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The leading brands of the future will be sustainable brands --
building them takes a new kind of thinking, with a new group
of collaborators and a new set of tools -- and the world-wide
Sustainable Brands community is showing the way.

In November, join sustainable brand innovators from unilever,
BASF, mArS, Adidas, Coca-Cola, kingfisher, Philips, uPS,
Sainsbury’s and more, at SB London -- the first meet up for the
Sustainable Brands community outside North America. expect
two days of extraordinary conversation, inspiration and insights
while we explore global market trends, breakthrough research and
disruptive new practices in brand strategy, communication, and
design driven by those who are seeing social and environmental
sustainability as a key driver of innovation in the 21st century.

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Sustainable Brands London Conference Brochure

  1. 1. PRESENTED BYSustainable brands London ConferenceNovember 27-28, 2012 | london, uk SPONSORED
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe leading brands of the future will be sustainable brands --building them takes a new kind of thinking, with a new groupof collaborators and a new set of tools -- and the world-wideSustainable Brands community is showing the way.In November, join sustainable brand innovators from Unilever,BASF, MARS, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Kingfisher, Philips, UPS,Sainsbury’s and more, at SB London -- the first meet up for theSustainable Brands community outside North America.  Expecttwo days of extraordinary conversation, inspiration and insightswhile we explore global market trends, breakthrough research anddisruptive new practices in brand strategy, communication, anddesign driven by those who are seeing social and environmentalsustainability as a key driver of innovation, business growth andbrand equity in the 21st century.Frank and dynamic plenary speakers, interactive breakout sessionsand hands-on brand innovation labs, along with a surprisingcollection of unexpected participants, each bringing a uniqueperspective but a shared passion to the conversation all contributeto the flurry of energy, ideas and collaboration that has becomesynonymous with Sustainable Brands.  At SB London, consider thePower of “&,” as together we explore the power of eliminating ourhabit to think either/or and look at what might come when thinkingof sustainability and brand, profit and purpose, business and NGOs,left and right, sustainable and beautiful... as business as usual.The world is changing and Sustainable Brands are leading theway.  Won’t you join us in London and be part of this exciting globalconversation?
  3. 3. What do people say about SB Conferences?“It was a great conference and I came out totally inspired. I met so “First, I want to let you know how much I appreciate the incrediblemany people and am already continuing our conversations. What work you are doing, and especially, the beautiful, collaborativea great event. Looking forward to next year.” world you create for the SB conference. For me, this year was just– Lyell Clarke, President & CEO, Clarke as valuable, just as impressive, and just as inspiring as last year’s conference. Perhaps even more so, as I was able to see firsthand the progress that has been made in just one year’s time, and to meet even more people who are trying to make a difference. I have never experienced anything like the event you have created, and it has changed my expectation of what’s possible. My deepest gratitude to you and all the people on your team who created this year’s success.” – June Holder, Manager, Sustainability Communications, UPS“This was my first experience with a Sustainable BrandsConference and I found it to be unexpectedly unique ... partrevival, without being hokey. The community convening thereis surprisingly informed, influential, sincere, open and excitedabout collaborating to build a flourishing future. I look forward toexpanding our relationship with Sustainable Brands from here.”– David Bennett, VP, Corporate Partnerships, National Geographic “SB once again exceeded my expectations as each day I thought to myself, ‘I am so glad I am here.’ Here are a few things that truly differentiate SB for me from the other conferences I regularly attend: 1) speakers stay beyond their speech and continue to participate in the ongoing dialogue; 2) SB is an open conversation that just keeps going and people at all levels are willing to engage; 3) I can go back to work with at least a few ideas of things“I hope you’ve slumbered deeply! Many thanks for another I can do immediately; 4) More ideas are generated for me, even inoutstanding conference. The caliber of people, the thought indirect relation to our business, here than anyplace else.”leadership, discussions and organization were fantastic. You andyour team are class and brains all the way!” – Leilani C. Latimer, Director, Sustainability Initiatives, Sabre Holdings– Olivia Khalili, Sr. Partnerships Manager, Ashoka
  4. 4. What you will learn at SB london• What local and global market trends and drivers are in motion creating opportunity for you to drive new revenue growth and brand equity by redefining your brand’s value proposition through the lens of sustainability• How leveraging the “Power of “&” through organizational redesign, employee engagement and multi-stakeholder collaboration is key to building the successful, sustainable brands of the future• What consumers around the world want from brands today, and how you can respond to help strengthen your relevance and ensure your short and long term success• How to integrating sustainability thinking into the product design process• How design for behaviour change is being implemented in products and communications to support consumer desire to do the right thing and build deeper brand affinity and trust• How disruptive innovation and social entrepreneurship are putting traditional brands and business models at risk, while opening up new avenues for value creation and paving the way to faster shift to a global sustainable economy• How sustainable brand communication and advertising can create value for both brands and the bottom line, while doing good for people and the planet at the same time
  5. 5. Who attends sb conferences?The Sustainable Brands community has grown to include thought leaders,brand practitioners, innovators and change agents from over 30 countriesaround the world. This year, at the request of some of our largestEuropean members, we’re taking our unique community and event modelabroad to further extend the global conversation around the power ofsustainability to shape brands, and the power of sustainable brands toshape the future.
