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Bits aid mid_yearreview_2010_11


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Bits aid mid_yearreview_2010_11

  1. 1. Mid-YearReview 2010 - 11
  2. 2. 2010-11 … BITS.aid year so far 1. Initiated the launch of BITS.aid Social Club (BaSC) 2. Submitted an application for the UN Habitat Council’s Youth Fund 3. Developed project induction framework partnering model Volunteer appraisal policy 4. 4 operational projects with 24 volunteers engaged. 5. Launched a Fund raising drive 6. Launched a volunteer recruitment drive
  3. 3. Goals & Metrics for 2010-11 Goal Metric Achieve Remarks ment Get more 150 BITSians with 25% 1. Volunteer Recruitment BITSians BITS.aid (100 by Strategy, project involved with Oct 2010; 150 By induction framework and BITS.aid Mar 2011) partnering model Create BaSC (Oct developed to aid in this 2010) – BITS.aid goal Social Club to 2. Solicited support increase awareness from regional BITSAA chapters. Work in Identify 1 project 75% 1. Identified AtmaNirbhara (AN) partnership (Apr 2010) 2. Identified areas that BITS.aid with a Pilani Get involved in could help in the various stages of the project based project strategizing and 3. Creating BaSC for core team working supporting AN (Jun 2010)
  4. 4. Goals & Metrics for 2010-11 (…contd.) Goal Metric Achieve Remarks ment Raise funds Raise USD 10,000 <1% 1. Hit a few brick wall with an ($3000 – Oct 2010; attempted FR drive $10,000 by Mar 2011) 2. Planning for a specific strategy for the remainder of the year Strategic Create partnering 75% 1. Created a partnering model involvement model (Oct 2010) 2. Volunteer feedback mechanism with projects Volunteer being hashed out feedback model 3. Creating partnerships with in- (Oct 2010) campus initiatives for BaSC Get media Organize an event 25% 1. Planning underway for participation attention (by Oct 2010) at BGM 2011 and other events. Social B-Plan 2. Involvement in other initiatives was competitions (Mar dropped due to timing and resource 2011) constraints with FR background.
  5. 5. Next Steps for Remainder of 2010 - 11 1. Step up volunteer recruitment drives by partnering with regional BITSAA Chapters 2. Implement BaSC Operating model at the BITS Pilani Campus 3. Identify and induct 1 strategic partner(s) 4. Restructuring the BITS.aid core leadership to align with BITSAA HR structures. 5. Creating channels for personalized interaction with on- field volunteers.
  6. 6. BITS.aid becoming the change leaders in university linked - volunteering organization