The Way to Futuristic, Restorative, Net Positive Business


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These slides were presented at the Sustainable Brands London 2013 Conference, to view the associated video or listen to the audio of the presentation please visit

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  • Now we will walk through the three goal areas and the KPIs and programmes the will support them.
  • The Way to Futuristic, Restorative, Net Positive Business

    1. 1. Targeted Innovation Dax Lovegrove 2
    2. 2. Current Response is Failing… Efficiencies
    3. 3. A New Response….. Targeted Innovation Net Positives Zeronauts De-Couplers Efficiencies
    4. 4. Business Business Footprint Footint Positive Impact across value chain Positive Impact on systems NET POSITIVE Positive Impact on biosphere
    5. 5. Mobility
    6. 6. Power
    7. 7. Built Environment
    8. 8. Integrated Innovations
    9. 9. Net Positive Becky Coffin Kingfisher plc
    10. 10. Net Positive Creating the leader 11
    11. 11. Net Positive 12
    12. 12. Net Positive 13
    13. 13. Net Positive 14
    14. 14. A positive lens creates a different outcome What we’ve learnt
    15. 15. It isn’t what you say, it’s what you do What we’ve learnt
    16. 16. Put product benefits first What we’ve learnt
    17. 17. Better Future Better Future Graham Seabrook Head of Sustainability Advisory Services BT Advise © British Telecommunications plc 21
    18. 18. Better Future Better Future Sustainable Business 2013 ICT - a key enabler in the low carbon economy © British Telecommunications plc
    19. 19. Better Future Better Future Sustainable Brands 2013 What does “net positive” mean for BT? FROM • Less Bad • Reducing our impact TO • Net Good • Positive Contribution © British Telecommunications plc 23
    20. 20. Better Future Better Future Sustainable Brands 2013 BT’s Carbon Epiphany 1.6 Mt CO2e 80% reduction since 1997 © British Telecommunications plc 0.3 Mt CO2e
    21. 21. Better Future Better Future Sustainable Brands 2013 BT’s Journey to Net Good Carbon Abatement Carbon Emissions 3 :1 We will help customers reduce their carbon by three times….. …BT’s end-toend carbon emissions Our Vision To help society live within the constraints of our planet’s resources through our products and people © British Telecommunications plc 25
    22. 22. Better Future Better Future Sustainable Brands 2013 Helping customers in the future Smart city Smart grid Connected home Smart transport Logistics © British Telecommunications plc 26
    23. 23. Better Future Better Future Sustainable Brands 2013 Lessons Learned 1. Net positive will mean different things for different companies – For ICT and telecoms companies carbon is a natural place to start – But what does net positive look like for your business? 2. It isn’t easy! – Even for a portfolio such as BT’s, with clearly understood carbon benefits, putting hard numbers against carbon abatement remains a challenge – You have to start somewhere… 3. Expect net positive ambitions to have an impact on your underlying business strategy – But net positive goals should be an enabler for business growth © British Telecommunications plc
    24. 24.
    25. 25. Better Future