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Adam French The Ishinca Peace Toilet, Peru


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Testing composting technology in the tropical Andes. Cordillera Blanca. Exit Strategies Conference, 2010, Sustainable Summits Initiative

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Adam French The Ishinca Peace Toilet, Peru

  1. 1. The Ishinca Peace Toilet: Testing Composting Technology in the Tropical Andes Adam French University of California, Santa Cruz
  2. 2. Outline • Cordillera Blanca and Ishinca Valley Overview • Project Rationale • Groundwork and Toilet Construction (2006) • Follow-up (2007-2010) • A Few Key Lessons
  3. 3. Peru’s Cordillera Blanca Lima 420 km Ishinca Valley Huaraz
  4. 4. • Highest Range in the Tropics • UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve • Most Popular Climbing Destination in the Andes ???
  5. 5. Project Rationale • 2003 Impact Study— Human Waste as a Pervasive Impact With No Clear Solution • Park Staff’s Perception of Researchers and Climbers • Collaborative Resource Management and Conflict Mitigation
  6. 6. Groundwork • Pitching the Project and Raising Funds • Research and Design • National Park Buy-In • Community Buy-In • Tools and Supplies
  7. 7. Follow Up
  8. 8. Key Lessons • Local Commitment is Critical • Social/Behavioral Issues Influence Outcomes • Composting Requires Regular Attention
  9. 9. Many Thanks! • American Alpine Club • Ansara Family Foundation • Black Diamond and Patagonia, Inc. • Mountain Madness and Peaks and Places • Galaxia Expeditions, Casa de Zarela, and Café Andino • Residents of Collon and Pashpa • Huascaran National Park • All the Climbers Who Have Lent a Hand Over the Years! Questions: