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Sustainable Brands 2011 – Play On! as the Sustainability, Brand & Design Communities Come Together to Shape the Future. Reawaken a sense of play and discover how game thinking and play can inform smart strategic choices, improve problem solving skills, and inspire others to help bring healthier, smarter brands to market. Monterey CA, June 7-10.

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Sustainable Brands 2011 - Brochure

  1. SuStainable brandS ConferenCeMonterey, Ca / June 7-10, 2010,Monterey ConferenCe CenterTHE FUTURE WILL BE DELIGHTFUL PLAY ON AT SB’11
  2. PLAY ON! BRANDS OF THE FUTURE WILL BE SUSTAINABLE BRANDS.Building them requires smart strategic moves, exceptional execution and captivatingcreative. At SB’11, come reawaken your sense of play and discover how game thinkingand even humor can increase productivity, improve problem solving skills, and inspireothers to join you in bringing better brands to market. Enjoy three days of extraordinaryconversation and outcomes as the game changers in sustainability, brand and designcome together to shape the future. learn more and register at:
  3. SUSTAINABLE BRANDS PROmISE THE FUTURE WILL BE DELIGHTFUL!the world as we know it is at a pivotal pointin history and humankind is now faced withan unprecedented challenge. the social,environmental, and economic implicationsof population growth, over consumption ofresources, and threats to biodiversity demand adramatic shift from ‘business as usual’. Smartcompanies realize that the opportunity is ripefor sustainable brands to own the future.Since 2004, Sustainable Life Media has been At SB’11, join leading sustainable brandhelping leading businesses uncover that leaders such as General electric, Unilever,opportunity by providing solutions to these SC Johnson, 3M, Hewlett Packard, Greenincreasing global pressures. We inspire, equip Mountain Coffee, reI, and hundreds moreand engage over 45,000 sustainable business to discuss how better brands will shape theleaders via our events, newsletters, and website. future through by keeping tabs on the changingnow in its 5th year, the Sustainable Brands playing field, making smarter strategic moves,conference has become the center of gravity and leveraging game thinking and play to spurfor companies that are committed to leveraging creativity and innovation, teamwork, customersustainable innovation as a driver of business engagement and loyalty, and behavior changeand brand value. for the better. learn more at: or 415.626.2212
  4. A GAmE-cHANGING LINE UP At SB, you’ll be part of a rich three-day dialogue, kick-started by some of the leading thinkers and practitioners of environmental and social innovation in the world. Plenary speakers inspire and provoke conversations that are picked up by all in interactive, facilitated breakout sessions and salons, at birds-of-a-feather dinners, in a multitude of networking events and activities – and this year, in a unique set of hands-on, team building and game play experiences that will help make the value of play come alive for all participants. our commitment is to ensure you’ll leave inspired, engaged, and better equipped to build new business and brand value for your company by innovating for sustainability. And as always, we’re so confident in the value you’ll receive by joining us -- we guarantee it!A few of our SB’11 Game Changer Faculty include:Chris librie, lisa Klauser Michael Maggio, Michael dupeeDirector of Global VP Consumer & Customer VP Global Strategic VP Corporate SocialSustainability, Solutions Design Operations, responsibility, GreenSC Johnson Unilever Johnson & Johnson Mountain Coffee roasters, Inc. learn more at: or 415.626.2212
  5. A GAmE-cHANGING LINE UP cONTINUED:Marc Gobe, Chip Conley, Jeffrey Hollender, Chris laslo,Designer, Futurist, Founder & CEO, Co-founder, Seventh Author, SustainableAuthor, Citizen Brands, Joie de Vivre Generation, Author, Value, and soon,Brandjam, and The Responsibility Embedded SustainabilityEmotional Branding 2.0 Revolution over the last two years robert has developed and implemented Kendall Jackson’s Corporate responsibility program built on a platform of ISo 14001, LeeD, Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing using the Global reporting Initiative for accounting. early achievements include; two LeeD Gold certifications; all U.S. vineyard acreage and wineries CCSW certified, 4,200 acres Sustainability in Practice certified and the Stratospheric ozone Protection Award from the ePA. energy conservation achievements now top 9.3 millionrobert boller kWh annually – equal to 1,500 homes usage.Vice President ofSustainability &Production, Kendall robert has twenty two years of wine business experience in a broad spectrum ofJackson Winery positions evenly split between operations, marketing and sales. learn more at: or 415.626.2212
