Six Brand Leadership Strategies Enabling a Flourishing Future


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Six Brand Leadership Strategies Enabling a Flourishing Future

  1. 1. 6 Brand Leadership Strategies Enabling a Flourishing Future KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, Founder/CEO, Sustainable Brands @SustainBrands @KoAnn
  2. 2. Goals for Today • Share 6 ways we see brands succeeding while leading the Way to a Flourishing Future • Listen / learn / discuss what you see from your perspective @SustainBrands @KoAnn
  3. 3. Quick Snapshot • Shifting the world to a sustainable economy by enabling brands to succeed that lead the way • Serving 750,000 business leaders through • Enabling conversation on Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, Google+, etc. • Convening the community face-to-face on four continents • Supporting a member network of 50+ global brands • Steadily growing 50%+/year since 2007 @SustainBrands @KoAnn
  4. 4. Our Community @SustainBrands @KoAnn
  5. 5. 6 Ways Brands Are Leading Change 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Redefining Sustainability Engaging Employees Innovating Products, Services, and Business Models Communicating Better Enabling Change Joining Multi-stakeholder Coalitions @SustainBrands @KoAnn
  6. 6. Redefining Sustainability Beyond Green: Sustainable Brands are also about well-being and purpose… Recommended reading: “Flourishing: A Frank Conversation About Sustainability” by John Ehrenfeld
  7. 7. Engaging Employees 1% Increase in Employee Retention = $81 million increase in profit at SAP • Ridesharing app = 36k carpools, saved 400k driving miles, 88 tons of CO2, 2,200 networking days, $3.1 million in business value • Molson Coors saw a 10% increase in employee engagement with its “Our Beer Print” program • £35 million saved, plus 56% energy, 52% water, 40% waste reduction
  8. 8. Designing It In New Products or Services • TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoos allow consumers to clean their hair without using water • Evolution in sustainable product design with strong sales profile • New service offering leads to greater insulation sales and recycling
  9. 9. Designing it In New Business Models • Collaborative/Sharing Economy • Circular Economy – fishing nets to carpeting • Product to Service Innovation
  10. 10. Driving Awareness & Engagement Leading by Example • Dell has proven its commitment to reducing waste through constant packaging innovation. • Kendall-Jackson installs largest PV array of its kind in the country, with plans to expand to other locations • Sainsbury’s goes beyond just zero-waste with two new “triple zero” stores: zero emissions, zero waste, and zero water impact
  11. 11. Driving Awareness & Engagement Education and Advocacy • MOM Brands campaign to educate consumers on the benefits of bag packaging over bag-inbox packaging • Chipotle advocates for natural, organic, local foods and hopes to educate consumers through a game app • Care to Recycle campaign to increase consumer awareness of the lack of recycling in the bathroom
  12. 12. Driving Awareness & Engagement Making it Fun, Sexy, or Cool • Fiat markets the 500 for • its style and performance, rather than its efficiency, to make small cars sexy Sony Electronics uses the Practically Green gamification tool to get employees engaged and excited about sustainability • Sunrise Belongs to Moderate Drinkers campaign shows that you can get more out of the night by drinking responsibly
  13. 13. Enabling Change Providing Feedback, Infrastructure, Support, and Incentives • BMW will offer i3 owners a gas-powered loaner car for longer trips, removing a major barrier to adoption of electric vehicles • Real time data to support and encourage healthier activity levels • Sprint leads the industry in phone recycling through internal infrastructure and customer incentives
  14. 14. Multi-stakeholder Collaboration Brand Support of Multi-sector Collaboration to Shift Behavior at Scale • A coalition of industryleading brands sign up to support carbon legislation. Ad runs on jumbo screen in Times Square • How2Recycle labels: Several industry leaders have joined together to improve general consumer recycling behavior • Celebrity musician teams up with Coca-Cola, Beats by Dre, and others to promote products made of recycled plastic
  15. 15. How Can Your Brand Be a Leader? @SustainBrands @KoAnn
  16. 16. Resources Library Archive – To access this presentation ( LinkedIn - Facebook – Twitter - @SustainBrands @KoAnn