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Sustainable Brands 2012 – Join us for three days of extraordinary conversation and insight as Sustainability, Brand Strategy and Innovation leaders convene to inspire innovation and revolutionary action towards a flourishing future. Collaborate and learn with 150+ speakers and nearly 1,000 attendees in 80+ sessions, workshops, plenaries, and more. San Diego, CA June 4-7. Learn More: SustainableBrands'12

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  • We just got back from the Sustainable Brands conference and it was very informative. I recommend every business to go check it out. There are some very innovative and creative things being done to help decrease the size of businesses carbon footprint. Our video is below if anyone would like to watch it:
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Sustainable Brands 2012 - Brochure

  1. 1. Sustainable Brands ‘12San Diego, CA / June 4-7, 2012To learn more or register, visit
  2. 2. Sustainable Brands 2012 ConferenceA global revolution is in full swing, leading to monumental disruption intraditional models of commerce and consumption. As organizations worldwidebegin to understand how future business models become critical to the shifttoward a global sustainable economy, the international Sustainable Brandscommunity is focused on understanding and leveraging the role that brandsplay in shaping this flourishing future.As the storytellers of commerce, brands have the unique ability to buildshared vision and drive alignment of the resources needed to create this shift.Many brands today are already helping to redefine value and align a multitudeof stakeholders and resources around solutions to many of today’s pressingsocial and environmental issues. Brands big and small are beginning to standup, embrace this opportunity, and lead the revolution towards asustainable economy.Join this community of leaders at SB’12 when brands such as Unilever,Patagonia, BASF, BMWi, Oat Shoes, Novozymes, LUSH, and many more, sharetheir solutions, strategies, and tools for building sustainable brands. 415.626.2212
  3. 3. What You Will Learn The Sustainable Brands Conference is the preeminent conference for executives throughout your organization who are looking to understand the unfolding market drivers and leading-edge strategies for building business and brand value by innovating for sustainability. SB’12 will specifically focus on ways brands can become platforms for purpose by collaborating to shift consumer demand, driving radical innovation, and furthering the business case for sustainable brands. Learn more about:• The business models that are gaining traction in support • How advances in biotechnology and the principles of sustainable consumption and circular economies of biomimicry and ecology are shaping the future of sustainable products today• Managing your brand portfolio to speed the transition to more environmentally and socially beneficial SKUs • What key trends are driving continued sustainable business innovation and where investment is being• How to align your brand values in the age of focused in 2012 transparency, leading to greater profitability • How to drive revolutionary innovation inside your• How to measure the value of thought leadership and company by using creative employee engagement address the issues that consumers around the world techniques want businesses to address • How to build a movement and create shared value by leveraging innovative new online tools I’d like to congratulate you and Thanks so much for challengingOnce again [the conference] It is the only conference I went to your team on putting together such our thinking and for your genuineexceeded my expectations as each in my entire life where I felt happy! an outstanding event. I was thrilled interest and support. We learned aday I thought to myself, “I am so You could feel the energy, the hope to be part of the program and to lot, plus did a lot of of networkingglad I am here.” and hear about innovative ideas meet such impressive and diverse with corporate members that willLeilani C. Latimer, Director, Sustainability that will have an impact on the members of the Sustainable pay out in the very near future.Initiatives, Sabre Holdings world. Brands Community. Javier Roderiquez Merino, Group Marketing Marc Gobé, CEO, Emotional Branding David Mallen, Deputy Director, NAD Director at The Coca-Cola Company 415.626.2212
  4. 4. Three Days of Extraordinary ConversationEvery year, Sustainable Brands delivers a world class faculty of thought leaders Tracks for SB’12:and practitioners who are leading the sustainable brand revolution. This year, joinover 150 speakers and nearly 1,000 attendees in over 80 sessions, workshops, group 1. Brands & Businessdiscussions, plenaries, and evening events. 2. Brands & RetailPlenary sessions each morning set the stage with market trends, drivers, 3. Brands & Supply Chaininnovations, and communications campaigns that allow attendees to envision 4. Brands & Innovationthe possible. One-hour breakouts follow in the afternoon each day with sessionsdevoted to skills training, facilitated discussion topics, and co-create/collaborate 5. Brands & Consumersdesign challenges. Six breakout tracks allow attendees to focus on various areas of 6. Brands & Civil Societythe value chain depending on their needs. 415.626.2212