  6. PLAY WITH THE LEADERSthe Sustainable Brands Conference is the preeminentinternational conference for executives throughout yourorganization who are looking to understand today’s changingbusiness playing field and gain insight into best new moves forbuild new products and enhancing brand value. Innovating forsustainability takes perseverance, collaboration, and a longterm commitment, so at SB’11 we invite you to Play on! and welook forward to demonstrating why it doesn’t hurt to add a bitof humor along the Sb’11 You’ll learn:• How increasing access to data can help you • How the pursuit of happiness is playing a biggervisualize the right next move role in defining value at individual, organizational and global economic levels• How technology is helping sustainable brandinnovators change the game • How smart, semi-irreverent marketers are letting go of guilt and shame and using fun and• What “Gamification’ means, how it works, how humor to generate attention, engagement, andto measure it and what it can do for your brand even behavior change… learn more at: or 415.626.2212
  7. HERE’S WHO’S PLAYINGWhether you are a trend watching business,or sustainability executive a brand strategist or designerlooking for new products or service ideas that better meet unfolding environmental or social needs, ora communications professional seeking insights in to how to craft messages that hit the mark, makeSustainable Brands 2011 your move to find new ideas and partners to help you leverage sustainableinnovation for competitive advantage. Here are just a few of those who are part of the SustainableBrands communityIncrease your learning! Join our VIP group of leading brand innovators from ford, target, Coca-Cola,Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, 3M, bumble bee foods, Kendall Jackson, unilever and more – each ofwhom are engaged in driving the shift to a sustainable future. learn more at: or 415.626.2212
  8. THE mONTEREY BAY PENINSULA – A LOcATION THAT INSPIRES PLAY IN ALL OF USAt SB’11, you’ll find Skills Building Pre-conference Workshops, Birds-of-a feather networking dinners,and experiential learning opportunities that support our mission to inspire, engage, and equip brandleaders to find new ways to drive business and brand value by innovating for sustainability.Part of the reason for the unique, Sustainable Brands experience is its setting along the beautifulnorthern CA coast.. Located at the Monterey Conference Center and Portola Hotel & Spa, the conferenceis near Monterey’s world-famous historic district, Cannery row, and just steps away from fisherman’sWharf, the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, and dozens of magnificent restaurants. enjoy plenty ofopportunities to indulge in your favorite activities along with your peers. In addition, take advantage ofour special room rate of $179 per night at the Portola Hotel & Spa, conveniently located adjacent to theConference Center. the hotel will fill up quickly, so make sure to reserve your room today.
  9. SB INNOVATION OPENAs part of our mission to be the bridge to betterbrands, we are proud to announce the third annualSustainable Brands Innovation open – an earlystage business competition focused on connectingthe existing global brands and socially responsibleinvestor communities to the most innovative newproduct and service solutions brought to market bytoday’s social and eco-entrepreneurs. If you are inthe early venture stages of a business plan or arean Impact Investor with a desire to connect withan entrepreneur, the Innovation open will be thehighlight of your week. Learn more about SBIo at SBInnovationopen.comPicture: Winner of SBIo 2010, BioLite
  10. SUSTAINABLE BRANDS 2011. JUNE 7-10, mONTEREY cONFERENcE cENTERFor best rates, register today to attend Sustainable Brands 2011. June 7-10, Monterey,CA. Broaden your thinking, build new partnerships, and uncover new opportunitiesto increase your business and build your brand. We guarantee this will be the mostproductive – and playful conference you attend all year! or 415.626.2212