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  • His Name is JosephHala, He was born in 1969. He was 7 years old when this photo was taken. Male. Has many dreams but he didn’t have resources to make his dream true.
  • They are josephs siblings. They were younger than Joseph. They were a really happy family, their mom was always giving them love and his dad worked every day and they were living their life like kids should live. They had fun. The kid on the left was MinayHalla and they kid on the left is called Timmy Halla.
  • They went to school and had good grades.Joseph wanted to be a pilot and travel around the world. Since he was a person that tried to make his dreams come true, he wasn’t worried becaue he knew he was going to be a pilot.
  • Joseph’s mom, tina. was pregnant and she was scared because she was too old to be pregnant again. I would be dangerous for the baby and her and she knew it.
  • Finally Joe was born. He was healthy and his mom was happy because of that and she stoped paying attention to the other kids and they felt left out but Joseph could understand that his mom loved him just that she was busy now.
  • In this picture are all josephs siblings and some friends. Joseph’s brother grew and made friends since he was little. He could make friends easily.
  • When Joe grew up. He followed his brothers example and he wanted to be a pilot too. His brother didn’t have enough money to pay the pilot academy for both of them.
  • Joseph couldn’t stop thinking a way that could make both of them have their dream but he didn’t have any idea.
  • They loved each other so much that Joseph sacrificed his dream for his little brother. He gave all his money to him and didn’t go to the aademy.
  • But when Joseph saw that his brother wasn’t going to make dream true, he felt guilty. He told his brother that he wasn’t going to be a pilot and his old brother joseph felt betrayed because he sacrificed everything for him.
  • They both decided to move to america and start a new live and try to get a scholarship. They were really smart and nice they could fit in anywhere.
  • Joe got it first and he started learning and finally got to be a pilot and then the turn was for his older brother joseph. Because he had his opportunity already.
  • Joseph couldn’t get any scholarship for him because he was too old. He was satisfied that at least his mom would be proud of him and his brother.
  • Joe paid his brothers wedding as a gift because all he has was because of his brother. Joe had a good salary and always helped his brother.
  • A few year later, Joseph had babies and his brother got married too with a model but Joseph was so protective of his brother that he thought that the model was using him just for money.
  • Joseph told Joe as he thought about his new wife but Joe was in love with her and he didn’t listen to his brother and they got in a fight.
  • He got married and his brother joseph knew that it wasn’t going to last a long time.
  • 3 years after they got divorced right before the planned on having babies.
  • Pecha kucha

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    5. 5. African Mother.<br />
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    7. 7. African kids.<br />
    8. 8. Airplane<br />
    9. 9. Thinking.<br />
    10. 10. Love.<br />