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Greg Sievers - Rocky Mountain Pack Out Program


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Greg Sievers
Rocky Mountain Pack Out Program
Exit Strategies Conference 2010
Sustainable Summits Initiative

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Greg Sievers - Rocky Mountain Pack Out Program

  1. 1. Greg Sievers Estes Park, Colorado Chairman, Central Rockies Section American Alpine Club - 1997 to 2007 •Access Fund, Adopt-a-Crag, Event coordinator for Lumpy Trails Day, 2000 to 2010 • Climber waste bag pilot program , Rocky Mountain National Park, 2007 • Bag Box designer – simple grass roots effort. • Employer: Town of Estes Park, Public Works Department: Project Manager, 1987- present Town project have included the design & construction of 5 new public restrooms “I'm number one, when it comes to number two !”
  2. 2. Estes Park Lumpy ridge
  3. 3. Longs Peak, 14,256’ (4,347m)
  4. 4. Mt. Blanc 15,782’ (4810m)
  5. 5. Lumpy Ridge ~ 3 miles long Dealing with the dookie in the back country
  6. 6. The Book, Lumpy Ridge Rocky Mountain National Park Lets put matters into our own hands
  7. 7. Twin Owls, Lumpy Ridge
  8. 8. Restop Bag Box is at the Climber access point, 0.7 miles beyond the Public parking lot and trail head. Modern vault toilet at Trail head parking lot. Bag Box is accessible by NPS staff by vehicle. Most climbing areas are Approx. 2-3 mile approach Estimated climber usage 10,000 per year (unofficial) •Voluntary compliance •Bags are free •# of bags provided annually?
  9. 9. Land managers: seek out your local grass roots, back country, organizations. Back country users: seek out your local land managers and ask if you can partner on a pilot program.