  5. 5. Program HighlightsMonday, June 4th Sustainable Brands 101: Designing & Marketing a Sustainable Brand Alphonse Iannuzzi, Senior Director WW EHS, Johnson & Johnson;Pre-Conference Workshops Jim Fava, Senior Director, PE and Five Winds Strategic Consulting Al and Jim will cover material in Al’s latest book, Greener Products: The Making andResearch Roundtable: Latest Consumer Insights Marketing of Sustainable Brands, give practical advice on how to design and marketKaren Barnes, Vice President of Insight, Shelton Group; more sustainable products, and provide insight into the best practices and lessons learned from companies such as Clorox, GE, Timberland, Philips, Apple Inc., Procter &Hernán Sanchez Neira, CEO, Havas Media Intelligence; Gamble and BASF.Jonathan Yohannan, SVP, Corporate Sustainability, Cone, LLC;Nic Covey, VP, CSR, Nielsen Research Roundtable: Latest Business-to-Business InsightsIn this information-rich session, top researchers share insights into the latest trends in David Schatsky, Principal, Green Research;consumer engagement with brands’ environmental and social sustainability promises. Daniel Aronson, Director Sustainability Transformation, Deloitte;Researchers will present their latest data, discuss comparative methodologies and Sheila Bonini, Senior Expert, McKinsey & Company;identify gaps in available data. A Q&A with researchers and peers will help inform your Lucy Shea, CEO, Futerrastrategy for 2012 and beyond. In this workshop, researchers share insights into the latest trends and issues withinDecision-Making for Sustainability: Maximizing Opportunity in a Changing Climate companies with respect to sustainability and CSR. Panelists will present their latestKevin Wilhelm, CEO, Sustainable Business Consulting data, discuss gaps in available data, and explore how to better understand the drivers and benefits of continually improved environmental and social performance. A Q&A withThis hands-on workshop will explore successful sustainability positioning strategies by researchers and peers will help inform your strategy for 2012 and beyond.examining companies that have enhanced their brand value and financial performancewhile improving their social and environmental performance. Materiality Metrics and Decision Making for a Value-Added Sustainability Journey Cristian Barcan, Director of Applied Sustainability, BASF Nutrition & Health;Communications Strategies for Business & Social Change Jeff Rice, Director, Sustainability, Walmart;John Marshall Roberts, Author, Inspiring Sustainability in Skeptics Charlene Wall-Warren, Sustainability Leader, North America, BASF;Back by popular demand, this dynamic workshop uses case studies and interactive James Reagan, SVP, Research, Education & Innovation, Nat’l Cattlemen’s Beef Assoc;exercises to help sustainability advocates, marketing executives and communication Michael Faupel, Director of Operations, Sustainability Consortiumprofessionals create stakeholder buy-in for their sustainable projects and initiatives. This workshop explores ways to connect stakeholders along the entire value chain withLearn more about this revolutionary new framework for overcoming cynicism through experts in the academic and NGO worlds, with panelists from BASF, The Sustainabilitystrategic marketing and communications. Consortium, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and Walmart.CSR and Your Employees: Building Engagement from Within Effective Leadership Traits and Skills for Managing Global Sustainable BrandsChris Jarvis, Co-Founder, Owner, Realized Worth; Gregory Unruh, Professor of Global Business, Thunderbird School of Global ManagementAngela Parker, Partner, Executive Manager, Realized Worth Thunderbird School of Global Management professor Dr. Gregory Unruh presents anEmployee buy-in is key during an organization’s journey toward CSR. This workshop exclusive seminar based on his new book, Being Global: How to Think, Act and Leadwill draw on Chris’ research and experience to identify best practices and practical in a Transformed World (Harvard Business Review Press). Based on Thunderbird’ssteps to garnering employee engagement as your business works for real and long- sixty years’ experience in training global leaders, this seminar will explore the skills andterm social impact. competencies needed to become a global leader. 415.626.2212
  6. 6. Program HighlightsFuture-Proofing Your Brand: Scenario Planning Offsite Experiential LearningSally Uren, Deputy Chief Executive, Forum for the FutureThis session will use scenario planning as a means of building long-term value for Biomimicry: Nature’s Guide to Sustainabilitybrands. Attendees will explore possible futures and identify long-term opportunities Sunni Robertson, Lead Education Guide, San Diego Zoo Globaland risks to their brands as a result of exposure to meta-social, economic andenvironmental trends, and consider innovations required today to future-proof their Biomimicry draws inspiration from nature’s systems, processes, and elements to informbrands for tomorrow. Brands including Danone, Tata Global Beverages, PepsiCo and product design and organizational and collaborative processes. Join us for this morningSainsbury’s have benefited by participating in this process with non-profit Forum for the workshop at the world-famous San Diego Zoo, the perfect setting to explore howFuture. nature’s designs, patterns, structures, and behavior can apply to sustainable practices.Recycling Messages That Work: Overcoming Local Barriers on National Levels Collaboration and Innovation in Action: A Balboa Park WalkaboutRaquel Fagan, VP, Media and Partnerships, Earth911, Inc; Paige Simpson, Interim Executive Director, Balboa Park Cultural Partnership;Jennifer Berry, Sr PR Director, Social Media Editor, Earth911, Inc Jessica Rinaman, Program Coord, Env Sustainability, Balboa Park Cultural PartnershipAll stakeholders in corporate sustainability will face the challenge of communicating In conjunction with the Biomimicry workshop at the San Diego Zoo. Transportationhyper-localized concepts, such as recycling, at a national level. In this ongoing session, provided at 9.00am and 4.30pm.participants will be challenged to devise a marketing solution for a product with specific The Balboa Park Cultural Partnership is a nonprofit organization through which 26recycling constraints. Through this unique, hands-on working experience with cause local arts, science and cultural institutions collaborate to achieve greater efficiencies,marketers, designers and experts in recycling information and consumer outreach, excellence and innovation than are possible individually, in order to transform theparticipants will design a real-world solution. Balboa Park experience and the value of arts, science, and culture in our community.Consumer-Driven Innovation: Unleashing Co-Creativity to Design Better Brands The Balboa Park tour highlights three focus areas that exemplify the collaborativeRaphael Bemporad, Principal, BBMG work conducted by and for Partnership members: the Balboa Park Environmental Sustainability Program, the Balboa Park Learning Institute, and the Balboa Park OnlineA panel of brand representatives and industry experts will use consumer-driven Collaborative. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.innovation protocol to create solutions to a pressing challenge shared by a number ofSB attendees and partners, and present the challenge relative to a specific industry. Insourcing and the US Economic Future: Experience Successful USThe panel will share consumer attitudes, priorities and product preferences regardingthe selected industry, informing consumer personas that will shape subsequent Manufacturing Establishments Producing Innovative Sustainable Productsinnovation protocols. Participants will then co-create strategies for triple bottom line Kristen Victor. Founder, Sustainability Matters, Inc;success across multiple platforms, and test the best ideas for consumer feedback. Tina Anderson, ArtFlor, Inc., President;Results will be shared with the SB community in a recap blog. Charlie Redden, Supply Chain Manager, Taylor Guitars When analyzing the actual cost of doing business abroad, US factories can competeSB’12 Opening Night: Connections Create Chemistry on price, delivery and quality. But as more US companies bring their manufacturingKoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, Founder, CEO, Sustainable Life Media, Inc.; operations back home, experts expect 2-3 million US jobs will be created over the nextVolker Schaedler, VP, Innovation and Technology North America, BASF several years.As global environmental and societal challenges increase, today’s brand leaders must Join this collaborative conversation exploring the myriad social and environmentalfind faster, more innovative ways to bring new solutions to market. Join us as we set benefits of insourcing, through the experiences of two successful US manufacturingthe stage for the 6th annual SB Conference, unfold this year’s theme, “The Revolution facilities: Taylor Guitars and ArtFlor.Will be Branded,” and bring it all to life. 415.626.2212
  7. 7. Program HighlightsTuesday, June 5th The Power of We: A Quick Case Study in Brand Collaboration Suzanne Shelton, President and CEO, Shelton GroupMorning Plenary Sessions Brands across many industries seek to motivate consumers around similar issues, yet many Sustainability Directors have limited resources with which to operate. In theWelcome, Introduction & Setting the Stage: Charting a Path to Our summer of 2011, Procter & Gamble, Lowe’s, Kohler, Bosch and the EPA’s WaterSenseSustainable Future program joined forces with Shelton Group to tackle the issue of water conservation.Hunter Lovins, President & Founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions Here’s the story behind the collaboration, lessons learned, and other issues that would benefit from brand collaboration.The sustainability field has hit a tipping point. Dozens of studies now correlate sustainablyrun businesses with higher profits and stock values. Despite the growing recognitionthat sustainability is key to our survival, innovation is falling drastically short of what is Afternoon Breakout Sessionsneeded for us to course-correct. It falls to business, the most powerful institution onearth, to lead the way. This is the task at hand for the week at SB’12, and Hunter will Living Your Purpose-Driven Brand: Identifying and Shifting Organizational Valueshelp set the stage. for Brand Alignment Pam Wilhelms, President and Lead Architect, Wilhelms Consulting GroupThe Revolution Will be Branded: The Critical Role for Meaningful BrandsUmair Haque, Director, Havas Media Labs Organizational culture, driven by the collective values and beliefs of the people and systems within an organization, is the most powerful force driving performance; havingOver the past century, business has moved away from wealth tied to real value brand-aligned values embedded deep in company culture is critical to success. In thiscreation, toward profits derived from what Umair Haque, one of the world’s leading interactive workshop, we’ll look at research from organizational psychology and leadingresearcher/commentators on this topic, calls “thin value.” Join Umair as he examines sustainable brands to understand the power of organizational values to imbue a brand“higher-order wealth creation” and the pivotal role it plays in the emerging global with true authenticity.economy. Updates in Retail ScorecardingBig Data to the Rescue: New Tools for Visualizing Complexity Libby Bernick, Vice President, UL Environment;Sean Gourley, CTO, Co-Founder, Quid Adam Siegel, VP, Sustainability & Retail Operations, Retail Industry Leaders Association;Decision makers at companies, NGOs, investment funds and brands must make Rick Ridgeway, Vice President of Environmental Programs and Communications, Patagonia;strategic business decisions in ever more complex operating environments. Discover Michael Vincent, Director, Supply Chain Sustainability, Safeway Incnew tools that can help decision makers understand rapidly shifting business and brand As retailers face rising consumer demand for sustainable products, product scorecardsdynamics on the fly, and drive revolutionary change. can help them make more educated product selections. This panel will give both brands and retailers a look at today’s scorecards and what to expect down the road.Getting Beyond Incrementalism: Accepting Today’s Leadership ChallengeAndrew Winston, Author, Green to Gold Engaging Behavior ChangeAs investors and other stakeholders begin to demand increased innovation for Leilani Latimer, Director, Sustainability Initiatives, Sabre Holdings;sustainability, today’s brands must continue to raise the bar when setting a leadership Ian Yolles, Chief Sustainability Officer, RecycleBank;agenda. What should that agenda look like going forward as we set ourselves on the Christine Kennedy, R&D Sustainability Manager, Unilever;path toward a healthy and sustainable future? Jennifer Bauchner, Director, Rooms & Sustainability NA, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Brands are engaging consumers to help encourage behavior change in many ways. This panel will examine tested consumer engagement strategies, and invite community participation to brainstorm new ideas. 415.626.2212
