Most powerful CEOs in India


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Most powerful CEOs in India

  1. 1. www.mimts.orgThe Economic TimesPresentsIndia Incs most powerful CEOs2012
  2. 2. Ratan Tata Rank-1Chairman, Tata SonsAlso known as: Indias most eligible bachelor, even at 75Theatre of Operations: IT, Communications, Engineering, Materials,Chemicals, Services, Consumer Products, Energy - all with global footprintsDid you know that: Upon graduating, he turned down an offer from IBM onthe advice of JRD TataStarted his career with: Tata Steel, on the shopfloorLeadership style: Aloof and understated, but always on the ballFavourite Allies: His German ShepherdsFamous Quote: "I dont believe in taking right decisions. I take decisionsand then make them right"Thorn in his side: His connection with the 2G spectrum scamIf he werent leading a $71 billion conglomerate, hed be: Flying planesFamily: Brother Jimmy, half-brother Noel and three half-sistersLatest project: Pouring $15 million into a project researching water as fuelExit Strategy: Cyrus Pallonji Mistry will take charge from December 2012Farewell Note: This will be RNTs last appearance on CDs Most PowerfulCEO list
  3. 3. Rank-2Mukesh D. AmbaniChairman & Managing Director, Reliance IndustriesTheatre of Operations: Petroleum, petrochemicals, textiles and retailBragging rights: The second-richest man in Asia, he heads the largest Indianprivate sector conglomerate. Also, owner of the second-richest sports club inthe world (Mumbai Indians), according to ForbesIts in his genes: Thinks scale, like his father, the late Dhirubhai AmbaniStarted his career with: Reliance Industries (RIL)Leadership style: Relationship-based, entrepreneurialFamily: Husband to Nita, father to Akash, Anant and IshaFamous Quote: "The organisational architecture is really that a centipedewalks on hundred legs and one or two dont count. So if I lose one or two legs,the process will go on, the organisation will go on, the growth will go on.Thorn In His Side: Several big-ticket RIL proposals are stuck at thepetroleum ministry helmed by S Jaipal ReddyCool Friend: Anand JainBig indulgence: Antilia, the $2billion home hes built on Altamount Road,Mumbai
  4. 4. Kumar Mangalam Birla Rank-3Chairman, Aditya Birla GroupTheatre of Operations: At 43, the Chairman of the $35 billion Aditya BirlaGroup, has his hands full with a business that traverses almost every sectorfrom retail to financial services and brands such as Hindalco, UltratechCement and Idea Cellular in his quiverFirst Steps: Scion of the Birla family, he took over as Chairman of the groupafter the sudden demise of his father, Aditya Birla, in 1995Bugbear: Telecom Regulatory Authority of Indias (TRAI) recommendationson the auction of 2G radio waves. He holds that at the base pricerecommended by TRAI, it did not make sense for anyone to participate in thebidsBragging Rights: At 28, he became the youngest Indian to chair a multi-billion dollar conglomerate and has successfully steered the highly diversifiedAV Birla ship through thick and thinPower Buddies: Ratan Tata, Sanjeev GoenkaFamous Quote: "Tough times dont last, tough people do"Preferred Gulp: Diet CokeLittle Known Fact: He learnt how to shoot with a rifle three years ago and isnow shooting with the cameraWhen not working: Family and movies
  5. 5. Azim Hashim Premji Rank-4Chairman, WiproStarted his career with: Wipro, whose reins he took after dropping out of Stanford at21, following the sudden demise of his father (he completed his degree over 30 yearslater). At that time, Wipro made hydrogenated cooking fat.Famous quote: "As you get bigger, you have to delegate. Its also an excellent way to getstaff involved in the companys operations. "Big bet that didnt pay: Three years after appointing two CEOs to navigate Wipro, theduo was suddenly removed and replaced.Bet that might pay: All recent announcements are headlined by his son and chiefstrategy officer Rishad Premji, signaling a possible powershiftIcon: JRD TataAct of do-goodery: Transferred 8.6% of his stake in the company worth about Rs 8,646crore to theAzim Premji Foundation. This is the biggest act of individual philanthropy inIndiaLeadership style: Knows every small detail of his businesses, but does not interfere witheveryday operations of the various independent business headsFamily ties: Husband to Yasmeen, father to Rishad and TariqBugbear: The blatant rise in corruption in India. Premji was a signatory to an open letterto Indian leaders questioning the current state of affairsLittle known fact: Wipro is the second-largest hydraulic cylinder company in the worldWhen not working: Enjoys trekking and loves watching movies; he often turns to hissenior executives for recommendationsRecent Accolade: Was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2011
