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Edification station(1)

  1. 1. Fresh, Fresh Tasks, and ZoteroJennifer and Matt
  2. 2. Why get Zotero• Like Endnote• Group library feature• The purpose is so that this class, and others, can easily share our ES/FL ideas even after we graduate.• It would be nice to have a searchable database of lesson plans, tasks, syllabi, rubrics, needs assessment techniques etc.• Anything else we could include?
  3. 3. Get It• zotero.org1. Download the Desktop Application2. Register on the Website for your Username and Password3. Download the Plug-in for your browser4. Connecting the Desktop to the Website
  4. 4. Download and Register
  5. 5. Download the Plug-in
  6. 6. 4. Connect your Desktop App and Browser App• Open Desktop App• Gear Icon• Preferences• Sync• enter Username and Password
  7. 7. Connecting the Desktop App and the Browser App
  8. 8. Request Group Membership• Go to www.zotero.org, log in• "groups" tab• "search for groups" link• "groups" link• enter "Edification Station"• click the group name• click join
  9. 9. Join
  10. 10. Download a File• Web Application• Click on "Groups" tab• Click on "Edification Station"• Click on " Group Library"• Click on a document• scroll down• click link next to download
  11. 11. Download
  12. 12. Upload a File• use the Desktop App• Drag and Dropor• click the green "plus" icon• scroll down to "store copy of file..."• select file• Most important thing: Tag It
  13. 13. Upload
  14. 14. For the Love of God, Help MeCan you guys help me come up with some possible tags or parameters for tags?• tense and aspect• task, task type, syllabus, syllabus type
  15. 15. .My lesson is over, but I still havefive minutes!What can I do?
  16. 16. Oh, Wait, maybe Zotero canhelp!
  17. 17. Questions about a StatementSkills: practicing the formation of wh-questions and yes/no questionsWrite a statement on the board. The statement can be about anything, real or absurd. Get the students to think up as many questions about the statement as they can. For example, a statement might be “The moon is made of green cheese.” Students could then come up with questions like:• “Why is the moon made of green cheese?”• “Has the moon always been made of green cheese?”• “Is it light or dark green cheese?”• “What type of cheese is it?”• “How was it made?”• “What does the cheese taste like?”
  18. 18. "Flying is learning how to throwyourself at the ground andmiss."- Douglas Adams -
  19. 19. Alternate VersionRelay Race:• Engages students• Focus on Form• Gets the students moving around• Gets the students thinking in English
  20. 20. Rules• Divide into teams.• Teams must write a question about the the funny statement on the board.• Team members can only write one word at a time and must hand off the marker afterword• The first team to write a whole, correct question wins a point.
  21. 21. “If I ever get real rich, I hope Im not real mean to poor people, like I am now”"If I ever get real rich, I hope Imnot mean to poor people, like Iam now."-Jack Handy