AUTHOR THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!!
  82. 82. DAVID WEINBERGER!AUTHOR OF EVERYTHING IS MISCELLANEOUS!!Your organization!is becoming hyperlinked.!Whether you like it or not.!It’s bottom-up; it’s unstoppable.!“
  83. 83. When all you’ve got is a hammer,bad service looks like a nail.!“ DOC SEARLS!JOURNALIST!CO-AUTHOR OF!THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!!TWEET EBOOK!!
  84. 84. “Take two ideasand put themtogether to makeone new idea.After all, what is aSnuggie but themutation of ablanket and arobe?!JIM KUKRAL!MARKETING SPEAKER!AUTHOR OF ATTENTION!!!
  85. 85. Recognize thatgiveaway itemsserve as silentambassadors,reinforcing yourExpert Identity—choose themcarefully!!SUSAN FRIEDMANN!AUTHOR OF RICHES IN NICHES!!!“
  86. 86. Money followspassion—!not the otherway around.!TWEET EBOOK!!“DAVID SITEMAN GARLAND!HOST OF THE RISE TO THE TOP!Image Credit: BlakJakDavy!
  87. 87. For many businesses, !the fear behind their social media reluctanceisn’t just fear of failure but of blame andaccountability—both individual and collective.!“JAY BAER & AMBER NASLUND!AUTHORS OF THE NOW REVOLUTION!!!
  88. 88. Companies need to lighten up and takethemselves less seriously. !They need to get!a sense of humor.!THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!
  89. 89. Until Facebook camealong, there was!hardly anywhere on the!public Internet where!you had to operate!with your real name.!“DAVID KIRKPATRICK!AUTHOR OF THE FACEBOOK EFFECT!
  90. 90. By listening, !marketing will re-learn!how to talk.!“DOC SEARLS & DAVID WEINBERGER!CO-AUTHORS OF THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!!
  91. 91. Companies need!connections to theirmarkets to create!long-term loyalty.!“CHARLENE LI & JOSH BERNOFF!AUTHORS OF GROUNDSWELL!
  92. 92. There’s a lot of fear-mongering about“losing control” ofyour brand online,when, in fact, you’vegot control over asmuch as you alwayshave: how youpresent yourbusiness and howyou act.!JAY BAER & AMBER NASLUND!AUTHORS OF THE NOW REVOLUTION!!
  93. 93. Be passionate!about the culture andthe business, andremain positive,because it inspiresothers.!“BARRY LIBERT!AUTHOR OF SOCIAL NATION!CEO, MZINGA!
  94. 94. “Good is the enemy ofgreat... The vast majorityof good companies remajust that—good, but notgreat.!Image Credit: CharlesJIM COLLAUTHOR OF GOOD TO GRE
  95. 95. Those who build!and perpetuate mediocrity…are motivated more by!the fear of being left behind.!“JIM COLLINS!AUTHOR OF GOOD TO GREAT!
  96. 96. …one way tosell a consumersomething in thefuture is simplyto get his or herpermission inadvance.!“SETH GODIN!AUTHOR OF PERMISSION MARKETING!
  97. 97. In this age ofmicrobloggingand two-secondsound bites,almost no onehas the attentionspan, or time, toread more than afew sentences.!“TIM FRICK!AUTHOR OF RETURN ON ENGAGEMENT!
  98. 98. “Once you haveyour questionsand stories, mapthem to the buyingprocess—just asyour prospect willexperience them.!ARDATH ALBEE!AUTHOR OF EMARKETINGSTRATEGIES FOR THE COMPLEX SALE!!
  99. 99. What we really need isa mindset shift that willmake us relevant totoday’s consumers, amindset shift from‘telling & selling’ tobuilding relationships.!JIM STENGEL!FORMER GLOBAL MARKETING OFFICER !PROCTER & GAMBLE!!“
  100. 100. It no longer makes economic sense tosend an advertising message to the manyin hopes of persuading the few.!M. LAWRENCE LIGHT"FORMER CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER!MCDONALDS!“
  101. 101. When you break down!all the fluff, !there are two ways topromote and marketyour business: dumber,slower, and expensive—or smarter, faster, andcheaper.!“DAVID SITEMAN GARLAND!HOST OF THE RISE TO THE TOP!!
  102. 102. There is no black magic!to successfully attractingcustomers via the Web.!RAND FISHKIN!FOUNDER, SEOMOZ!!
  103. 103. INSPIRED?!Start working on your successstory online. Sign up for aHubSpot free trial and see howthe interaction of contentcreation, engagement andanalytics leads to awesomemarketing results. !!Sign Up for HubSpot’sFree 30-Day Trial!!!