  6. 6. Featured speakersThe brief for SB London is to deliver for the UK and Europe a world-class faculty of thought-leaders and practitioners who feature in the vanguard of thesustainable brand revolution. Compiling this elite set of speakers would not have been possible without the guidance of our esteemed Advisory Boardand details of the programme will be announced here online, along with presenter roster particulars - do please check back regularly for updates. You’llfind a full year’s worth of thought-provoking, insightful, and tangible ideas and strategies for becoming a sustainable brand leader at SB London:Marc Mathieu Thomas Kolster Tobias Fischer Christopher LukezicGlobal SVP of Marketing, Unilever Author, Goodvertising: Creative CSR Project & Relations Marketing and Communications, Advertising That Cares Manager, H&M EMEA, AirbnbDorothy Mackenzie Alexis Olans Christiaan Maats Jason FosterChairman, Dragon Rouge Senior Global Program Manager, Founder, OAT Shoes Founder and Chief Reuser, adidas Better Place, adidas Replenish
  7. 7. Featured speakersClaudia Lorenzo Rob Cameron Alex Cole Sally UrenSocial Business Director, Coca- Executive Director, SustainAbility Corporate Affairs Director, Deputy Chief Executive, ForumCola Brazil Sainsbury’s for the FutureNick Folland Nestor Coronado Palma Chris Sherwin John Marshall RobertsDirector of Sustainability, Senior Sustainable Business Head of Sustainability, Founder, Worldview ThinkingKingfisher Development and Supply Chain Seymourpowell Management, Philips
  8. 8. PROGRAM | 27TH NOVEMBER9.10-9.20am Welcome and Opening Remarks 11.15-11.30am Cultural Fusion, Diversity and Creativity in Bringing KoAnn Skrzyniarz Founder & Chief Catalyst, Sustainable Brands Worldwide Surprising Sustainability Solutions to Market In her opening remarks, the founder of Sustainable Brands shares the company’s John Grant Author perspective on why the leading brands of the future will be sustainable brands, The world doesn’t seem to need, or want, one convergent approach to dealing with and why moving beyond the either/or mentality of the 20st Century toward the global environmental and social issues. Fascinating cultural fusion and creativity “Power of And” is a key to establishing brand leadership in the future. are coming out of Brazil, India, Turkey, The Middle East and East Asia to challenge9.20-9.35am Shifting Global Ideals & The New Economics of Happiness or complement some dominant Western thinking around corporate sustainability. Different types of ethics and traditions can produce elegant solutions not typical Paul Gilding Global Sustainability Thought Leader in the Western world. Author John Grant embarks on a journey through some The Earth may be significantly damaged and almost full, but humanity is also busy flagship case studies and their implications for global companies, marketing healing itself and re-prioritizing its values paving the way for a more sustainable campaigns and consumer audiences. global economic system. This engaging session sets the tone for Sustainable Brands London by unpacking the opportunity for radical business innovation and 11.30-12.10pm Choice Editing for Sustainability: Who’s in Charge, Why renewed brand success that can come to brands which choose to lead the way through the morass of the moment to a flourishing future. Brands Should Care Jo Daniels Director of Marketplace Campaign, Business in the Community9.40-9.25am Untangling the Consumer Attitude/Behavior Gap Choice editing in business is a wondrous thing – as marginal of an issue as it may -- Research Panel sometimes appear, it often has the potential to make or break a business idea, an industry or even a whole economy. Should everything that sells be sold and, if not, Tom LaForge Global Director, Human & Cultural Insights, Coca-Cola where do you draw the line? While we won’t go into the full ethical depths of this National Geographic, Sustainable Consumption Institute, BBMG, GfK Group question, in this session we explore stories from companies that have edited products If consumers are becoming ever more aware of and interested in global out of their product portfolio with reasons relating to responsibility and/or sustainability, environmental and social challenges, why is their behavior largely not reflective as well as the