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Sustainable Brands '10 Brochure


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Sustainable Brands '10 Brochure

  1. SuStainable brandS ConferenCe / June 7-10 monterey conference center
  2. consumers are raising the bar and Sustainability and brand, Profit and expecting more from the brands they choose. tomorrow’s winning brands will Purpose, businesses and nGos, left strike a better balance between people, planet, and profit. they’ll provide smarter, healthier solutions as and right, Smart and beautiful... they delight in design and compete in performance. they’ll communicate their benefits authentically — no greenwashing. And they’ll win in the market through Where do You find the Power of and? the loyalty they earn from their customers. the leading brands of the future will be sustainable brands. Building them takes a new kind of thinking, a new group of collaborators, and a new set of tools. Join the world’s leading sustainable business innovators at SB’10 for three days of extraordinary conversation, inspiration and insights. Learn how the Power of And is driving market-changing innovation and a new path for tomorrow’s leading brands. Who attends? 700+ change agents from companies like Ge, HP, HSBc, IDeo, Sc Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, method, nestle, Pfizer, toyota, Unilever, Wal-mart, and many more. THE POWER OF Learn more and register at: AND For more information call (415) 626-2212
  3. WHAT YOU Will lEARN How ‘design for behavior change’ is being implemented How consumers really value cause marketing in product and communications design to help support campaigns (hint: you’ll be surprised by this data) consumer desire to do the right thing. What’s the latest on putting social media to work to build How Open Innovation is set to pave the way for faster your brand more economically while strengthening your innovation by smart, strategic brand leaders. relationship with stakeholders What new tools are coming to market to help you You’ll find a full year’s worth of other thought provoking, manage, measure and report your environmental impact. insightful, and tangible ideas for becoming a sustainable brand leader at SB’10! Why CSR as we know it is dead and what comes next. Become An SLM Member -- Join Today! Why today’s youth will ensure tomorrow’s sustainable Become a member of Sustainable life brand marketplace. Media’s community of sustainable business innovators and gain access to Who’s building successful, collaborative cross-sector high-quality, price-conscious education delivered by today’s top sustainable partnerships, and how they’ve set down their spears to business thought leaders. in addition, build a productive relationship you’ll join a top flight network of peers who are on the same learning journey. The value of brand communities or tribes and why learn more > sustainable brands are well equipped to build one For more information call (415) 626-2212
  4. SCHEDUlE Monday, June 7th 9:00 am- 12:00 pm Workshop Session 1 12:00 - 5:00 pm Exhibitor Setup cont. GHG Accounting AND Supply Chain Igniting Inspiration in Skeptics: Advanced Communications Led By: Rainer Ochsenkuehn Tools for Sustainable Business Visionaries 12:00 - 1:30 pm Lunch Led By: John Marshall Roberts Breaking through the Green Clutter: Groundbreaking Campaign 1:30 - 4:30 pm Workshop Session 2 Sells Sustainability through Cereal, and Urges North Americans to “Get on the Path.” Driving Sustainable Culture Change Through Employee The NextPlays Lab: Prototyping Sustainable Enterprise Models Engagement Led By: Maria Emmer-Aanes, Marty McDonald and Hilary Led By: Peter Salmon Bromberg Led By: Mike Mercer Managing for Creativity and Innovation Working With Biomimicry as an Innovation Framework Led By: Dr. Robert Epstein 2:00 - 4:00 pm Sustainable Brands Innovation Open Led By: Asheen Phansey Preliminary award winners shoot it out to win a morning plenary spot and more! Sustainability Leadership: The making, marketing and thinking behind Building the Credible Sustainable Brand Cradle to Cradle companies and products Led By: Jennifer Rice Led By: Jay Bolus and Jessica Switzer Building Leadership Capacity for Stakeholder Engagement Led By: Alain Gauthier i would highly i’ve attended the Sustainable brands Conference since it began in recommend the 2007, and each year i leave more in- conference to a broad spired than the last. the conference base of stakeholders since has become a must attend event for “You...should be very proud of the conference sustainability experts, marketers yourselves for advancing the “You all did a fantastic and other communication profes- whole sustainability conversation provides great learning sionals looking to begin or expand to a new level through the amaz- for everyone involved. job of putting together an ing range of speakers, presenta- their sustainability journey. inspired, challenging, and tions and hallway conversations productive conference...” that inspired so many productive new thoughts and partnerships.” David F. Melbourne, Jr. Mark Brodeur SVP Consumer Marketing Director of Sustainability – North America Bumble Bee Foods, LLC SB’09 Attendee SB’09 Attendee Nestlé Purina Petcare Company For more information call (415) 626-2212