  6. 6. Rank-5Chanda KochharManaging Director & Chief Executive Officer, ICICI BankStarted her career with: ICICI Bank, straight out of B-schoolBragging Rights: A regular fixture on Global Most Powerful Womenlists since 2005Bugbear: HDFC overtaking ICICI as the valued private bank in IndiaAccolade: Conferred the Padma Bhushan in 2010Leadership Style: Meticulous, demands excellenceFamous Quote: "Demands do not go up or down - they are constantlythere. Often, you feel you are doing too much."As a child: Wanted to be an IAS OfficerLittle known fact: Used to read the Satyanarayan Katha everyday.Now reads it fortnightly because of time constraints.Stressbuster: The latest Hindi movies with the family.Family ties: Husband Deepak, children Aarti and Arjun
  7. 7. Rank-6Deepak ParekhChairman, HDFCTheatre of Operations: Indias leading home finance companyFirst Job: Ernst & Young, New YorkAccolade: Padma Bhushan awardee in 2006Bugbear: The delayed infrastructure development in the countryPersonal Icons: Warren Buffet, Peter DruckerActivism: Has been a vocal critic of the government, writing twoopen letters on the governance deficit and policy paralysis in thepast year itselfFamous Quote: "You cant manufacture culture. Culture builds in anorganisation over a period of time. And the tone at the top must beintegrity and value systems."Bitten By: Chocolate-covered biscuitsStressbuster: Hindi music, bridge and WimbledonLittle known fact: Hosts one of Mumbais best-attended Christmasbrunches
  8. 8. AM Naik Rank-7Chairman & Managing Director, Larsen & ToubroTheatre of Operations: A $11billion engineering and construction powerhousethat covers everything from nuclear power to switchgearsFirst Job: Nestor BoilersRole model: His father, a freedom fighter and schoolteacherLeadership Style: Works hard and expects everyone else to do so. Will nottolerate mediocrityBig Transition: Steps away from active management to overseeing long-termstrategic initiativesAdvocates: Meritocracy over seniorityDiplomatic Coup: Honorary Consul General for DenmarkWorkaholic: Never took a day off for the first 21 years of his careerLife outside L&T: Expanding his old school in Kharel, Gujarat. Been appointeddirector of IIM-AHidden talent: Is a skilled artistFamous Quote: "L&T is my hobby, the rest is work."Guilty pleasure: Desserts
  9. 9. Rank-8Anand G MahindraVice Chairman & Managing Director, Mahindra GroupTheatre of Operations: A $12.5 billion conglomerate spanning auto,IT and timeshare resortsFirst Love: Mahindra majored in films and photography before gettinghis MBA from HarvardBragging Rights: Turning around the scam-hit Satyam Computersafter acquiring it three years agoRocky Road: The company has had a less than successful track recordwith joint ventures over the yearsCulturally Connect: Behind Indias first Blues Festival and activelypromotes theatre and sports as wellFamous Quote: There is a degree of freedom that creates aspirationSocial Connect: One of India Incs most active CEOs on Twitter, withclose to 5 lakh followersNotable Firsts: Mahindra Racing is the first Indian team toparticipate in the MotoGPMost likely to be seen: Training for the Mumbai marathon orindulging in his new hobby, sailing
  10. 10. Adi Godrej Rank-9Chairman, Godrej GroupTheatre of Operations: Has a footprint in almost all emerging economiesGreen Thumb: Developed a green business campus in Vikhroli, Mumbai covering150 acres of mangroves. Set up the Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Marine EcologyCenterCool Toys: A 60-foot Ferretti yachtTravel bug: Has been to over 70 countries and will try and fit in extensivesightseeing even if hes on a work tripOn weekends: Can be seen jet skiing or indulging in water sports with hisgrandchildrenPowerful Friends: Anil AmbaniAct of do-goodery: Key supporter of the World Wildlife Fund in India; alsoinvolved with several philanthropic activitiesBugbear: The snails pace at which reforms are progressing. Hopes to bring aboutsome change as CII President this yearOn CSR: "It is giving back to society and helping society get better so that yourbusiness ultimately flourishes even better in the long term."Family Ties: Wife Parmeshwar, children Tanya, Nisa and Pirojsha, two grandkids
  11. 11. Kundapur Vaman Kamath Rank-10Chairman, Infosys Ltd. & non-executive Chairman of ICICI BankTheatre of Operations: KV Kamath wears many hats - Chairman of Infosys, the second-largest IT services company in India; non-executive Chairman of ICICI Bank, Indiaslargest private bank where he served as MD and CEO from 1996 to 2009; also,independent director of Houston-based oil services company SchlumbergerStarted his career with: In 1971 with ICICI in the Project Finance division and moved onto different departments to gather rich and varied experience, which included setting upof new businesses, such as leasing, venture capital, credit rating as well as handling generalmanagement positionsBugbear: For several quarters in a row, Infosys sequential sales and operating profitgrowth have lagged its rivals, including Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant and HCLTechnologiesBragging Rights: In less than ten years, KV Kamath has built so much trust around ICICIBank that a large number of respondents in sundry banking-related surveys mistake it fora public sector undertaking. Besides, KVK is known as a mentor par excellence havinggroomed the likes of the current MD & CEO of ICICI Bank Chanda Kocchar, MD & CEO ofAxis Bank Shikha Sharma, CEO of JP Morgan India Kalpana Morparia, MD of FutureCapital V Vaidyanathan and a host of othersPower Buddies: Mukesh Ambani, NR Narayana MurtyFamous Quote: "To build a successful business, you have to be able to pick entrepreneursvery early and get them embedded into the business. They need to go out into theecosystem, demonstrate their abilities, nurture the business and build it up"Family Ties: Husband to Rajalaxmi; father to son Ajay and daughter Ajnya; grandfatherto Nandan K Pai and Lakshman K PaiPreferred Gulp: The occasional single malt
  12. 12. MethodologyThe Economic Times, in partnership with IMRBInternational, has been conducting comprehensivesurveys to ascertain the Most Powerful CEOs ofIndia, for the past few years. The survey hasendeavored to identify the business leaders who arewell-recognised by people for their efforts in shapingCorporate India.
  13. 13. Methodology…Contd. The survey was conducted through a five step process: Collating the list of CEOs across sectors Setting evaluation parameters Calculating the parameter-scores Free association & rating of CEOs on each evaluation parameter Ranking of CEOs at an overall level
  14. 14. Methodology…Contd.The team at IMRB International was provided with alist of CEOs, collated mainly from this years ET 500rankings as well as previous years rankings of MostPowerful CEOs with relevant additions and removalsin line with the current corporate scenario. The aimwas to arrive at a final short-list of top 100 CEOs tobe crowned as the Most Powerful CEOs ofcorporate India for the current year.
  15. 15. Methodology…Contd. The CEOs were then evaluated by corporate people in senior/middle management roles on six important parameters: Leadership Strategy & Innovation Performance Stature Social Contribution/ Sustainability Governance. The respondents were from large companies selected by referring to databases like the ET-500. The respondents were requested to participate through an invite from The Economic Times.
  16. 16. Methodology…Contd.The corporate respondents were divided into sector-wise panels,and each panel was invited to share their feedback on CEOs fromtheir sector.In order to control respondent bias, we discounted therespondents opinions on his/ her own companys CEO.The respondents were asked for their inputs using a small survey-instrument, which could be self-administered or administeredface-to-face by seasoned interviewers.The survey-instrument captured inputs on the respondents CEO-associations across each parameter. The respondents were alsoinvited to add one CEO (to the list) that he/she considers as mostpowerful. This ensured that the opinion of the respondent was notrestricted to the given list of CEOs.
  17. 17. ProcessThe respondents were first asked to allocate pointsto the six parameters, which would add up to a totalof 100. The points were allocated on the basis ofimportance of each attribute as per their opinion.This helped us to arrive at the sector-wise andoverall parameters-weights which were used in thefinal analysis. For deriving the weights we consideredonly those scores which were obtained frommanagement respondents belonging to the seniorcorporate profiles, like the Vice President, Asst. VicePresident, General Manager and the like.
  18. 18. Process…Contd.After determining the parameter-scores, we checkedfor the respondents familiarity with each of theCEOs given in their specific survey-instrument.For CEOs the respondent was adequately familiarwith, opinion on each parameter was captured usingthe free association method followed by a rating ona 3-point association-scale. In this, respondents weregiven a parameter and were then requested tomention which of the CEOs in the list they associatethat parameter with. The respondents had thefreedom to associate as many CEOs that they feltcould be associated.
  19. 19. Process…Contd.Once they have associated the CEOs for that particularparameter, they are then asked to rate each CEO on ascale of 1 to 3, wherein 1 signifies a weak association, 2signifies a moderate association and 3 signifies a strongassociation. Then for each CEO a composite score wascalculated at a respondent level. Across respondents, thesum of these composite scores gave us the power scorefor the respective CEO. The higher the power score, thehigher the rank assigned to the CEO.Finally, we obtained a cross-sector ranking of the CEOs.For this, we indexed the scores for the CEOs acrosssectors and thereby obtained the master list of top 100CEOs.
  20. 20. Suvendu Kr. Pratihari Assistant Professor – MarketingMahendra Institute of Management and Technical Studies Bhubaneswar Odisha, India +91 933 777 3456