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6 Tips for Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Success


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The efficacy of your non-profit marketing depends on your ability to make your brand story part of your audience’s everyday life. And, the best way to accomplish this is to tell a compelling story that your audience can make their own, where they can envision themselves as the “hero” of the story. Simply getting in front of your audience and grabbing their attention isn’t enough anymore. Paid advertising is costly and often ignored, and traditional outbound campaigns fail to deliver the level of personalization expected by today’s connected consumers.

Your goal as a non-profit brand is to build a life-long relationship with your supporters and the constituents that you serve — from the first time they interact with you to their first donation, and ultimately, to serving as an advocate for your brand.

One of the most efficient ways for a non-profit to share the brand story and to engage with its audience is through inbound marketing. Inbound marketing takes a more organic, non-invasive approach to marketing, and the results lead to stronger, long-term customer relationships with a much lower price tag. It employs the development of strategic assets such as blogs, videos, eBooks, whitepapers and many others, to share relevant content with its target audience. By telling your brand story in a compelling and engaging way, and delivering it in a personalized manner to the right person at the right time, you can transform your organization’s marketing efforts and consistently generate ROI.

Year-over-year studies continue to show that inbound marketing generates higher ROI than any other channel, especially for non-profit organizations. According to the Direct Marketing Association, inbound marketing has an ROI of 3800%. By comparison, Chief Marketer recently reported that the average ROI of an outbound email campaign is 28.5% and traditional direct mail comes in at 7%.

From our experience of working with non-profit organizations over the past 10 years, TopRight has identified 6 tips for non-profits to achieve inbound marketing success.

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6 Tips for Nonprofit Inbound Marketing Success

  1. 1. @TopRightPartner 6 TIPSfor Non-Profit Inbound Success
  2. 2. Align your brand messaging with your brand story, and keep it consistent @TopRightPartner 1 6 Tips for Non-Profit Inbound Success
  3. 3. Define your audience segments and constituent personas @TopRightPartner 2 6 Tips for Non-Profit Inbound Success
  4. 4. Map your constituent personas to the “Customer BuyWay” @TopRightPartner 3 6 Tips for Non-Profit Inbound Success
  5. 5. Define the right messaging for each constituent persona at each touchpoint in their journey @TopRightPartner 4 6 Tips for Non-Profit Inbound Success
  6. 6. Be adaptive @TopRightPartner 5 6 Tips for Non-Profit Inbound Success
  7. 7. Be patient @TopRightPartner 6 6 Tips for Non-Profit Inbound Success