  5. SCHEDUlE Tuesday, June 8th 9:00 am Welcome and Morning Kick Off 11:15 am Open Innovation: An Apropos Paradigm Shift for Sustainable 12:45 - 2:00 pm LUNCH Hosted by Dell Gil Friend, CEO/Founder, Natural Logic, Inc. Brand Innovators Henry Chesbrough, Professor, UC Berkeley AFTERNOON BREAKOUT TRACKS SB’10 opens with a look at some of the key market drivers and trends shaping today’s sustainable business marketplace. Open innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows oBServe reDeSIGn meASUre commUnIcAte of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the The Unfolding Green Brands Landscape: markets for external use of innovation. Dr. Chesborough provides 2:00 - 3:00 pm CSR’s Seven Best Practices Notes on the Trendline a look at the idea of open innovation as a backdrop to this year’s Perry Goldschein, Founding Partner, SDialogue LLC Annie Longsworth, President, Managing Director, launch of GreenXChange, an open sustainable innovation coalition Cohn and Wolfe launched at Davos in January. Design For Behavior Change: An Interactive Salon Aaron Sklar, Consultant, IDEO Updating research presented at SB’07, SB’08 and SB’09 Cohn GreenXchange AND the Effort to Speed Eco-Innovation Mapping the Impact Measurement Landscape and SAP’s & Wolfe will present new research that explores specific behaviors Kelly Lauber, Director, Sustainable Business & Move to Help and attitudes that are driving (or preventing) purchase of sustain- Innovation Lab, NIKE Jim Sullivan, Strategic Advisor, SAP able products, as well as the latest public perception about which brands are the best at being green. GreenXchange, spearheaded by 10 companies and social enter- Communication Design for Social Entrepreneurs Part 1 prises including Nike, Yahoo!, IDEO, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Cheryl Heller, CEO, Heller Communication Design Re-Defining the Metrics of Success: The Emerging, the Outdoor Industry Association, and others, is a Measures of Qualitative Growth groundbreaking initiative geared to empower companies working Telling Your Story: CSR Reporting Case Studies Unwrapped Hazel Henderson, Futurist & Economics Iconoclast, to protect the environment to share their research -- legally -- for Dale Har, Partner, Methodologie Ethical Markets Media social good and mutual profit. Lewis Fix, VP Brand Management & Sustainable Product Development, Domtar / Kindley Walsh-Lawlor,Senior Director of Social Responsibility Hazel Henderson, a well known and globally respected futurist, Recycling the Cup: Systems Thinking and the Importance of and Environmental Affairs, Gap, Inc. economist, syndicated columnist, consultant on sustainable Getting the Questions Right development presents some of her newest thinking on why GDP Peter Senge, Director Center for Organizational Learning, MIT Extended Producer Responsibility: Establishing Boundaries, is no longer a serving us as the ultimate measure of progress. Sloan School of Management / Ben Packard VP Global Tackling the Challenges Responsibility, Starbucks Coffee Company Ben Packard, VP Global Responsibility, Starbucks Coffee Company Responsibility AND Profit: From Corporate Responsibility to Seetha Kammula, Founding Partner, Simply Sustain Responsible Profit As part of Starbucks Shared Planet goals, Starbucks has set a Designing NGO/Brand Partnerships for Maximum Reciprocal Value Jason Sau, CEO, Mission Measurement bold goal to develop a recyclable cup solution. The company has Linda Rogers, Group Director, Sustainability Marketing, The Coca-Cola enlisted MIT Professor Peter Senge and his expertise applying Company / Michelle Harvey, Project Manager, Corporate Partnerships , Jason Saul will outline five types of social innovation that turn systems theory to approach this situation. Environmental Defense Fund social change into powerful business strategy. Combined with experience-based best practices in impact measurement, these in- Solutions Innovation to the Rescue: Making the 3:15 - 4:15 pm The Primacy of Positioning novation strategies make measuring the business and social value Tim Greiner,Managing Director, Pure Strategies Waste = Resource Connection of CSR program practical, timely and relevant to your company. Brooke Farrell, Co-Founder , RecycleMatch Innovations in Supply: Restoring Places AND Faces to the Global Design for Behavior Change: Helping Consumers Today, companies of all kinds are focused on the triple bottom-line Value Chain Co-Create a Better World of people, planet and profit to create a sustainable business. Find- John Scharffenberger,Founder, Scharffen Berger Chocolate Bruce MacGregor, Managing Partner, IDEO. ing the competitive edge often means revisiting and challenging Arlin Wasserman,VP Sustainability, Sodexo “the way it’s always been done”. Focusing on zero waste goals can SB’10 opens with a look at some of the key market drivers and Getting Beyond the Spreadsheet: New Tools for Measuring Impact go a long way to re-setting stakeholders points-of-view while lower- trends shaping today’s sustainable business marketplace. Will Sarni, Founder/CEO, Domani ing costs and environmental impact. Christina Siun, O’Connell President - Americas, Credit360 Today’s Data Explosion and the Drive to Radical Kids AND Parents: Why the Longterm Market for Sustainable Motivating Mainstream Consumers to Make Sustainable Choices Corporate Transparency Goods is Stable Suzanne Shelton, President and CEO, Shelton Group Paul Herman, Founder/CEO, HIP Investor Tom Feegel, Founder & Principal, GreenMyParents Dara O’Rourke, CEO/Founder, GoodGuide Jordan Howard, Film Maker, GreenMyParents The Role of Retail in a Sustainable Future Cynthia Figge, President, COO and Co-Founder, CSRHUB David Gray,Owner & Strategist, DIG 360 Consulting Jay Golden, Co-Director, Sustainability Consortium How do you get 1,000,000 kids to help their parents save $100 at home? Traditional media doesn’t take kids seriously. Green Open Innovation / GreenXchange in Action One of the prime drivers behind sustainable brand innovation at media is worse. It slaps green onto an existing brand or celebrity Kelly Lauber, Director, Sustainable Business & Innovation Lab, NIKE the moment is the explosion of new data initiatives that promise by telling kids to “recycle” or “save energy.” The $100 MM Kids John Wilbanks, Vice President of Science, Creative Commons increased clarity to all stakeholders on the comparative sustain- Campaign demonstrates that kids, even before they can have a ability of various materials, suppliers and brands. Communication Design for Social Entrepreneurs Part 2 real job, can do the work of sustainability at home. Cheryl Heller CEO, Heller Communication Design 10:45 - 11:15 am Networking Break 12:30 - 2:30 pm Expo Open Hosted by Hewlett Packard Location: De Anza Ballroom - Expo Floor For more information call (415) 626-2212