  8. 8. Program HighlightsIncubating Sustainable Innovation While Avoiding Unintended Consequences Creating Shared Value in the Supply ChainJean Sweeney, VP Environmental, Health and Safety Operations, 3M; David Griswold, President, Sustainable Harvest Specialty Coffee ImportersKeith Miller, Manager, Environmental Initiatives & Sustainability, 3M; By focusing as much on its partnerships as on its product, Sustainable Harvest CoffeeMichele Whyle, Head of Sustainability & Quality, 3M Company is driving shared value throughout its value chain. This session brings together a brandThis presentation will highlight 3M’s innovative approach to developing products that and its supplier partners for a 360-degree look at the impact created when a brand’shelp its customers achieve their sustainability goals. Using several 3M products from suppliers are a meaningful part of its brand promise.the consumer and business markets, the presentation will walk though the company’ssustainable innovation strategies. Building Shared Value in the Supply Chain - Take II Bonnie Nixon, Sustainability Leader, Strategist;Profiting from Take Back Dan Viederman, CEO, VeritéRahul Raj, Director of Sustainability,; This session further examines some of the many initiatives driving more shared valueKirk Myers, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, REI; in supply chains, via a discussion with two of the leading authorities on global supplyRick Ridgeway, Vice President of Environmental Programs and Communications, Patagonia; chain issues. Hear their thoughts on the most compelling current initiatives improvingSiddharth Sanghvi, General Manager, Sustainable Commerce, eBay transparency and labor conditions around the world, and dialogue with some of theAs we begin to think of waste as a resource, many new forms of value creation are brands leading these initiatives.taking shape. Learn what is working from innovators experimenting with new models aswe forge new paths toward a circular economy. The Value of Brand Alignment in the Age of Transparency James Gregory, CEO, CoreBrandSB CauseWay Leaders are constantly searching for ways to better assess and appropriately promoteAaron Schiller, Director of Business Development, Causes; the impacts of their sustainability efforts. This session examines questions related toBryan Harding, Director, Cause Marketing, The Nature Conservancy; integration, communication and ROI of sustainability strategy.Colin Lawson, Manager, Corporate Partner Marketing, World Wildlife Fund;Sandra Postel, Director, Global Water Policy Project, National Geographic Society; Reducing Impact and Eliminating Waste at the Design PhaseShaun MacGillivray, Producer, Managing Director, One World One Ocean; Mathieu Turpault, Managing Partner, Director of Design, Bresslergroup;Renee Nicholas, Director of Corporate Giving, LIVESTRONG Seth Galewyrick, Senior Mechanical Engineer, BresslergroupSB CauseWay Part II Many companies shy away from implementing sustainable practices, fearing largeJames Windon, VP, Business Development, Causes; investment or dramatic changes to processes, but it doesn’t have to be an all-or-Gaelan Brown, Director of Visibility and Communications, 1% for the Planet; nothing proposition. This fast-paced, example-rich session will demonstrate howJudah Schiller, Founder & CEO, AIKO Agency / GameDesk meaningful change can be created through an incremental approach to sustainableSustainable Brands is pleased to launch its first “Sustainable Brands CauseWay,” a product design.unique platform for brands and causes to discover strategic opportunities to partner forgreater impact. Sponsored and moderated by, this two-part “speed dating” Gamifying Sustainabilitysession will introduce brands to cause initiatives in the hopes of establishing some Albe Zakes; Global VP, Media, Terracycle, Inc;terrific connections. Let the dating begin! Ashok Kamal, Co-Founder, CEO, Bennu, LLC; Susan Stevens, Founder, CEO, Practically Green; Maggie Kendall, Director of Marketing, CSR, NBCUniversal This moderated panel of leading practitioners of gamification marketing in the sustainability space will examine technologies that employ game mechanics and social media to promote a lifestyle of health and sustainability. 415.626.2212
  9. 9. Program Highlights Engaging the Whole for Transformative ChangeWednesday, June 6th John Lyell Clarke, President and CEO, ClarkeMorning Plenary Sessions In 2008, Lyell Clarke had a “spear-in-the-chest moment” and was compelled to completely transform his family’s 75-year-old environmental services company. HearLove it or Lose It: Beauty and the Triple Bottom Line the beginning of his inspiring journey to engage the entire company and its manyLance Hosey, President & CEO, GreenBlue stakeholders on his new, sustainable vision for Clarke; the rest of the story will unfold in a breakout session later in the day where Lyell and his team will share more about theirAesthetic appeal isn’t a superficial concern – it’s an environmental imperative. In his experience and current outcomes.opening remarks Wednesday morning, designer and author Lance Hosey kick-startsour discussion about sustainable innovation, laying