Nokia: Influencing Consumer Choice Toward Sustainable Consumption - Kirsi Sormunen


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Higher levels of consumption and wealth do not necessarily increase personal well-being, and an increasing amount of consumers are interested in making more sustainable choices. What role does business play in offering consumers better alternatives via innovation, choice editing and choice influencing? Nokia is transitioning into a solutions provider, and mobile technology innovations hold a potential for changing the way we live, from improving livelihoods to embracing more sustainable lifestyles. Listen to Kirsi Sormunen discuss these topics, packaging, energy consumption, and more.

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Nokia: Influencing Consumer Choice Toward Sustainable Consumption - Kirsi Sormunen

  1. 1. Influencing Consumer Choice Toward Sustainable Consumption Kirsi Sormunen VP Sustainability, Nokia Company Confidential
  2. 2. Influencing Consumer Behavior Towards Sustainable Consumption Sustainable Brands 10 June 2010 Kirsi Sormunen, V ice President, Sustainability, Nokia
  3. 3. 9 billion people living well, within the limits of the planet??
  4. 4. Sustainability – a mega-size global challenge Population Energy demand Temperature Water Food Ecosystems
  5. 5. The golden age of consumerism…
  6. 6. Global economic – and purchasing – power is shifting Top 10 economies by GDP in 2050 Source: Goldman Sachs, WBCSD
  7. 7. WBCSD Vision 2050 “9 B people live well within the limits of the planet” • Meeting the development needs of billions of people • Satisfying aspirations of the middle class , ~ 3.6 B people in 2030 • Incorporating the costs of externalities • Doubling agricultural output • Four-to-tenfold improvement in the use of materials and resources • Universal access to low-carbon mobility • Managing ecosystems and biodiversity better • Halving CO2 emissions from 2005 levels Company Confidential 7 7 © 2008 Nokia V1-Filename.ppt / YYYY-MM-DD / Initials
  8. 8. Sustainable consumption Business as a part of the solution
  9. 9. Green issues increasingly important for consumers Source: Eurobarometer 2009
  10. 10. EU consumers pay more for green products • European consumers pay a price premium of 46% on average for Green retail products and 25% for food and drink items in 2010 • Green premium will continue to decrease • European Green retail sales will double in 5 years • Share of total retail sales to double from 2.5 - 5% • European households spend ~EUR369 /year on Green products Source: Keikoo Co/UK, March 2010
  11. 11. Business role in driving sustainable consumption • Innovation • Choice editing • Choice influencing Is this less or just smarter consumption? Source: WBCSD Sustainable Comsumption Facts and Trends
  12. 12. Advocating sustainable consumer choices Case Nokia
  13. 13. Over 4 billion people in the world use a mobile phone 13
  14. 14. Multiple devices in one – less materials and CO2 Company Confidential
  15. 15. Dematerialization Innovation Nokia Talkman Choice editing Nokia Cityman Nokia 2110 Nokia 6110 Nokia 8210 4,8kg 770g 236g 137g 79g 1984 1987 1994 1997 1999
  16. 16. Convergence Innovation Choice editing + MP3, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Compass…
  17. 17. What makes a mobile device “green”? Innovation Choice editing • Use of recyclable materials • Low energy consumption: optimized screen brightness and screen savers • Energy efficient charger • Packaging: compact size, reusable materials, eliminate or minimize use of plastics • Avoiding substances of concern
  18. 18. Smart packaging – saving money and reducing CO2 Choice editing Compact size Chargerless sale
  19. 19. Advocating environmentally conscious choices
  20. 20. Choice influencing
  21. 21. Making sustainable choices easy for consumers Choice influencing Energy labels Choice editing Energy Green Explorer: saving tips Choices & Content Navigation
  22. 22. Choice influencing Eco-tips for consumers Save energy - Turn off Bluetooth, WLAN etc. when not using them Eliminate stand-by energy - Unplug your charger when the battery is full  Use teleconferences instead of travelling to a meeting  Let GPS help you find the shortest driving – or walking - route  Read emails and browse internet with your mobile device –Uses only 3 % of the energy used by a laptop  Take your mobile phone back for recycling to save valuable natural resources! Company Confidential
  23. 23. What about e-waste?
  24. 24. Raising consumer awareness on recycling Choice influencing • Research shows that in order to recycle used mobile devices people need: • Information – only 50 % know about it • Making it easy – >80% would return their phone • Nokia makes an effort to collect used devices • 5,000 recycling points globally • Ongoing web campaign and instructions • Up to 40 local recycling campaigns per year • Incentives for consumers in exchange *) Nokia research 2008
  25. 25. Incentives to consumers for responsible choices Choice influencing
  26. 26. Making sustainability a part of all we do Choice influencing
  27. 27. Thank you!