  6. SCHEDUlE Wednesday, June 9th 9:00 am Welcome and Morning Kick Off Ford’s Road to Sustainability 12:45 - 2:00 pm LUNCH Andrew Winston, Founder, Winston Eco-Strategies John Viera, Director, Ford Motor Company AFTERNOON BREAKOUT TRACKS SB’10 Day Two opens with a look at some inspiring examples of Ford has one of the longest track records in American Business leading edge re-design for sustainability -- of business models and oBServe reDeSIGn meASUre commUnIcAte for wrestling with the transformation of their business for sustain- strategy, products, supply chains, packaging and more. ability. Despite some setbacks along the way, Ford is now reaping 2:00 - 3:00 pm Advancing Blended Value: Defining the Government Role in the the benefits of their stalwart commitment. John will share Ford’s Emerging Sustainability Paradigm Today’s Top Disruptive Sustainable Business Ideas learning journey and highlight principles you can apply, regardless Joe Starinchak, Outreach Coordinator, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Anya Kamenetz, Author, Generation Debt, DIY U, Staff Writer, of what industry you’re in or where you are in your sustainability Fast Company journey. Smart, Sensible, Sustainable Packaging Russ Napolitano, Vice President, Strategy, Wallace Church, Inc. Applying BioSphere Design Rules to Business Smart AND Beautiful: Innovations in Fashion/Interior Design Gregory Unruh, Director of the Lincoln Center for Ethics in Developing a Strategy For Enterprise Sustainability Summer Rayne Oakes, Model-Activist, Founder, Source4Style Global Management, Thunderbird Edward Rogers, Global Strategy Manager, UPS (United Parcel Service) Consumer interest in brands demonstrating a commitment to re- Tim Mohin, Director, Corporate Responsibility, Advance Micro Devices Influencing Consumer Choice Toward Sustainable Consumption duced environmental impact is growing and new developments in Kirsi Sormunen, Vice President, Sustainability, metrics, standards and supply chain sourcing are making the de- Doing More with Less Nokia Corporation sign of more sustainable goods faster, easier and more enjoyable. Steve Glenn, CEO/Founder, Living Homes Summer Rayne Oakes, model, Discovery Channel’s Planet Green Steve Arbaugh, VP Brand Alignment & Experience, Interface Americas Higher levels of consumption and wealth do not necessarily correspondent, and advisor to such brands as Payless ShoeSource, Examining the Sustainable Brand Perception/Reality Gap increase personal well-being, and an increasing amount of con- Portico Home, and others gives a snapshot at the evolving fashion, Marc Stoiber, VP Green Innovation, Maddock Douglas sumers are interested in making more sustainable choices. What textiles and interior design marketplace, showcasing the most Amy Hebard, Chief Research Officer and Founder, Earthsense role does business play in offering consumers better alternatives cutting-edge industry design stories and innovative online tools via innovation, choice editing and choice influencing? Nokia is that are revolutionizing the market for years to come. Building & Measuring Online Cause Marketing Campaigns transitioning into a solutions provider, and mobile technology Susan McPherson, Vice President, Business Development, PR Newswire innovations hold a potential for changing the way we live, from Changing Lives and Building Brands – One Factory at a Time Aria Finger, Chief Marketing Officer , improving livelihoods to embracing more sustainable lifestyles. As Phil Berry Founder & Principal, Sustainable Product background, click here to download a recent report from the World Works, LLC 3:15 - 4:15 pm Valuing Corporation Sustainability Efforts and Initiatives Business Council for Sustainable Development on Sustainable Pamela Cohen, Principal, CCW & Board Member, University of Chicago Graham School, Sustainability Certificate Program Consumption Facts and Trends . Bringing 30 years of experience, including 12 as former Director of Sustainability for Nike Footwear, Phil and his company help Underwear, Eye-Glasses and Chocolate: Snapshots in Sustainable Innovation Rethinking the Box sustainable brands build and operate world class supply chains Jeff Denby, Chief Creative Officer and co-Founder, PACT Paul Stamets, Mycologist, Founder, Life Box that both reflect their values and create great brand stories. They Alessandro Lanaro, CEO, MODO help develop small, efficient factories in impoverished areas, Mycologist Paul Stamets holds a wide variety of patents for the LCAs, Carbon Foot Print & Carbon Neutral: A Case Study on Coffee teaching them to excel in lean manufacturing, environmental disruptive use of the mycelium fungus, including for the non-toxic Brooks Beard, Partner, Morrison Foerster performance and social sustainability. These factories then provide control of ants and termites. In fact, he has many ideas for how Scot Case, Vice President, TerraChoice brands with both a component of leading edge social development mushrooms can help save the world. The Life Box is his latest. and a stable, high quality production source. Share with Phil a face-to-face look at how a strategic brand/supplier partnership can Transparency vs. Secrecy: When to Talk & What to Say 10:30 - 11:00 am Networking Break Karen Janowski, Partner, EcoStrategy Group touch lives and strengthen brands. Kathleen Gilligan, Partner, EcoStrategy Group Hosted by Hewlett Packard Rupesh Shah, Director, Corporate Sustainability, Intuit Future Vision: 3 Snapshots of the Possible Susanne Sonderhoff, Strategic Messaging Manager, Hewlett-Packard 11:00 am Culture Shifts and Brands Scott Friedmann, Executive VP - Innovation and Service Design, Tom LaForge Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights, Idea Couture Getting Beneath Consumer Segmentation: Attitudes and Values and Coca Cola Their Impact on Behavior Our presentation will center around the question what are new Linda Gilbert, CEO, EcoFocus Worldwide, LLC Over the last several decades the relationships between com- Gwynne Rogers, Business Director, LOHAS models for sustainability? We will go into full depth and discuss panies, governments, civil society and the environment have Maria Surricchio, Freelance Brand and Business Consultant, Freelance the fact that sustainability is about more than just bringing envi- been shifting dramatically. As a result, the roles of “consumers,” Kierstin De West, Principal, Ci: conscientious innovation ronmentally conscious products and services to market- they also “brands,” “marketers” and “companies” have shifted in ways that need to be viable (“sustainable”) from a business perspective. We Building & Measuring Online Cause Marketing Campaigns many companies have yet to recognize. Join Tom to learn about propose to explore the notion of sustainability through different Jan Wikman, VP Sales and Operations, EcoBonus, BI Worldwide these new definitions and how you can determine if you and your lenses and introduce innovative models for approaching sustain- John Rooks,President, The SOAP Group brand are evolving as the world evolves. able innovation. 12:30 - 2:30 pm EXPO OPEN Location: De Anza Ballroom - Expo Floor For more information call (415) 626-2212
  7. SCHEDUlE Thursday, June 10th 9:00 am Welcome and Morning Kick Off 11:15 am Smarter Planet - Gaining Momentum by Branding a 12:45 - 2:00 pm LUNCH Mark Lee, Executive Director, SustainAbility Strategic Platform Lee Green, Vice President, Brand Experience and Strategic AFTERNOON BREAKOUT TRACKS Day three starts with a look at communications, the all critical Design, IBM connective tissue in the cycle of sustainable brand innovation. oBServe reDeSIGn meASUre commUnIcAte Yes, the world has become smarter.....Because it is more Instru- Drink Responsibly: The Future of Water Sustainability and Corporate Brands Connecting Sustainability with Quality, Modernity, 2:00 - 3:00 pm mented, Interconnected and Intelligent it allows for advances in Will Sarni, Founder/CEO, Domani and Innovation design, energy efficiency, water conservation, traffic management, Michael Glade, Director, Water Resources and Real Estate, Molson Coors Dorothy Mackenzie, Chairman & co-founder, Dragon Rouge life cycle planning etc. all of which support common goals of Michael Law, Managing Director, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide sustainability. Lee Green, IBM VP, Brand Experience and Strategic Sustainability is rapidly becoming the ‘marker’ for quality, On Land, On Sea, AND Up in the Air -- More Transportation Design will share examples of how IBM is engaging sociatially and innovation and humanity, which is a further incentive for brands Re-Designed with clients, around the world to impact these common goals. to integrate sustainability into their core. For mainstream brands Alexi Khajavi Chief Commercial Officer, Nature Air in larger companies, this will be a challenging transformation, Brand AND Consumer Activation -- Passing Your Brand Lessons From the Field: Driving Sales to Your Sustainable Brands requiring a rigorous but creative process, and a clear understand- to the People Alison Presley, Manager, Travel for Good, Travelocity ing of the roles of explicit and implicit communication. What can Michael Dupee, VP Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Yalmaz Siddiqui, Global Environmental Director, Office Depot bigger brands approaching this territory for the first time learn from Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Erin Carlson, Director, Yahoo! For Good, Yahoo others? Christina Nicholson, Director of Sustainable Development, You Are Where You Work: Making the Most of Your Office Williams-Sonoma, Inc. The Story of EarthKeepers as Brand Mike Harrison, Chief Brand Officer, Timberland Case Studies in Building Brand Engagement: Jack Daniels and Aviva Fund Lewis Perkins, Founder, New House Patrick Glinski, Head of Social Innovation, Idea Couture Responsible business is the right thing to do and it also has Kirsten Ritchie, Principal, Director of Sustainable Robert Kaplan, Manager, Corporate Responsibility, Brown-Forman rewards – all things being equal, consumers will choose a company Design, Gensler Corporation that shares their values over one that does not. Companies have a responsibility for their products: not only for responsibly producing The name of the game for sustainable brand leaders is transpar- Engaging the Government: Unique Strategies for Telling Your products – material selection, etc. – but also designing them so ency, authenticity and integrity, meaning the degree to which your Sustainability Story to the State and Feds that they can be recycled, repurposed or reused. Timberland took values are reflected in everything you do. In the same way your Kurt Kwok, VP Corporate Marketing, Applied Materials this thinking into account when it developed the Earthkeepers 2.0 home communicates a good deal about who you are, your office John Viera, Director, Ford Motor Company boot, footwear designed to be disassembled and recycled, rather also offers a multitude of opportunity for you to reflect your brand values in powerful ways. The Clorox Eco-Assessment Process: Systematic Brand Reviews for than discarded, at the end of its product life. Lessons learned from Reducing Impact Through Brand Innovation the development and production of the Earthkeepers collection, Bill Morrissey, VP Environmental Sustainability, Clorox which now accounts for over 5 percent of total sales, will be high- The Path Toward an Abundant AND Sustainable Future: lighted and discussed. Making Reuse Cool 3:15 - 4:15 pm Green Mountain’s Strategic Planning Model for Integrating CSR & Brand Brooke Farrell, Co-Founder , RecycleMatch Michael Dupee, VP Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Mountain Coffee Beyond Cause Marketing: The Next Frontier