out the case for why beauty isinherent to sustainability and how fully embracing the principles of aesthetics and Overcoming Obstacles to Bringing a Revolution to Marketecology could revolutionize every aspect of design. Toby Corey, Chief Revenue Officer, SolarCity With policy debated daily and a continuous stream of firms vying for market share,Back to Nature: Using Nature’s Technology to Make a Cleaner Planet the renewable and sustainable energy market is in constant flux, and maintainingAdam Monroe, President, Stakeholder Relations North America, Novozymes leadership is a challenge. In this session, Toby will use case studies to discuss trends, overcoming obstacles, and lessons learned.This session explores the extraordinary possibilities when applying biotechnology toour industrial processes, as illustrated by everyday consumer products. Biotechnologycould provide a revolutionary way to create a better, cleaner life for an ever-growing A Revolution in Product Designpopulation. Christiaan Maats, Founder, OAT Shoes Dutch designer Christiaan Maats has achieved what many in the shoe industry saidDriving Radical Innovation in Mobility would be impossible: the design and production of a 100% biodegradable shoe thatUwe Dreher, Global Head of Marketing, BMWi sprouts flowers when planted. This is the story of his dream to close the loop and make shoes an integral part of the connection between mankind and nature.Radical innovation requires setting aside old assumptions and completely rethinkingyour whole approach to delivering value. Uwe shares BMW’s decision to launch asustainable sub brand, the development and marketing processes, and early results. Afternoon Breakout SessionsUpdating the Past: Finding a Revolution in the Rear View Mirror The Sustainable Consumption Conundrum: Ensuring Authenticity in YourChris Yura, CEO and Founder, SustainU Clothing Marketing CommunicationsOur economic climate, characterized by continuing unemployment and the increasing Amon Rappaport, Founder and CEO, Rappaport Communications;costs of raw materials, international labor and fuel, has catalyzed a move toward John Viera, Global Director, Sustainability & Vehicle Env Matters, Ford Motor Company;relocalizing manufacturing. SustainU, an apparel company targeting the college Lewis Fix, VP Sustainable Business & Brand Management, Domtar;market, is reinvigorating the US textile industry and offering a competitive value Shawn Parr, CEO, Bulldog Drummond;proposition, while creating a new call to action for the millennial generation. Christopher Arnold, Communications Director, Chipotle Mexican Grill The move toward sustainable consumption presents a conundrum: How should aThe CNN Freedom Project – Media as a Force for Good company communicate the value of “less” consumptive behaviors when its business isMike McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Programming, CNN International built on “more”? In this interactive session, leading brand representatives and advisersCNN has leveraged its unique brand and business assets to create new forms of will explore this and other questions, and offer marketing communications strategies toshared value in the world through its Freedom Project. This is the story of the genesis, create opportunity from the challenge.evolution and various impacts of that effort. 415.626.2212
  10. 10. Program HighlightsA Case Study in Driving Radical Business Transformation at Clarke Innovations in Sustainable PackagingJohn Lyell Clarke, President and CEO, Clarke Michael Dupee, VP Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.;Hear more about the process underway in creating a complete transformation of Ron Romanik, Principal, Romanik Communications;Clarke’s brand and business. Gain a step-by-step understanding of the stages of the Arnold Barlow, Senior Manager, Sustainable Solutions, UPS;effort, key players, challenges, and results of some of the many innovation initiatives Jon Dettling, Managing Director, US, Quantisunderway. Packaging, though often less impactful than the products it contains, is a critical component of true product sustainability. This session will discuss recent activities andLiving a Revolutionary Retail Brand: Inside Life at Lush examples from the Consumer Goods Forum, Sustainability Consortium and elsewhereShama Alexander, Environmental Officer, Director of Sustainability, LUSH Cosmetics that illustrate how to measure, manage and achieve packaging sustainability.Perhaps one of the most integral sustainable retail brands today is LUSH Cosmetics, aglobal bath & body brand with more than 6000 employees, and brick-and-mortar stores Sustainable Surf: Surf Industry Collaboration To Drive Culture Shiftin 40 countries to date. Hear how this brand lives out its mission to protect people, Derek Sabori, Sr Director of Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility, Volcom;animals and the planet on a day-to-day basis. Kevin Whilden, President, Sustainable Surf; Ryan Ashton, Director, Quiksilver Foundation;Advancing Sustainability Through Smarter Procurement Scorecards Benjamin Edwards, VP Social Activism, Hurley;Paula Ivey, Founder, The CSR Group; PJ Connell, Director of Marketing, ReefHeather Buck Knight, Marketing/Branding Manager, Steelcase; Leading surfing brands are collaborating with NGOs in direct partnerships to solveJennifer Allis, Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, Intel environmental, health, social and economic issues in communities related to the surfingStarting with research fielded by Steelcase on several hundred of their customers’ lifestyle. These partnerships are creating a powerful culture of change within surfing toprocurement policies, this panel will examine best practices and discuss possibilities for inspire surfers and businesses to solve major problems together while living a healthy,collaboration across industries to create a shift toward more sustainable purchasing. fun lifestyle.Employees: The Hidden Sustainable Brand Asset