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  1. 1. Biography… • Name Mr. Gett, Somyot Chamnanrith • Birth 22 March 1962 • Freelance Photographer and photography tour guide with license since 1984 – Present • Owner at Sutprattana Studio since 1998 – Present Awards 1. GRAND PRIZE from HER MAJESTY THE CROWN PRINCESS SIRITORN in category of Eco-environment photography, organized by THE FOREST DEPARTMENT OF THAILAND and TELECOM-ASIA 1998. Thailand 2. FIRST PRIZE from MAZDA PHOTO CONTEST organized by MAZDA THAILAND and PENTAX 1998. Thailand 3. FIRST PRIZE from ENVIRONMENT PHOTOGRAPHY PROGRAME organized by SKULTHAI MAGAZINE 1998. Thailand 4. FIRST PRIZE of KODAK IMMAGE MAGIC CONTEST organized by KODAK 1999. Thailand 5. FIRST PRIZE of THREE-SEASON PHOTO CONTEST organized by FUJI, PENTAX, POWER BUY, THAI AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL AND MAZDA THAILAND 1999. Thailand 6. FIRST PRIZE of FAMILY PHOTO CONTEST organized by PAVILIAN PLAZA CHIANGMAI AND FUJI 1999. Thailand 7. SECOND PRIZED of PHOTO STORY CONTEST about Thai people life organized by FUJI 1999. Thailand 8. HONORABLE PRIZE of WATER FUN! PHOTO CONTEST organized by FUJI 1999. Thailand 9. HONORABLE PRIZE of KODAK IMMAGE MAGIC ARTWORK CONTEST by KODAK 1999.Thailand 10.HONORABLE PRIZE from the Crown princess Sirindorn of THAILAND PHOTO CONTEST organized by THE PHOTOGRAPHY ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND UNDER THE ROYAL PATRONAGE OF HIS MAJESTY THE KING 1999. Thailand
  2. 2. 11.HONORABLE PRIZE of ENVIRONMENT PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST organizes by THE SOCIETY OF INDUSTRIES THAILAND 1999. Thailand 12.HONORABLE PRICE of ECO-PHOTOGRAPHY organized by THE FOREST DEPARTMENT and TELECOM ASIA. Thailand 13.HONORABLE PRIZE of INTERNATIONAL PHOTO CONTEST on environment program “Focus on your world” organized by UNESCO 2000 Japan, USA 14.2 honorable prizes from travel promotion photo contest of Lampang province, Thailand 15.FIRST PRIZE of Family Photo Contest organized by Top Super market Thailand in the year 2000. Thailand 16.FIRST PRIZE from Popular photography Magazine of USA. On annual photo contest 2001, publish in December issue on column of “Your Best Shot” 2001. USA 17. SECOND PRIZE on Oreo Photo Contest 2001. Thailand 18.Honorable prize on environment Photo Contest from forest department 2001.Thailand 19.First prize from Tesco Lotus in the theme of Family 2002 Thailand 20.Second prize of Doi Ang-Khang photo contest 2002 Thailand 21.Standing out of Photographer 2008 from ISP : International Society of Photographers, USA 22.Merit award from ISP 2008 : International Society of Photographers , USA Works : Over 1,000 of publishing Medias and 100 exhibitions 1. Popular Photography magazine, USA. 2001 employer Popular Photography magazine 2. Muangthai Magazine, Thailand (travel) 2001 employer TAT 3. Color Fashion book , Thailand 2002 employer Dorkya publishing
  3. 3. 4. Chiang Mai travel guide 2003 and exhibition in ITB Berlin 2003 employer TAT 5. The rose of Lanna photo book 2005 employer Within Design company 6. Chiang Mai 700 and her portrait 2007, employer within Desidn 7. Saga Magazine, England 2005-2009, employer Saga Holiday 8. Vision of The Soul 2002 (book), International Library of Photography USA. ISP publishing 9. Thai cooking book in Finland language 2008 , employer Niramon Thanuddhanusilp 10.Rainey’s Premium flies & Materials Catalog 2007,8,9, USA employer Rainey’s company 11.Mazda calendar 1998,1999 employer Mazda Thailand 12.Telecom Asia calendar 1998 employer Telecom Asia 13.60 Days around Thailand photo gallery 2009 Kaad Suan Kaew, Chiang Mai employer TAT 14.7days in Chiang Mai and Songkran Festival exhibition 2009 employer Ministry of Tourism and Sports 15.Praprokklao Road Chiang Mai lantern decoration Exhibition 2009 employer Chiangmai Travel business Association. 16.And other 1000 private businesses in Thailand Accessories: - Sony A700 - lens Sony 11-18 mm, 16-105 mm, 100 mm macro, 70-300 mm , Tamron 200-400 mm - Minolta Dimage 7 28-105 mm APO - Studio lighting 500 watts - Medium format Mamiya RB 67 + lens 65 mm, 80 mm. Price per day 5,000 Baht
  4. 4. Include - A photographer - An assistance - Gears: Sony A700 - lens Sony 11-18 mm, 16-105 mm, 100 mm macro, 70-300 mm, Tamron 200-400 mm - Minolta Dimage 7 28-105 mm APO ***other accessories on request with extra charge 1000 baht per items per day See my profile online the link follows • • Chamnanrith/1012628283