long term direction of the business. The wider discussion will explore of this? How is it that those who buy the most stuff feel the least ‘consumer when action needs to be corporate led or consumers led, and therefore the different guilt,’ while still expressing the highest levels of awareness? Recent studies have approaches companies can take to innovating products and services to improve its found these and other perplexing contradictions between consumer beliefs, on impact in society, influencing consumer behaviour or edit choice out of the market. the one hand, and purchasing behaviors on the other. To help us understand the consumer psyche on a deeper level, through hard facts and a healthy dose of 12.15-12.30pm Leading for the And: New Rules for a Changing World empathy, we are joined by a stellar research panel of domain experts. Gail Klintworth Chief Sustainability Officer, Unilever10.30-10.45am The Advent of the Sharing Economy and What it Means to Even if you put sustainability at the core of your business strategy and foresee links between broad societal sustainability needs and the growth of your company Your Brand as a few brave leaders such as Unilever are decisively doing these days, you will Benita Matofska Chief Sharer, The People Who Share still need a smart execution plan and a new set of relevant leadership skills to help enable partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders. In this talk, Unilever’s Much has been said over the last few years about the advent of a new sharing CSO shares her sense of what are these new necessary leadership skills are, economy, an economy to be ruled by collaborative consumption built on a common and how you can best instill them to help reshape your organization and meet the understanding of scarce resources, mutual trust, and brilliantly engineered social needs of a successful 21st century company. networks. Find out why ‘what’s mine is yours,’ or might soon be, and how our individual sharing will impact the global business community. This is ‘The Power of &’ in its most applied state. 12.30-2.00pm Expo Open10.50-11.15am Networking Break 12.30-2.30pm LUNCH
  9. 9. PROGRAM | 27TH NOVEMBER2.00-3.00pm Breakouts 3.30-4.30pm Breakouts Driving Value Through the Power of And Driving Value Through the Power of And Cultural Differences in Effectively Driving Sustainable Innovation Growing Shared Value Through Collaboration Within a Alexis Olans Senior Global Program Manager, adidas Better Place, adidas Value Network Tobias Fischer CSR Project & Relations Manager, H&M Claudia Lorenzo Director of Special Projects, Coca-Cola Brazil ASICS (tentative) This session, led by the Director of the Coletivo Initiative details a highly Business culture differs in various countries just as consumer culture does. successful initiative out of Coca-Cola Brazil that is driving various sorts of This panel of representatives from the apparel industry -- each representing measurable shared value for a range of Coca-cola stakeholders, not the least of brands headquartered in different countries, and each collaborating to support which is growth in sales for Coke. sustainable innovation as part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition -- discusses what has been similar, and unique, about securing their brands engagement in Sustainable Brand Strategy & Communication both sustainable innovation and pre-competitive collaboration. Driving Sustainable Brand Value Through Corporate vs. Sustainable Brand Strategy & Communication Product Brand Messaging Sustainable Brand Perception vs. Performance: Nick Folland Group Corporate Affairs Director: Net Positive, Kingfisher Reducing the Gap Walter Susini VP Global Brand, Creative Excellence, Marketing, Unilever Caroline Holme Director of Corporate Affairs, Globescan Sandi Northey Marketing & Consumer Communication, Nestlé Kate Cox Head of Strategy, MPG Media Contacts, Havas Media Companies which field various brands struggle to determine the proper strategy for delivering sustainable brand messaging. Some decide to focus on establishing James Cerruti Senior Partner of Strategy and Research, Brandlogic the corporate brand as a trusted choice editor. Others find value in defining unique Interbrand (tentative) sustainable brand value for different SKU’s while also