Driving a Revolution in Conflict-Free MineralsAnnie Longsworth, CEO, Saatchi S; Patricia Jurewicz, Director, Responsible Sourcing Network;Randi Braunwalder, Environmental Programs Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company; Litofe Sloj Silika, CEO, Business Development, Efficient Care, LLC;Meredith Raymond, Global Sustainability and Product Stewardship, Life Technologies; Zoe McMahon, Director, Social & Environmental Sustainability, Hewlett-Packard;Barton Alexander, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Molson Coors; Carolyn Duran, Materials EHS Manager, IntelGwen Migita, VP, Sustainability & Community Affairs, Caesars Entertainment Corp Proactive corporations and industry associations have begun to map their entireEmployees are a key stakeholder group that can deliver countless ideas for driving value chains and implement traceability and accountability mechanisms every stepsustainability into the core of a business. The panel will share their internal strategies, of the way. But to truly achieve a sustainable source of minerals in the Democraticstruggles and successes to engage employees as part of their sustainable brand Republic of the Congo, we will need to go beyond ensuring product value chains arejourney. free from conflict minerals. Learn from this current case study how to be a responsible revolutionary company operating in the shadow of one of the planet’s most devastating human rights challenges.Multi-stakeholder Collaboration To Drive Shift in Supply ChainPhil Berry, VP, Sustainability Strategy, WSP Environment & Energy;Mike McCarthy, Senior Vice President, CNN International;Kohl Gill, CEO, LaborVoices, IncJoin a multi-stakeholder dialogue about new efforts to provide line of sight into supplychain conditions, and finding more ethical and environmentally responsible suppliers. 415.626.2212
  11. 11. Program HighlightsThursday, June 7th Neutrogena Naturals: On Challenging Yourself, Your Company and the MarketplaceMorning Plenary Sessions Susan Sweet, President & General Manager, Neutrogena In this session, Susan will chronicle the company’s path to launching NeutrogenaBeyond Cause Marketing: Achieving Success via Brand-led CSR Naturals, taking an innovative approach by involving multiple stakeholders in thePeter Nowlan, Chief Marketing Officer, Molson Coors development discussion.Many brands have adopted cause-marketing partners to communicate a commitmentto purpose beyond profit, and fill their CSR reports with content that few actually read.Is this enough to engage today’s savvier consumer and create confidence in a brand’s Afternoon Breakout Sessionscommitment to delivering shared value? Hear how Molson Coors is finding new waysto fully embed its CSR activity into its brand and brand communications. Building Higher Value Brand-NGO Partnerships Abigail Rodgers, VP, Sustainability Strategy & Communication, The Coca-Cola Company;Every Inkling Makes a Difference Peter Callaro, Group Director, Integrated Marketing Creative, The Coca-Cola Company;Jeff Walter, Manager of IPG Environmental Sustainability, HP Patty Collins, Senior Director of Partnerships & Development, MacGillivray Freeman FilmsWhen Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s 3-D CG feature, “Dr. Seuss’ Creating mutually beneficial partnerships between brands and NGOs can be difficult,The Lorax,” hit theatres earlier this year, HP sponsored the release as part of a multi- as they can come to the table with unique vocabularies, different metrics for successfaceted consumer education campaign to promote responsible consumption. Jeff will and sometimes-disparate worldviews. Abby Rodgers leads a valuable discussion onshare how this innovative campaign uses a variety of web tools, social media and a lessons learned from many years of work on this program to inspire consumers of all ages to “care a whole awful lot” aboutchanging behaviors and making wise choices. Are All LCA Tools Created Equal? How Design Tool Choices Influence Decision-Making and Ultimate ImpactConnecting Design, Beauty & Sustainability: InterfaceFLOR Relaunches Its Brand Tony Kingsbury, Dir, Sust Products & Solutions Program, UCB Haas School of BusinessMaria Davlantes, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Interface, Inc As companies look to incorporate life cycle evaluations into their design thinking andInterface is a longtime favorite of the architecture and design community, and a business practices, they must choose the best tools to meet their needs in the designrespected leader in sustainability innovation, thanks to the leadership of its late founder, discussion. In this session, Tony shares results of a recent UC Berkeley study thatRay Anderson. Continuing its forward-thinking approach, Interface is relaunching, and evaluated many of the leading design tools to assess the performance of differentMaria will share the inspiring details behind the next phase of the Interface brand. materials options used in common packaging formats.Inside Coca-Cola’s Arctic Home Campaign Sourcing Ideas for InnovationPeter Callaro, Group Director, Integrated Marketing Creative, The Coca-Cola Company Coleman Bigelow, Global Sustainability Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson Phil Giesler, Director of Innovation, Unilever Corporate Ventures;Coca-cola’s recent Arctic Home campaign marked a milestone on the march toward Olivia Khalili, Senior Partnerships Manager, Ashoka Changemakers;purpose-driven brand marketing. Learn from one of the key architects of the campaign Mikhail Davis, Manager, Strategic Sustainability, Interface, Inchow it came about, how it unfolded and how it generated value for all stakeholders. Creating a total shift of our economy toward sustainable models of consumption will require unprecedented levels of innovation. This session will provide a look at some of the strategies companies are using to keep the creative juices flowing. 415.626.2212
