Zero Deforestation: The New Norm — Implications for Major Brands


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This webinar will provide a preview of the upcoming SB14 Roundtable, which will examine the major progress made in the past two years in forestry and its relationship to climate and human rights. We will explore the supply chain challenges likely to face companies in the coming years as progress is expanded and accelerated on all commodities that impact forestation: palm oil, coffee, soya, beef, pulp and paper.

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Zero Deforestation: The New Norm — Implications for Major Brands

  1. 1. SB14 Conference Preview Zero Deforestation: The “New Norm” — Implications for Major Brands Erik Wohlgemuth COO Future 500 M: 503-941-6686 Based in Portland, OR
  2. 2. Topics for our discussion today • Background on Future 500? • Trends driving zero deforestation movement • Preview: Roundtable on June 2nd, 1:30 - 4:45 • Preview: Main stage breakout on June 3rd, 2 - 3pm • Some links on recent events
  3. 3. We did not have money. We did not have political access. But we had people power. - Randy Hayes, founder of Rainforest Action Network (RAN) Commenting on the RAN-Mitsubishi Campaign at 2011 CommitForum
  4. 4. Non-profit aligning the world’s top companies & leading sustainability advocates
  5. 5. Our Mission: Through genuine stakeholder engagement, Future 500 aligns the power of the private sector with the purpose of its most critical stakeholders. 6
  6. 6. Four core programs encompassing breadth of issues relevant to Corps & NGOs, the RT. & LT.
  7. 7. Brooklyn Wall Street River Guide Prophet Grad School NGO & Corp jobs Future 500 Family
  8. 8. Historical context behind Zero Deforestation Movement  Waxman Markey bill fails  Prompts strategic shift from mainstream policy advocacy to corporate campaigning (regulate by retail)  Influence key sectors: Deforestation accounts for 10-15% of global climate change  Four key commodities: Palm oil and Timber/Paper (SE Asia), Soybeans (Amazon), Cattle & Pasture (S. America)  Secondary: Coffee, tea, sugar, biofuels
  9. 9. Dominoes in Zero Deforestation Movement View Greenpeace campaign video at:
  10. 10. 11 Dominoes in Zero Deforestation Movement View RAN campaign video at:
  11. 11. Dominoes: APP & Wilmar Agreements Groundbreaking commitments setting new industry standards: 1. No Deforestation: end to cutting rainforest for agricultural production 2. No Peat: protects High Carbon Stock (HCS) landscape, including peat and High Conservation Value (HCV) forests 3. No Exploitation: protects rights of workers and communities, includes FPIC
  12. 12. Dominoes establishing Zero-Deforestation as the “new norm” May 2010 February 2011 February 2013 December 2013 March 2014 March 2014 April 2014 April 2014 April 2014 May 2014
  13. 13. Conservation & Restoration • 4/14: APP commits to multi-stakeholder, multi-sector process to conserve/restore 2.4m acres of Indonesian rainforest • Cautiously welcomed by WWF, RAN, GP and others
  14. 14. Transparency a key driver: eyes on everything
  15. 15. Transforming transparency into supply chain of custody
  16. 16. Transforming transparency into supply chain of custody
  17. 17. Roundtable Workshop: June 2, 1:30-4:45 pm Glenn Hurowitz Managing Director Climate Advisers Kevin Petrie VP, Chief Procurement Officer Néstle North America Aida Greenbury Managing Director, Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement Asia Pulp & Paper Robin Barr Director The Forest Trust Chris Elliot Executive Director Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA) Rolf Skar Forests Campaign Director Greenpeace Mark Buckley VP of Environmental Affairs Staples Pulp & Paper Palm Oil Rolf Skar Forests Campaign Director Greenpeace Commodities & Policy Jonathan Atwood VP, Sustainability & Corp. Comms. Unilever Sarah Severn Sr. Dir. Systems Innovation, Sust. Business & Innovation Nike Glenn Hurowitz Managing Director Climate Advisers
  18. 18. Main stage breakout panel: June 3, 2-3 pm Dean Scarborough CEO & Pres, Avery Dennison Tensie Whelan President, Rainforest Alliance Aida Greenbury Director Sustainability, Asia Pulp & Paper Rolf Skar Forests Campaigns Director, Greenpeace Reimagining Partnership: The Evolution of Stakeholder Relationships on the Path to Zero Deforestation
  19. 19. Some links on recent zero deforestation events • Not just good on paper: how businesses and NGOs can protect forests (Erik Wohlgemuth, The Guardian) • Wilmar’s ‘no deforestation’ goal could revolutionise food production (Scott Poynton – TFT, The Guardian) • All Eyes on the Forests: The New Norm of Zero-Deforestation (Sara Santiago – Future 500, Triple Pundit) • APP commits to conserve, restore 1M ha of Indonesian forest; WWF pledges support (Rhett Butler, Mongabay)
  20. 20. Thank you for your time & attention Erik Wohlgemuth, COO Future 500 Address: 230 California Street, Suite 301 San Francisco, CA 94111, USA Email: Tel: +1 (800) 655-2020 F500 is a founding member of Transition500