communicating a corporate Increasingly, evidence demonstrates that global stakeholders across the board brand commitment to sustainable innovation. This panel shares what has driven are expecting business to deliver greater value beyond just a slicker product or their thinking on this topic, provides examples of messaging that is achieving bigger profits. This panel provides three types of filters for decision-making as success in their marketplace, and suggests principles for thinking about how you to how to prioritize your sustainable innovation initiatives such that you might might prioritize your sustainable brand innovation journey. recognize most uplift in stakeholder support. Sustainable Design & Innovation Sustainable Design & Innovation Creating Brand Value with Applied Sustainability along Upstart Disruptors Reshaping the Future the Life Cycle Christiaan Maats Founder, OAT Shoes Chris Lukezic Director of Communications - EMEA, Airbnb Dirk Voeste Vice President, Sustainability Strategy, BASF Jason Foster Founder and Chief Reuser, Replenish Carmel McQuaid Climate Change Manager, Marks and Spencer Danae Ringelmann Co-Founder, Indiegogo Christoph Günther Regional Head of SET – Applied Sustainability, Europe, BASF The pressing need to shift our global economy to sustainable consumption Vidar Gundersen Sustainability Manager, BioMar Group represent one of the biggest opportunities of our time for disruptive innovation. When looked at from a full life cycle perspective, every product or service has a All over the world, out of the box thinkers are bringing disruptive ideas to market range of impacts at various stages of its sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, use in response. Here are few of our favorites, each of which represents a different and/or disposal. This session walks through key tools and processes for assessing disruptive idea that has the potential to dramatically shift the flow of funds in the impact from ‘cradle to grave’ with the goal of identifying best places to prioritize markets in which they operate. innovation to optimize the impact reduction/ROI equation.3.00-3.30pm Networking Break
  10. 10. PROGRAM | 27TH NOVEMBER4.45-5.45pm Breakouts Sustainable Design & Innovation Driving Value Through the Power of And Best Practices in Integrating Sustainability into the Brands & Behaviour Change: Building Business Value Product Design Process While Encouraging Sustainable Consumption Chris Sherwin Head of Sustainability, Seymourpowell Majken Bulow Product Sustainability Manager, Interface Sarah McDonald Global Director, Sustainability, Unilever Autodesk (tentative) Carmel McQuaid Climate Change Manager, Marks & Spencer BMW (tentative) The DoNation (tentative) In most cases, the ultimate sustainability of a brand, and therefore its flexibility to The conundrum presented by the drive to a sustainable economy is how to support adopt a chosen market positioning and support communicated claims, is baked in continuous business and brand success while encouraging more sustainable during the design process. The reality is, doing so effectively requires a raft of new consumption. This panel shares some fantastic insights into strategies that work expertise that often is housed in various places external to the design team. This to drive behavior change while encouraging customer loyalty and increased sales. session reviews tried and tested methods for building sustainable design thinking into your organization. Sustainable Brand Strategy & Communication The ‘New World’ of Marketing: Social Media, Radical 5.45-6.45pm Reception in Exhibit Hall Transparency and the Emergence of the Social Brand 6.45-8.00pm Dinner Michael Wilde Communications & Sustainability Manager, Eosta - Nature & More Diana Verde Nieto Founder & CEO, Positive Luxury Polly Gowers CEO, Everyclick As the Internet keeps on shortening the distance between companies and their stakeholders, brand strategy, marketing and communications professionals are facing an ever-growing number of possibilities for engagement. Constantly emerging new campaign ideas and tools, particularly in social media, can be difficult to follow. To help you keep up with the latest and freshest opportunities, this panel explores the ‘new world’ of marketing and the emergence of the social brand.
