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2012 national winners


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2012 national winners

  1. 1. 2012 NATIONAL WINNERSThe ECD Department sent fiveindividuals to Nationals this year and...ALL of them came back withmedals!
  2. 2. ASHLEY KELLEY – BRONZE MEDALIST PR ESC H O O L T EAC H IN G ASSISTAN T POSTSECONDARY DIVISION Ashley is on the back row, third from the left
  3. 3. STACY WALTER – SILVER MEDALIST AC T IO N SKIL L S POSTSECONDARY DIVISION Stacy is on the back row, third from the left
  4. 4. SILVER MEDALISTS C AR EER PAT H WAYS SH O W C ASE POSTSECONDARY DIVISIONJamie Danzer (second from left), Nikki Russell (third from left), Pam Spickard (notpictured)