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Garry Porter - Mt. Everest Biogas Project


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Presentation to Sustainable Summits 2014.

Published in: Environment
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Garry Porter - Mt. Everest Biogas Project

  1. 1. Mt. Everest Biogas Project Garry C Porter July 23, 2014
  2. 2. Mt. Everest Biogas Project • The Problem • Who are we? • Accomplishments • Implementation Plan • Summary Agenda
  3. 3. Mt. Everest Biogas Project The Problem
  4. 4. Mt. Everest Biogas Project Who are we? • Can existing biogas digester design/technology be implemented at Gorak Shep? • If implemented, is it sustainable? • If successful, can it be replicated? • April 2010 meeting with Dan Mazur
  5. 5. Mt. Everest Biogas Project If digester implemented at Gorak Shep
  6. 6. Mt. Everest Biogas Project Value of biogas at Gorak Shep
  7. 7. Mt. Everest Biogas Project Who are we? • All volunteer engineering team from the Seattle, Washington area • Key affiliations/partnerships with: • Engineers Without Borders (EWB-Seattle) • Architects Without Borders (AWB-Seattle) • Department of Engineering • University of Washington • Seattle University • Living Earth Institute (LEI-Seattle) • Center for Urban Waters (University of Washington) • Biogas Support Programme (BSP-Nepal) • Mt. Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development (MEFSD-Nepal) • Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) • Not a Business Entity • Transparency of design
  8. 8. Mt. Everest Biogas Project Accomplishments • Will a biogas digester function using human waste as input media? • What are critical performance parameters? • Internal temperature (20-30 C) • Digester retention time • What is atmospheric environment of Gorak Shep? • TMY2 data acquired for Gorak Shep • What is the heat loss of a digester at Gorak Shep? • Biogas digester modeled • Heat loss model developed • How to replace heat loss using: • Off the shelf components • Available in Kathmandu • Can be transported to Gorak Shep by yak or porter • Long term sustainable
  9. 9. Mt. Everest Biogas Project Accomplishments • Water quality testing conducted under NSF and AAC grant • Gorak Shep, Luboche, Everest base camp and camp 2 • E-coli and total coliforms were 2 to 20 times the USEPA drinking standards • Follow up tests with U. of W. Urban Water studies in 2013 and 2014 • Site Survey in May 2013 • Gorak Shep community meetings • Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee briefing • Biogas Sector Programme briefings • Potential Nepal hardware suppliers • Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Cost Estimates Developed
  10. 10. Mt. Everest Biogas Project Design Conclusions • Shelter required over the digester • Effluent disposed in underground drain field • Three feasibility designs evaluated under worst case assumptions • Passive Solar shelter will not provide sufficient heat • PV solar panel array with heated water coils in digester floor • PV solar panel and battery array with immersion coil in digester • Design Documented in Basis of Design (BOD) • Technical peer review being conducted in July 2014
  11. 11. Mt. Everest Biogas Project Feasibility Designs Heating solution must replace system heat loss Heating solution must heat daily slurry to 30C 200 watts for digester 150 watts for heating slurry to 30C PV solar array with heated coils in floor of digester 24 PV solar panels Insulated water storage device Immersion coil in water storage Circulation pump with battery back up PV solar and Battery array 30 PV Solar panels 24-2Volt battery pack
  12. 12. Must demonstrate economic and environmental benefits for Gorak Shep community Phase 1: Construction of pilot biogas system • Hire and train 2 system operators at Gorak Shep • Operate system with water for 1 year • Funded and managed by Seattle based team in concert with EWB-Seattle, AWB-Seattle and BSP-Nepal • Requires approval by SPCC and Gorak Shep community Phase 2: Long term sustainability and operations • Ownership of biogas system by SPCC or tea house owners • Provide technical/operational support with: Seattle, EWB, SPCC and BSP team • Operations and Maintenance funding provided by additional climber fees Mt. Everest Biogas Project 2 Phase Implementation Plan
  13. 13. Mt. Everest Biogas Project Summary • Technically the biogas digester will work at Gorak Shep • Implementation is the challenge • Team is committed thru construction and initial operation • Fund raising for biogas system at Gorak Shep starts in 2014 • Construction starts in 2015 • Initial contact with climbing community is positive • Need financial support and implementation advice Thank you