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Mobile VAS Recruitment (India)


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SutraHR has been instrumental in driving the talent endeavors of Indian Mobile VAS companies. Our in-depth knowledge of the M-VAS industry coupled with our experience with new-age internet companies and digital agencies enables us to get that right candidate for you. SutraHR's mutually beneficial partnerships with leading companies in the new-age digital media space facilitate us to offer you the best possible human capital, thus allowing you to scale your operations with a relative ease. Our client base comprises the who's who of the Mobile VAS industry in India Jump Games, One97, OnMobile, Mobile2Win, SMS GupShup, etc. SutraHR conducts placements across divisions and designations in the Mobile Value Added Services sector. We recruit the CTOs, Directors, Content Managers, etc.

These are some of the designations that we've successfully closed:

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Mobile VAS Recruitment (India)

  1. 1. SutraHRIndias Premier Executive Search Firm 601 B, Annapurna, Above Mumbai Darbar Hotel, Lokhandwala-Oshiwara Area, Mumbai 400 102 022 4266 9487 |
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE WHAT WE DOSutraHR is a trusted partner of hundreds of  Fuel the organizations growth withnew-age media/dotcom/tech startups and a steady stream of talentemerging companies in India (soon abroad)  Map and plan human resource requirementsfor Talent Acquisition, HR Management,  Assist in retaining and managing humanand Customized Consulting. resourcesBeing a tech-oriented "people" drivencompany that offers integrated HR services,SutraHR has enabled its clients to scalefrom single-digit employee strength to tens WHO WE WORK WITH  Startupsor hundreds. It is not for nothing that the  Foundersterm Sutra has become synonymous for  Hiring Managersrecruitment in the new-age  Decision Makersmedia/dotcom/technology space.
  3. 3. Innovative technology guru toMOBILE VAS & TALENT head your technologyCell phones users in India department? What do youMillions. Opportunities to delight knothem on their screens Infinite.Talent to drive such endeavorsLimited. An awesome and creative leader for the marketing team? Sutra has been there, doneIndias Mobile VAS industry has seen exuberantgrowth in the last few years. Content and technology that. Every time!demand for SMS, IVRs. WAP, etc are in hugedemand. Any industry that expands so fast has onebig challenge talent. And in India, historically talent An efficient manager to handleis less in supply, more in demand. We at Sutra knowthat an M VAS company has many cogs that run its the content? Easy for Sutra toassiduous wheel. Content, Technology, Marketing!All departments need a leader who can weather any procure.storm and a team that can march ahead.
  4. 4. SutraHR conducts placements acrossSUTRAHRS MOBILE VAS divisions and designations in the Mobile Value Added Services sector.SUCCESS STORY We recruit the CTOs, Directors, Content Managers, etc. These areSutraHR has been instrumental some of the designations that weve successfully closed:in driving the talent endeavorsof Indian Mobile VAS companies. ACCOUNT DIRECTOR ACCOUNT MANAGEROur in-depth knowledge of the M-VAS industry OPERATOR RELATIONScoupled with our experience with new-age internet MANAGERcompanies and digital agencies enables us to get thatright candidate for you. SutraHRs mutually beneficial HEAD HRpartnerships with leading companies in the new-age NATIONAL ACCOUNTdigital media space facilitate us to offer you the best MANAGERpossible human capital, thus allowing you to scale your VP ENGINEERINGoperations with a relative ease. Our client base ASSISTANT MANAGERcomprises the whos who of the Mobile VAS industry CONTENTin India Jump Games, One97, OnMobile,Mobile2Win, SMS GupShup, etc. HEAD TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT MANAGER
  5. 5.  DEDICATIONTALENT ACQUISITION Each client gets a dedicated Account ManagerSutraHRs forte is Talent and a Talent Acquisition Specialist.Acquisition. We scour the  END-TO-END RECRUITMENTindustry to find the best talent Searching, Company Introduction, Jobavailable for our clients to hire. Pitching, Screening, Preliminary Tele- Interviewing, and Scheduling.  QUICK RESPONSE We have a turnaround time of 24 hours.  COMPLEMENTARY SERVICE The preliminary round of interview over the phone with each candidate is complimentary from our side.
  6. 6.  Setup and implementation of HRHR MANAGEMENT framework.SutraHR offers a subscription-based  Deployment of a dedicated HR resourceHR service to manage human onsite.resources. We enable organizations  Designing HR policies and processes forto establish a fully functional HR efficient people management.department in the middle of a  Regular monitoring, analysis, andbudding business, by assisting them improvement of HR implementing HR processes,  Quarterly meetings between yourmonitoring systems, policies, management and our senior HR experts to evaluate past performance and draftemployee retention plans, etc. future goals.
  7. 7.  DIAGNOSTIC STUDIESCUSTOMIZEDCONSULTING  SALARY SURVEYS  LEADERSHIPconsulting solutions are not DEVELOPMENTlimited to advices and delivery of PROGRAMSreports. Our motto of offering a  VISION/MISSIONcomplete service extends to HR WORKSHOPSconsulting too. We also provide  CUSTOMIZEDexecutional support for a slew of ASSIGNMENTSservices.
  8. 8. THE JOURNEY SO FARSutraHR was established by Waqar Azmi (Founder & CEO) in 2007 , and like a true startup story commencedoperations in a garage with 2 phones, 2 PCs, and 1 employee.In2008 , SutraHR becaquickly scaled to 40+ clients and 100+ placements, and started our own job portal, SutraJobs, which has nowbecome the top destination for startup jobs.Jay Thaker the co-founder came on board in 2009 first low-cost, fixed fee,guaranteed recruitment service SutraLite. Our team expanded to 11 and we moved to a new, swanky, cutestartup office.In2010 , we hit the 100+ clients, 1000+placements mark. On the employee front too, we scaled up crossingthe big 30 and then moving to a huge, happening office.The year2011 saw SutraHR launch its own SaaS-based HR management solution sumHR. The number ofclients too kept on rising, as we crossed the 500+ clients, 2500+placements mark.At present, our 50+ team recruits talented professionals in the new-age media industry, every day.
  9. 9. MEDIA COVERAGESutraHRs cofounders Waqar Azmi and Jay Thaker are regularlyapproached by various news channels and publishers for theirexpert comments, and have featured on ET Now. You can head toSutraTV, our dedicated YouTube channel for all the videos: SutraHRs Waqar Azmi in Ergo  ETNow: Startup Recruitment ET NOW Bootstrapping Feature  Your Story: Focus on Waqar Azmi YourStory: SutraLite  Entreprenuer Magazine: SutraHR & Social Media