in Sustainable Roasters, Inc. SB’10 is all about innovation that leads us toward the day when Brand Communications we can indulge our desire to consume those things that meet our Building Blocks of Sustainable Product Design Bob Gilbreath, Author, The Next Evolution of Marketing: Market- needs and delight our senses without concern that we’re harming Andrew Dent, VP, Library and Materials Research, Material ConneXion ing With Meaning ourselves our others in the process. EBay’s recent move to encour- age smart, indulgent reuse of high quality goods is a great step Science Brand Equity: What it is, How to get it, and How to communicate it In a world where we are bombarded with advertising every minute Lauren Ward, Director of Marketing, EarthSky Communications down the path to a future that offers both abundance and sustain- of the day, consumers are starting to opt out wherever they can. Seth Farbman, President, Ogilvy Earth ability. Don’t you agree? By creating marketing that in itself creates value for the consumer, Piper Gianola, Sustainability Brand Manager, Cisco organizations can continue to grow profitable businesses AND put marketing dollars to work in improving the world. In so doing, they How Many Ways Can You Say Green AND Eco AND Solar? The Sustainable Brands Community: Selling Ourselves (AND Lisa Lilienthal, Public Relations Consultant, Lilienthal PR Inc. will turn marketing into a noble profession. Here’s how! Other World Views, Too) Athol Foden, President / Naming Director, Brighter Naming John Marshall Roberts, CEO, Worldview Learning 10:45 - 11:15 am Networking Break NGO’s & You: Partnering for Authenticity, Leverage and Scale Hosted by Hewlett Packard What if you could understand, really understand your customers? What if you could finally transcend demographic profiles and grasp Advice From the Experts on Social Media Engagement the very core of their worldview: the key metaphors they use to Sandy Skees, President/Founder, Communications4Good make sense of the world, their level of social optimism, the values lenses that they both love and despise, and their secret mental models for aspiration and growth? For more information call (415) 626-2212
  8. FEATURED SPEAKERS Bill Morrissey Michelle Harvey Erin Carlson VP Environmental Sustainability, The Clorox Company Project manager Corporate Partnerships, Director of Yahoo! for Good at Yahoo! Environmental Defense Fund Bill Morrissey is a CPG veteran with over 25 years of As Director of Yahoo! for Good, the company’s Social experience in a variety of marketing, business develop- Michelle Harvey co-leads Environmental Defense Fund’s Responsibility department, Carlson is responsible for ment, strategic planning and general management on-site partnership with Walmart in Bentonville, AR, ad- leading Yahoo!’s environmental strategy and corporate roles. Prior to his current assignment, Bill was COO of vancing sustainable business practices throughout their social responsibility programs. Her primary focus is Naturize BioSciences Inc. He recently returned to his operations and supply chain. Her areas of focus include inspiring Yahoo!’s audience of over 500 million people to prior company, The Clorox Company, and now leads alternative energy; green chemistry; health and environ- be more green in their daily lives through use of Yahoo! their environmental efforts as Clorox’s Vice President of ment; sustainable agriculture and forestry; and water. products. Environmental Sustainability. Christina Nicholson Dr. Robert Epstein Director of Sustainable Development, President, Creativity International Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Alison Presley Distinguished scholar and scientist, award-winning Manager, Travel for Good, Travelocity In her current role as Director, Sustainable Development, author and editor, dynamic teacher and unique radio Christina is responsible for driving sustainability as a Alison Presley is the manager of Travelocity’s Travel for personality, Robert Epstein is passionate about advancing strategic agenda throughout both corporate and brand Good program, which seeks to make the world a better the behavioral sciences and helping people flourish. Dr. activities within Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma place, one trip at a time. This groundbreaking program Robert Epstein is the former editor-in-chief of PSYCHOL- brands. Her background in finance, sustainable design encourages sustainability through two cornerstones: OGY TODAY, author of 14 books, and one of America’s and marketing make her uniquely qualified for this cross green travel and voluntourism. most distinguished psychologists. sector challenge. Lewis Fix Bill Marquard Linda Rogers VP Brand Management and Sustainable Product Marble Leadership Group Director, Sustainability Marketing, Coca-Cola Development, Domtar Paper Ms. Rogers’ specialty, strategic analysis and planning for Lewis Fix is Vice-President, Brand Management and William H. Marquard has served as a partner at Ernst & LOHAS related organizations, evolves from her Masters Sustainable Product Development of Domtar. In this Young, as a Fortune 200 executive, and as the author of in Environmental Management and MBA from Duke role, he directs the environmental business strategy for Wal-Smart: What It Really Takes to Profit in a Wal-Mart University. She brings many years of specific experience Domtar’s fine paper segment, as well as the marketing, World (McGraw-Hill, 2007), which was selected by in environmental consulting where she served various communications, and advertising functions of the pulp strategy+business magazine as one of the top five busi- companies such as Pitney Bowes and the U.S. & paper business. ness strategy books of the year. Environmental Protection Agency. Ben Packard Susanne Sonderhoff Tom Laforge VP Global Responsibility, Starbucks Coffee Company Strategic Messaging and Communications Global Director, Human and Cultural insights, Manager – Hewlett Packard The Coca-Cola Company Ben drives the strategy and oversees the programs behind the Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ commit- Susanne Sonderhoff is Marketing Manager for Corporate, Tom studies the large, long-term macroforces that are ment to doing business responsibly, encompassing the Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) at HP. reshaping our world and driving the changes in human company’s approach to ethical sourcing, environmental In this role, Susanne is responsible for driving HP’s behavior that we all call trends. His work is used to guide stewardship and community involvement. Before as- global environmental marketing direction and programs, development of Coca-Cola’s portfolio and M&A strategies; suming his current role in 2008, Ben led Starbucks working with each of HP’s various business units and brand and communication strategies; and most recently Environmental Affairs team. functions to tell the story of HP’s leadership in Coca-Cola’s worldwide sustainability platform called Live environmental responsibility. Positively. For more information call (415) 626-2212
  9. FEATURED SPEAKERS Andrew Winston John Scharffenberger Kirsi Sormunen Author, “Recovering Green” Founder, Scharffen Berger Chocolate Vice President Sustainability, Nokia Andrew Winston, founder of Winston Eco-Strategies, is In 1996, John Scharffenberger founded SCHARFFEN Kirsi Sormunen is the Vice President, Sustainability the author of Green Recovery, a strategic plan for using BERGER Chocolate Maker with friend and business Operations of Nokia and has the global responsibility environmental thinking to survive hard economic times. partner Robert Steinberg. Already an accomplished wine- for managing all corporate responsibility activities in He is also the co-author of Green to Gold, the best- maker, Scharffenberger’s entrepreneurial spirit, astute the company. This includes environmental and social selling guide to what works – and what doesn’t – when palate and passion for artisanal foods translated perfectly issues management, community involvement initiatives, companies go green. into the production of the finest chocolate. disaster relief and charity donations as well as university relations in Nokia. Lea Jepson Director of Sustainability, John Viera Kurt Kwok Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Director, Ford Motor Company VP Corporate Marketing, Applied Materials John Viera was appointed director, Sustainable Business As head of Corporate Marketing, Kurt is responsible Strategies for Ford Motor Company January 2007. Viera’s for brand strategy and building marketing capability at prior position was chief engineer, Expedition and Naviga- Applied. His major motivator is spreading the big-picture tor programs. In his new role, Viera is responsible for the perspective regarding Applied Materials’ brand. How management of corporate sustainability issues, and the people view Applied isn’t just influenced by tradeshows oversight of sustainability activities within Ford. and ads, it’s how the company’s products perform and how we behave that impacts the company’s reputation. Gil Friend Author, “The Truth About Green Business” Lee Green Charlie Brown Vice President, Brand Experience and Strategic Gil Friend is founder, president & CEO of Natural Logic Business Development Lead, GreenXchange, Nike Design, IBM Inc, a sustainability consultancy helping companies build Lee Green is the Vice President, Worldwide IBM Brand economic advantage through exceptional environmental Charlie Brown is Nike’s lead for the GreenXchange, a new infrastructure for managing patents to increase Experience and Strategic Design. He has responsibility performance. Clients have included Agilent Technologies, for IBM’s worldwide brand experience initiatives, strate- General Mills, Gilead Sciences, Granite Construction, Green innovation for sustainable product design. He is an international specialist on designing, building, and gic design and IBM’s Design Consulting Services offering Mountain Energy, Hewlett Packard, Nike, Odwalla, Pacific for IBM clients. Mr. Green has played a pivotal role in Gas & Electric, Sun Microsystems, and many others. managing digital problem solving communities. IBM’s re-branding efforts over the last 15 years. Ed Rogers Kindley Walsh-Lawlor Mark Lee Global Strategy Manager, UPS Senior Director of Social Responsibility and Executive Director, SustainAbility Environmental Affairs, Gap, Inc. Ed is a global strategy manager with UPS’s corporate Mark joined SustainAbility as a Director of the US strategy group. He is responsible for global scenario Kindley Walsh Lawlor is Vice President of Social and business in 2004 to help grow the organization’s profile planning, strategic frameworks, and the enterprise sus- Environmental Responsibility for Gap Inc. In this role, in North America and was appointed CEO in late 2005. tainability strategy. He has twenty-seven years of experi- Kindley is responsible for developing and implementing He is responsible for creating a culture and providing ence in industrial engineering, program management, a comprehensive strategy to further integrate social the resources required for SustainAbility’s team to management consulting, business process redesign, and environmental objectives into the company’s Gap, achieve its ambitious change agenda. operations improvement and strategic planning. Banana Republic and Old Navy brands. For more information call (415) 626-2212