  11. 11. PROGRAM | 28TH NOVEMBER8.00-9.00am Breakfast 10.20-10.35am Growth without Sacrifice: Delivering Conscious Actions,9.10-9.25am Imagining and Creating a Beautiful, Profitable Future Quality and Brand Promise Dorothy Mackenzie Chairman, Dragon Rouge Tobias Fischer CSR Project & Relations Manager, H&M From a creative point of view, brands can deliver their promise in a number of Admittedly, some industries are by design less sustainable than others - consider different ways. Choosing a particular path towards customer delight is no trivial for a moment the example of fashion and its offspring, fast fashion and affordable task; in fact, it is often not receptive to rational solutions but calls for substantial fashion. Could innovation directed at more sustainable products and services amounts of intuition instead. To get a framework for innovation that is both in such industries find serious traction, or is it more or less doomed from the grounded and radical enough to tackle sustainability challenges of the day, brands get-go? How does one work against respective pre-conceived notions? To give us can start spelling out clear future scenarios reflecting macro trends currently an insider’s look at one such tricky situation, and offer some advice, we welcome at work. Strong, specific visualization of said scenarios makes possible futures H&M and the story of its ‘Conscious Actions’ campaign. credible and helps pick a winning strategy. 10.35-10.50am “Our Values Make Us Different”: Rejuvenating a 150 Year9.35-9.50am From Babel To Nirvana: Six Quiet Rules for Shaping Life- Old Brand Sized Messages and People-Powered Movements Alex Cole Director of Corporate Affairs, Sainsbury’s Julian Borra Creative Strategic Partner, Saatchi & Saatchi S This session sheds light on how Sainsbury’s glorious sustainability strategy In a playful and moderately provocative manner, this session presents six has played a key role in the organization’s remarkable turnaround, giving true suggestions for ways to mitigate the chasm that often exists between brand and credence to the position statement “Our values make us different.” When it comes CSR/sustainability professionals. It promises illumination, entertainment, and a to on-the-ground tangible progress in operational sustainability, few can boast good supply of food for thought to walk away with. more impressive accomplishments in recent years than the supermarket chain whose stores are now referred to as “the world’s first smart grid supermarkets.”10.00-10.15am Building Brand Value Sustainably: How to Authentically Learn how Sainsbury’s has managed to reach a number of serious sustainability Embed Sustainability into Your Brand Promise -- and Build milestones in this and other areas over the last several years. Share in the Process 10.50-11.15am networking break Marc Mathieu Global SVP of Marketing, Unilever 11.15-11.50am Definitive: The Business Case for Sustainability There is no doubt that an ever-growing number of visionary companies large Kim Slicklein President, OgilvyEarth and small are busy re-orienting their core strategy based on a firm belief that Carbon Disclosure Project, Capital Markets Partnership, Forbo consumers of the future are going to favor brands that contribute heavily to In this session, leaders from the frontlines of sustainable business present definitive making sustainable living commonplace. Even the most well-informed and quantitative evidence of the business case for sustainability in an engaging panel format. ambitious sustainability plan, however, can take a lot of time and resources to implement. Embedding sustainability into a company’s brand promise with sufficient authenticity, while navigating such a transition, can be a daunting 11.55-12.10pm Standout Opportunities: Brands, Consumers and a Global Stage challenge. To help us with tips and guidance, we are joined by a true master of the Phil Cumming Corporate Sustainability Manager, The London Organising Committee of sustainability branding game. the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) Iconic events such as the Olympic Games offer a sea of opportunities for brands, media and other stakeholders to collaborate in placing global focus on the needs of a changing world. Leveraging this opportunity to create needed culture shift and brand benefit can be a tricky path to navigate. While there are at least several key brand stories from London 2012 worthy of our attention – some of which will be addressed in an afternoon breakout session – this session provides an insightful summary of high- level possibilities and outcomes at this summer’s most popular event.
  12. 12. PROGRAM | 28TH NOVEMBER12:15-12.30pm Shifting the Economy through Engagement, Transparency Sustainable Brand Strategy & Communication and Traceability Communications Strategies for Business & Social Change Michael Wilde Communications & Sustainability Manager, Eosta - Nature & More John Marshall Roberts Founder, Worldview Thinking Here is a beautiful story of how effective stakeholder engagement, when to put In this lively and interactive session, John Marshall Roberts, one of Sustainable to work behind a smartly-designed cause powered by radical transparency and Brands’ most popular instructors, will share lessons learned over the past a widely-applicable traceability, can rally hundreds of organizations and thousands fresh new paradigm for thinking about the practical challenges of strategic of consumers for incredible collective feats. communications in an increasingly cynical marketplace. The session will cover four types of consumer/employee cynicism and how to overcome them, the hidden12.30-2.00pm Expo Open metaphors that shape the way consumers perceive sustainable ideas, products and services, and proven strategies for increasing market traction and word-of-12.30-2.30pm LUNCH mouth advertising with believers and skeptics alike.12.45-2.00pm Corporate member lunch Sustainable Design & Innovation2.00-3.00pm Breakouts Driving Disruptive Innovation from the Inside Out Driving Value Through the Power of And Nick Kelso Senior Communications Manager, Philips Lighting Africa Brand Collaboration to Shift Systems and Drive Shared Sue Allchurch Brand VP, Unilever Benefit Matt Sexton Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, B&Q Breakthrough (beyond incremental) innovation is often tough to illicit from Sally Uren Deputy Chief Executive, Forum for the Future inside multi-national corporations leaving market disrupting change to maverick Boots, Tesco, O2, AzkoNobel, Ella’s Kitchen, BSkyB, Café Direct, Tui Travel, Ebay, Tata start-ups. At the same time, global companies have a unique vantage point from Global Beverages, Sony which to identify global trends before most, and when properly encouraged This session, led by one of the global leaders in driving whole systems shift toward and supported, can be perfectly equipped to offer highly innovative solutions to sustainability, brings together multiple brands from various market sectors in an the market which can then be well supported to scale thanks to existing global interactive session aimed at drawing out practical ways brands can collaborate to infrastructure. In this session, gain insider insight into the inner drivers of drive commercial success for both individual brands and the collective. In small disruptive innovation led from inside the halls of multinational businesses. group discussions, representatives from leading brands including Sony, Tesco, Boots, AzkoNobel, Ella’s Kitchen, BskyB, B&Q and Café Direct, will share how they 3.00-3.30pm Networking Break are working together to mainstream sustainability, tackle business risks and drive business model innovation -- and what they’re getting out of it. You’ll come away with insights into how to identify opportunities for pre-competitive collaboration that can benefit the whole, and how to assemble and measure the success of multi-stakeholder coalitions.