  12. 12. Program HighlightsRetail with Purpose Re-Localizing ManufacturingAnneliza Humlen, President/Co-Founder, Emotional Branding Alliance; Kristen Victor, Founder, Sustainability Matters, Inc;Gwen Morrison, Co-CEO, The Store, WPP; Bob Taylor, President and Co-Founder, Taylor Guitars;Loren Becker, Downtown Coordinator, Tina Anderson, President, ArtFlor, Inc;Reducing consumption is a vital part of promoting a more responsible and Chris Yura, CEO, Founder, SustainU Clothingconscientious use of natural resources. But can the retail industry evolve to promote The move to re-localize manufacturing is afoot, driven by new metrics that make localshared value and transcend the success standard of product sales volume? Gain a manufacturing attractive again – leveraging re-purposed facilities, creating local jobs,full-range perspective on retailing and how it has evolved to become a catalyst for reducing transportation-based carbon emissions, and more. Learn how you can benefitcommunity building and social entrepreneurship, using best practice case studies, by localizing your manufacturing operations, from businesses manufacturing in the US.panel experience and lessons learned on “retailing with purpose.” Packaging MaterialsOpportunities in Voluntary Disclosure Katherine O’Dea, Senior Fellow/Director of Advisory Services, GreenBlue;Joe Sibilia, CEO, CSRwire; Christopher Mitchell, Sales and Marketing Manager, Americas, Innovia Films, Inc;Aman Singh, Editorial Director, CSRwire; Melissa Hockstad, VP of Science, Technology & Regulatory Affairs, SPI;Paul Herman, CEO + Founder, HIP Investor Inc; Troy Swope, Founder, Unisource Global SolutionsPaul Griffin, Professor of Management, UC Davis This panel will explore packaging sustainability innovation with a focus on newVoluntary Disclosure Theory suggests that greater transparency directly correlates to materials that are changing the entire life cycle impact of product packaging.investor returns, increased stock prices, elevated consumer trust, and a more powerfulemployer brand. Hear from a panel of practitioners and thought leaders about some Story Wars: Winning the Battle To Be Heardof the overarching trends supporting this research globally, the potential of these Jonah Sachs, Co-Founder, Director, Free Range Studiosopportunities and how you can position yourself as a true change leader. Marketing is all about telling a story, but what makes a good story? Viral storytellerTools for Building Purpose-Driven Brand Movement Jonah Sachs (The Story of Stuff, The Meatrix) will share lessons learned from a decadeSimon Mainwaring, Author, We First; of telling stories that have amused, enlightened and engaged millions worldwide.Andy Hunn, COO, Resonate Networks; Drawing on the research and thinking in Winning the Story Wars (Harvard BusinessDan Vallejo, CEO & Co-Founder, The Mutual; Review Press), Jonah will source age-old and cutting-edge wisdom from advertisingSeamus Conlan, CEO, Objective Cinema; history, evolutionary biology, psychology, and comparative mythology.Zack Swire, Founder and President, eGood Business Model Innovation: Turning Disruption Into OpportunityBuilding an authentic, effective, purpose-driven brand requires a new set of tools. This Gil Friend, President & CEO, Natural Logic, Incpanel, moderated by We First author Simon Mainwaring, introduces tools that can helpyou be at the forefront of the brand-led movement for good. There are a raft of new disruptive business models (based on simple ideas like collaborative consumption, product-to-service innovation or dematerialization) erupting on the scene that respond to today’s shifting consumer sensibilities and also represent more sustainable forms of consumption. Join some of your community leaders and peers for a hands-on opportunity to play with the question of how one of your favorite brands might upend itself by supporting one of these models of commerce. For complete details on all workshops and sessions, visit our Program page. 415.626.2212
  13. 13. Featured SpeakersBusiness/Brand Strategists Designers/InnovatorsToby Corey Maria Davlantes Uwe Dreher Volker Schaedler Christiaan Maats Mathieu TurpaultChief Revenue Officer, SVP and CMO, Interface, Global Head of Marketing, VP of Innovation and Founder, OAT Shoes Managing Partner andSolarCity Inc BMWi Technology, North On Wednesday morning, Director of Design,Toby will discuss the On Thursday morning, Uwe will take us through America, BASF Christiaan will share the Bresslergroupchallenges of maintaining Maria will share the inspiring the launch of BMW’s Volker joins SB CEO KoAnn extraordinary story of the Mathieu will co-moderateleadership in the volatile details behind the relaunch sustainable sub brand, the Skrzyniarz on opening night design and production of a breakout session onrenewable energy market on of the Interface brand. development and marketing to set the stage for SB ‘12. OAT’s 100% biodegradable Tuesday afternoon, onWednesday morning. processes, and early shoe that sprouts flowers reducing impact through an results. when planted. incremental approach to sustainable product design.Peter Nowlan Siddharth Sanghvi Adam Monroe Phil Giesler Sean Gourley Chris YuraCMO, Molson Coors GM of Sustainable President of Stakeholder Director of Innovation, Co-founder and CTO, Quid CEO and founder,On Thursday morning, Peter Commerce, eBay Relations, North America, Unilever Corporate Ventures On Tuesday morning, Sean SustainU Clothingwill discuss the ways his Siddarth will participate Novozymes Phil will moderate the SB will take us through new Chris will discuss thecompany is moving beyond in a breakout session on On Wednesday morning, Innovation Open Finalists tools that can help decision innovative business modelthe CSR report and fully Tuesday afternoon, on the Adam will share the Pitch Off on Wednesday makers understand rapidly behind SustainU onembedding its sustainability many new forms of value extraordinary possibilities of afternoon; on Thursday shifting business and brand Wednesday morning; onagenda into its brand and created when we treat waste biotechnology, when applied afternoon, he will participate dynamics on the fly, and Thursday afternoon, he willbrand communications. as a resource. to our industrial processes. in a breakout session on drive revolutionary change. participate in a breakout strategies for maintaining session on relocalizing creative momentum. manufacturing. 415.626.2212