  10. FEATURED SPEAKERS Michael Dupee Steve Arbaugh Summer Rayne Oakes VP Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Mountain VP Brand Alignment & Experience, Interface Americas Model-Activist and Founder, Source4Style Coffee Roasters, Inc. A veteran of brand marketing and communications, Steve Summer Rayne Oakes is a model-activist, correspondent Michael Dupee serves as the Vice President, Corporate Arbaugh serves as Vice President of Brand Alignment & on Discovery Network’s Planet Green, author of bestsell- Social Responsibility for Green Mountain Coffee Roast- Experience for the Americas division of Interface, Inc. As ing style guide Style, Naturally, and Editor-at-Large of ers. Michael leads the company’s overall Corporate Social Vice President, he works with the InterfaceFLOR (com- ABOVE Magazine. She is a brand ambassador and Responsibility efforts, including providing strategic mercial), FLOR (consumer), and Bentley Prince Street sustainability strategist for both Portico Home and direction and reporting publicly on the company’s social brands to integrate and leverage brand assets across all Payless ShoeSource’s zoe&zac line. responsibility initiatives and programs; managing the mediums, overseeing branding and communications, company’s allocation of 5% pre-tax earnings into socially both externally and internally. Kate Heiny responsible projects. Manager of Sustainability, Target Paul Stamets Kate Heiny is the Manager of Sustainability for Target, Michael Glade Founder, Life Box a Fortune 30 company that has more than 1,700 stores Director, Water Resources and Real Estate, Molson Coors in 49 states. She leads environmental sustainability Paul Stamets has written six mushroom-related books. Mike has been involved in the research, design, construc- Several are used as textbooks around the world by the strategy for Target, including operational innovation, tion, supervision and administration of environmental gourmet and medicinal mushroom industries. He has public policy and business integration. Prior to Target, and water processes and projects for over 20 years. He is written more than twenty patents. He started a mush- she was a consultant with environmental consulting firms currently responsible for the utilization, management and room wholesale and retail sales business, Fungi Perfecti, on the east coast. protection of water resources that serve the Golden, Colo- LLC, in 1980. ( rado Brewery, management of the Coors Energy Company Eric Olson and the administration of two Colorado ditch companies. SVP, Advisory Services, Peter Senge Business for Social Responsibility Director Center for Organizational Learning, MIT Sloan Rupesh Shah School of Management Prior to joining BSR, Eric worked with The Natural Step Director, Corporate Sustainability, Intuit in San Francisco, accelerating sustainability through Peter Senge received a B.S. in Aerospace engineering strategic counsel on a broad range of corporate respon- from Stanford University. While at Stanford, Senge also Rupesh D. Shah is the Director of Corporate Sustainabil- sibility matters that included supply chain management studied philosophy. He later earned an M.S. in social ity at Intuit. Intuit is a leading software solutions provider and sustainable development. He also has served as Vice systems modeling from MIT in 1972. He was the Direc- and the makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Quicken. President at the Boston Consulting Group and was a tor of the Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Shah has held the position of Director of Corporate Partner and Founding Member of the global consultancy Sloan School of Management, and is presently (2005) on Sustainability at Intuit for just about a year. Mitchell Madison Group. the faculty at MIT. Bruce Macgregor Mike Harrison Scott Friedmann Managing Partner, IDEO Chief Brand Officer, Timberland Executive VP - Innovation and Service Design, As a Managing Partner and the Chief Capabilities Officer Idea Couture for IDEO, Bruce MacGregor focuses on the business di- Mike Harrison has been Timberland’s Chief Brand Of- ficer since July 2009, responsible for the design, devel- Scott is a creative business artist who connects big rection and depth of the firm’s offerings. Working across opment and marketing of Timberland footwear, apparel ideas with brands, products and campaigns. A dynamic a global network of eight offices, Bruce is in a unique and accessories worldwide. In this position, he reports thinker who operates at the intersection of business position to ensure that IDEO’s capabilities both respond to Timberland President and CEO, Jeffrey Swartz. Mike model innovation, social media and service design, he to and challenge evolving market conditions. A Canadian joined Timberland in 2003 as Senior Vice President and is responsible for leading a multi-disciplinary team to by birth and education, Bruce’s training represents a General Manager of Timberland’s international business. develop innovative ideas for Idea Couture’s clients. unique blend of engineering, strategy, concept develop- ment and execution. For more information call (415) 626-2212
  11. JOiN THESE COMPANiES ATTENDiNG SB’10 For more information call (415) 626-2212
  12. SB iNNOVATiON OPEN Winners: 10 start-ups will be selected by Submit your company for As part of our mission to be a panel of judges to participate in the exchange, making presentations before consideration in two categories: a bridge to better brands, we a select group of judges, funders, and SB are proud to announce the attendees. The top 2 will win prizes and 1) idea Stage – must have a complete second annual Sustainable business plan and no more than $100k in invest- present before the entire conference in a ed friends and family money. Brands Innovation open — plenary session on Thursday, June 10. formerly our new venture This business competition is focused on 2) Early Venture Stage – must have no exchange — an early stage more than $1M in external capital invested. connecting innovative new product/ ser- business competition focused on connecting the vice solutions with existing global brands existing global brands and socially responsible and socially responsible investors. investor communities to the most innovative new This new venture showcase is focused product and service solutions being brought to on identifying and promoting innovative market by today’s social and eco-entrepreneurs. new consumer brands AND ventures that support existing corporations in achieving their sustainable brand innovation goals. photo: SB 2009 What last year’s participants say about their experience: We have raised significant very proud of funds and partnered with a yourselves for advancing nYSe listed company that i was so impressed with the whole sustainability would be quite we met at Sb’09. the presentations and conversation to a new level... difficult to exaggerate the inspiring people i met benefits we’ve enjoyed or [at Sb07] that i decided the impact it has had and to enter into the Sb09 will continue to have on our Dennis Tracz business plan competition. Nancy Mims business as we grow. Founder, PineeIR Founder and Creative Director, Mod Green Pod Dennis Tracz Ben Bixby Founder, PineeIR CEO, Earth Aid Enterprises LLC For more information call (415) 626-2212
