Kaiser Permanente: Behind the Thrive Campaign - Susannah Patton and Lisa Ryan


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Experience how Kaiser Permanente values health and sustainability with Susannah Patton and Lisa Ryan. From KP Farmers Markets to green health centers, Kaiser Permanente is tackling the issue from all angles!

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  • During last three years, have made a concerted effort to incorporate sustainability into the Thrive campaign Our approach is to talk about it in terms of health – healthy environments create healthy communities which in turn support healthy individuals
  • So who is Kaiser Permanente and what is going on behind our advertising and PR campaigns? In addition to being a very large health plan, we also host farmers markets, build green hospitals and work to remove harmful chemicals from facilities – we do this because it supports our focus on prevention. All of these efforts are important because they are linked to better health – for our patients, employees and the broader community.
  • It’s not hard to tell this story because we’ve been concerned about our impact on the environment since our founding in the 1950s
  • We invited Rachel Carson to speak in 1963 – another great anecdote that illustrates our commitment to sustainability She spoke about the harmful effects of chemicals on the environment – a topic that we’re still talking about today
  • In the Thrive advertising and PR campaigns, we’re focusing on three main areas – greener hospitals, greener materials and products and healthy, sustainable food
  • Let me share a couple of great media clips in this 3 minute video
  • We are also making our own media We launched this Web site earlier this year as a way to gather fact sheets and stories about our environmental efforts in one place
  • A lot of this work is inspired by real people One of those people is Dr. Preston Maring is a physician at Oakland Medical Center who noticed that a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is key to good health. He decided to start a farmers’ market in front of his hospital in 2003. It was wildly popular there are now more than 30 such markets at Kaiser Permanente facilities around the country
  • In 2003, we began developing outdoor boards and facility displays to promote our on site farmer’s markets and have continued the effort to present.
  • We continue to advocate for locally grown foods in outdoor and facility displays. We’ve even created vehicle wraps in SoCal and Portland to show support for local farmers.
  • We’re starting to extend these messages through partnerships with like-minded companies This book came out in April – showcases recipes inspired by farmers markets
  • Our facilities are another great way that we demonstrate our commitment to healthier environments. Here are actual displays that are placed in our newer facilities to call out our commitment to buy green materials to create healthier environments – in our med centers and on the planet.
  • This is a great hybrid campaign we did last year for the opening of one of our newer facilities in Modesto. It talks to the importance of creating a healthier world and our support of it in the way we’ve built the new center.
  • We’re telling this same story in the media. We could not have written a better headline ourselves for this magazine story that came out in April.
  • Our environmental experts are also spreading the word
  • Last year, we posted these ads in BART trains and bus shelters throughout the cities of SF and LA. They are spoken in the voice of nature – thanking people for their part in improving the quality and sustainability of our environment. We wanted people to stop and think about the role they can and do play to make it happen.
  • A fun spin on sustainability – displayed in downtown SF
  • We are launching this new television ad in the fall. It speaks to the medical breakthroughs that are achievable through advances in health technology. It also acknowledges that lesser dependence on paper medical records means more trees.
  • Finally – a salute to creating healthier communities. Enjoy.
  • Kaiser Permanente: Behind the Thrive Campaign - Susannah Patton and Lisa Ryan

    1. 1. Behind the Thrive Campaign Kaiser Permanente: Health Care and Sustainability Susannah Patton and Lisa Ryan
    2. 2. Health Care and Sustainability – Making the Connection
    3. 3. Who is Kaiser Permanente? Nation’s largest not-for-profit health plan Founded: 1945 Patients: 8.6 million Doctors: 14,600 Employees: 167,000 Medical Centers: 35 Farmers markets: 30 Pounds of mercury purged from hospitals: 1,390
    4. 4. <ul><li>1950s: Henry Kaiser's engineers install $5 million worth of air pollution control equipment at the Kaiser Steel Mill in Fontana, Calif. </li></ul><ul><li>&quot;We're working to be a part of the answer, instead of part of the problem.&quot; </li></ul>Starting Out Green: Henry J. Kaiser
    5. 5. A Long Green History Rachel Carson, author of the 1962 book &quot;Silent Spring,&quot; delivered a keynote address in 1963 to 1,500 Kaiser Permanente physicians and scientists. It was Carson's last public address before she died.
    6. 6. <ul><li>Building greener hospitals </li></ul><ul><li>Buying greener materials and products </li></ul><ul><li>Supporting sustainable agriculture and healthy food </li></ul>How Are We Green?
    7. 7. Telling Our Green Story
    8. 8. Telling Stories Online
    9. 9. Tweeting and Blogging
    10. 10. Through Real People
    11. 11. Supporting It at Our KP Farmers Markets
    12. 12. Promoting Locally Grown Foods
    13. 15. Partnership with EatingWell <ul><li>Dr. Maring forms partnership with EatingWell to publish farmers market cookbook </li></ul><ul><li>Introduction tells story of our support for sustainable agriculture </li></ul>
    14. 16. Building Green Facilities
    15. 17. Calling it Out
    16. 18. Modesto Medical Center: A Green Hospital
    17. 19. Media Tells the Story
    18. 20. Our Experts are Quoted “ We want to eliminate exposure of toxic chemicals among our patients and in our communities.” - Kathy Gerwig, environmental stewardship officer, Kaiser Permanente, 3/26/08
    19. 21. Winning Awards
    20. 22. Inviting a New Way of Thinking
    21. 24. And Making It a Reality…Emerald Cities
    22. 26. Creating Healthier Environments