  13. 13. PROGRAM | 28TH NOVEMBER3.30-4.30pm Breakouts Sustainable Design & Innovation Driving Value Through the Power of And Sustainable Brand Innovation - Ensuring Success & Culture Shift: Sustainability, Brands & the London Olympics Sustainable Future Peter Harris Director of Sustainability EMEA, UPS Expert panel led by Dorothy Mackenzie Chairman, Dragon Rouge Joel Morris Public Affairs & Communications Director, Coca-Cola Great Britain & Ireland This session touches on how brands can credibly and successfully use innovation to Alexis Olans Senior Global Program Manager, adidas Better Place, adidas deliver against their purpose and promise in a sustainable future. Using the Brand Futures concepts introduced as part of the morning, participants will learn about Phil Cumming Corporate Sustainability Manager, The London Organising Committee of methods and tools that could help open up new opportunities for their brands. the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) Major cultural events such as the World Cup, the Oscars or the Olympics offer 4:45-5:30pm Closing plenary a unique opportunity for brands, media and other stakeholders (from cities to trade associations and NGO’s) to collaborate to drive global focus to the needs of a changing world. Leveraging this opportunity to both create needed culture shift and also brand benefit can be a tricky tight rope to walk. In this session, stakeholders who were actively involved in the supporting the greening of the London Olympics discuss the hits and misses from their perspective, drawing out principles for leveraging brand voice to build purposeful attention to important issues while also building brand respect, loyalty and value. Sustainable Brand Strategy & Communication The Role of Eco-Labeling and Certification in Sustainable Brands Success Rob Cameron Executive Director, SustainAbility Nestor Coronado Palma Senior Sustainable Business Development and Supply Chain Management, Philips Alex Cole Corporate Affairs Director, Sainsbury’s Bill Eyres Head of Sustainability, O2 Nearly every brand today embarking on a sustainable brand journey faces the question at one stage or another: “Should I adopt or create an eco-label, pursue a particular certification, or manage to a particular industry ranking as part of my brand strategy?” The question is complex, and as illustrated by the recent case wherein Apple attempted to withdraw from its commitment to pursue EPEAT certification for it’s products--stakeholder sentiment can be unclear on the topic until a misplaced decision is put forward. This panel, led by a senior representative of SustainAbility, conveys results of a recent brand sentiment exploration on the topic, and offers the perspective of industry leaders who have each given the topic a significant amount of thought. Expect to participate in a healthy conversation and count on leaving the session with a better sense of how to think about the topic given your own situation.
  14. 14. locationThe Mermaid Theatre and Conference Center is situated in Londonbetween the City and the West End. Located on the North Bank ofthe Thames, the venue enjoys spectacular views of the Tate Modern,the Globe Theatre and the Millennium Bridge, plus Europe’s tallestbuilding, The Shard. The Mermaid is conveniently accessible fromseveral Underground stops: Blackfriars (only 2 minutes’ walk)and Mansion House (6 minutes) on the District/Circle line, and StPaul’s on the Central line (4 minutes). This historical London venueis committed to a comprehensive environmental policy; it currentlyholds a silver award for the Green Business Tourism scheme and aplatinum Clean City Award for the city of London’s small businesses.