  13. EVENiNG AND NETWORKiNG EVENTS redeSiGn obSerVe MeaSure CoMMuniCate Monday, June 7th Tuesday, June 8th Wednesday, June 9th Thursday, June 10th 6:30 - 8:30 pm 5:30 - 7:00 pm 5:30 - 7:30 pm 4:30 - 5:30 pm Welcome Reception Happy Hour /Wine Tasting Happy Hour /Wine Tasting Closing Session -- SBIO Winners/SB Leadership (Central Coast Vineyard Team SIP Program) (Central Coast Vineyard Team SIP Program) Awards/Call to Action: Brands & the American Meet and mingle with a world class gathering of 7:00 - 8:30 pm Dream sustainable brand innovators from across the US and beyond as you reconnect with old friends and Birds of a Feather Dinners 7:30 - 9:30 pm extend your partner and peer network in new directions. Sample fine wines from four of World Oceans Day Grand Aquarium Gala Back by popular demand are our Birds of a Feather California’s leading sustainable wine regions. (Sponsored by Panasonic and Target Dinners, and this year, we’re doing it two nights; and Brown Forman) Monday June 7th AND Wednesday June 9th. In the Sustainable Brands tradition, we have made reser- Join your colleagues for vations at 12 local, diverse restaurants where you 8:00 pm this WORLD OCEAN’S DAY will dine, network and debate a hot topic with your Birds of a Feather Dinners peers. Attendees are responsible for their own cost SPECIAL EVENT hosted by Panasonic and the Monterey of this dinner and create the topic of conversation. Back by popular demand are our Birds of a Feather Our SB’10 Advisory Board Members will be your Bay Aquarium where you’ll Dinners, and this year, we’re doing it two nights; hosts and join you in engaging conversation and enjoy elegant food, drink AND Monday June 7th AND Wednesday June 9th. In networking over a local, sustainable meal. Click music in an inspired setting. the Sustainable Brands tradition, we have made here to read more. The Aquarium now shows their exquisite ‘Secret reservations at 12 local, diverse restaurants where Lives of Seahorses’ ,open for you to explore and you will dine, network and debate a hot topic with 8:30 pm indulge in this whole other world while your peers. Attendees are responsible for their own “So Right, So Smart” Documentary connecting with peers over cocktails. cost of this dinner and create the topic of conver- sation. Our SB’10 Advisory Board Members will be So Right So Smart is a feature documentary that SB’09 your hosts and join you in engaging conversation shows the success of businesses that have begun and networking over a local, sustainable meal. to take positive steps toward a sustainable future. Click here to read more. Those looking to find encouraging news in the midst of our current environmental crisis will be inspired by this story of leadership and hope. 9:30 pm Alumni Party at Jack’s Bar in the Portola Atrium 10:00 pm Panel Discussion Reconnect with old friends from SB early on at the Robin Raj Founder, Executive Creative Director, informal SB Alumni get-together on Monday night, Citizen following the Birds of a Feather dinners. Meet up at Jack’s Bar, conveniently located at the Portola Hotel, for drinks, memory-sharing and catching up. 10:25 -11:00 pm Port and Chocolate Tasting Monterey Bay Aquarium SB’09 For more information call (415) 626-2212
  14. lOCATiON beautiful Monterey, California Portola Hotel & Spa learn and network at Sustainable Brands ‘10 while Take advantage of our special rate at the beautiful Portola Hotel & being inspired by a one-of-a-kind setting. SB’10 is Spa, conveniently located in the heart of downtown Monterey and once again headquartered in beautiful Monterey, directly adjacent to the Conference Center. Don’t miss the opportunity CA, downtown at the Monterey Conference Cen- to network after hours or over breakfast and indulge in late night ter and Portola Hotel & Spa. conversation with your peers. Monterey’s world-famous historic district, Cannery Book your room through us and get the $170 per night special rate. Row, is just steps away, as is Fisherman’s Wharf, The hotel will fill up, so go ahead and book your accommodation at the renowned Monterey Aquarium and dozens your earliest convenience. of restaurants to enjoy with your peers. Whatever your interests and pleasures, Monterey has a little something for everyone! Whether you like to hike, LEVEL ONE LEVEL ONE LEVEL THREE LEVEL THREE bike, surf, golf or walk on the beach, you will be able to indulge in your favorite activities while attending SB’10! Colton Room Colton Room Unconference Unconference Sessions Sessions De Anza De Anza De Anza De Anza De Anza De Anza Ballroom III Ballroom III Ballroom II Ballroom I Ballroom II Ballroom I De Anza Foyer De Anza Foyer Media Pavillion Media Pavillion Steinbeck Forum Steinbeck Forum Ferrantes Portola LobbySustainable Portola Lobby General Session RoomGeneral Session Room Ferrantes Room Room Sustainable Registration Solutions Registration Solutions Series Series Serra Grand Ballroom Serra Grand Ballroom Sustainable Solutions Expo Sustainable Solutions Expo Lunch Lunch Networking Breaks Networking Breaks For more information call (415) 626-2212
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