  14. 14. Featured SpeakersSustainability Executives Marketing/Stakeholder CommunicationsShama Alexander Michael Dupee Gwen Migita Raphael Bemporad Sam Harrington PJ ConnellEnvironmental Officer and VP of Corporate Social VP of Sustainability & Founding partner and Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing,Director of Sustainability, Responsibility, Green Community Affairs, Chief Strategy Officer, Evocative Design ReefLUSH Cosmetics Mountain Coffee Roasters, Caesars Entertainment BBMG Sam will participate in a On Wednesday afternoon,On Wednesday afternoon, Inc Corporation On Monday morning, breakout discussion on PJ will participate in aShama will share how the Michael will participate Gwen will participate in Raphael will lead a packaging materials on breakout discussion onbrand lives out its mission to in a breakout session on a breakout session on workshop on using Thursday afternoon. how the surf industry isprotect people, animals and sustainable packaging Wednesday afternoon, on consumer-driven innovation collaborating to drivethe planet on a day-to-day Wednesday afternoon. employee engagement. protocol to create solutions cultural shift.basis. to pressing challenges.Jeff Rice Rick Ridgeway Jim Thomas Maggie Kendall Peter Callaro Olivia KhaliliDirector of Sustainability, VP of Environmental VP of Sustainability, Safety Director of Marketing and Group Director of Senior PartnershipsWalmart Programs and & Environmental Health, CSR, NBC Universal Integrated Marketing Manager, AshokaOn Monday afternoon, Jeff Communications, Petco Maggie will participate Creative, The Coca-Cola Changemakerswill participate in a panel Patagonia On Wednesday afternoon, in a panel discussion on Company On Thursday afternoon,discussion on connecting Rick will participate in two Jim will participate in a Tuesday afternoon, on On Thursday morning, Olivia will participate instakeholders along the breakout discussions on breakout discussion on gamification marketing in Peter will discuss Coca- a breakout session onentire value chain with Tuesday afternoon, on product scorecards. the sustainability space. Cola’s groundbreaking strategies for maintainingexperts in the academic product scorecards and the Arctic Home campaign; on creative momentum.and NGO worlds. many new forms of value Thursday, he will participate created when we treat waste in a breakout discussion on as a resource. building effective brand/NGO partnerships. 415.626.2212
  15. 15. Join These Companies Who Have AlreadyCommitted to Attending This Year 415.626.2212
  16. 16. Special Programming and Networking EventsSB INNOVATION OPEN CHEMISTRY CREATES CONNECTIONS, MONDAY NIGHTSB Innovation Open is a business plan competition unlike any Join the SB community and our hosts, BASF, at our opening nightother. It’s a showcase of creativity, innovative thinking and welcome reception and get your creative and collaborative juicessolution based approaches that seek to make a significant flowing! Jump start the week with Birds of a Feather dinners, theenvironmental, social and economic impact within the business Alumni Get-Together, and be part of an evening where the SBworld. SBIO fosters collaboration between early stage Community drives their revolutions and influential executives. CO-CREATE & COLLABORATE, TUESDAY NIGHTTHE CAUSEWAY Find or plan a firepit discussion, mix and mingle at a SustainableJoin us in our newest initiative at SB’12, the CauseWay! We are Solutions Booth Crawl, grab like-minded attendees for a Birds ofhelping our community move even further than cause marketing a Feather dinner, and take this open time to explore ourby fostering purpose driven brand partnerships with high-impact co-creation and collaboration activities.organizations. SB PLAYHOUSE, WEDNESDAY NIGHTEXPERIENTIAL LEARNING ADVENTURES, MONDAY Don’t miss our signature evening event! Join us for a beachsideGet hands on at SB’12 with a biomimicry adventure at the San BBQ followed by the return of the SB Playhouse. Celebrate withDiego Zoo, a Balboa Park exploration, and a workshop with Taylor friends as 1% for the Planet musician Chris Velan rocks the stageGuitars and ArtFlor on relocalizing manufacturing! under the stars at the Barefoot Bar & Grill. Chris will share his own revolutions and debut his new album for our audience! 415.626.2212
  17. 17. LocationWe’re pleased to announce the relocation of the SustainableBrands Conference this year to Paradise Point Resort &Spa in San Diego, CA. Both San Diego as a destination, andParadise Point as a venue, offer unique opportunities forfresh perspective and creative inspiration for the SustainableBrands community.In a message to SB’12 attendees, Mayor Jerry Sanders ofSan Diego commented: “We see innovation for sustainabilityas a strategic area of economic opportunity for the region,and are actively supporting several world leadinginitiatives, including the Biomimicry BRIDGE, a partnershipbetween the San Diego Zoo, the City of San Diego, CONNECT,and the four Universities in town; UCSD, SDSU, USD andPoint Loma Nazerene. We’re excited to see the SustainableBrands Conference move to San Diego; we know it willprovide a wonderful exchange of inspiration and ideas.”Overnight accommodations at Paradise Point Resort & Spamay still be available at the time of your booking, but spaceis limited on the island and certain nights are sold out.Overflow rooms have been arranged at the Hyatt RegencyMission Bay Spa as a nearby alternative. 415.626.2212
  18. 18. Learn more and register at: www.SustainableBrands12.comSustainable Brands is produced by