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Integrating Natural Capital into Green Building and Design


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Ron Strich & Roxane Spears - Tarkett is a worldwide leader of innovative flooring and sports surface solutions. With 13,000 employees and 34 industrial sites, Tarkett sells 1.3 million square meters of flooring every day, for hospitals, schools, housing, hotels, offices, stores and sports fields.The company’s sustainability strategy aims to go beyond the expected metrics defining green building and design by investing in global goods such as natural and human capital and redefining the boundary of responsibility as a leader in its sector. This talk will discuss why and how Tarkett is investing in natural capital, why that matters to its customers and salesforce, and how the company uses carbon credits despite having a no-offsets policy.

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Integrating Natural Capital into Green Building and Design

  1. 1. Integrating Natural Capital into Green Building and Design RON STRICH Tarkett @TarkettGroup Roxane Spears Tarkett @TarkettGroup
  2. 2. What does the launch of a new flooring product have to do with preserving wildlife in the Amazon jungle?
  3. 3. iD Revolution - Salesbook Tarkett is a Global Leader in Innovative Solutions for Flooring and Sports Surfaces !2
  4. 4. iD Revolution - Salesbook - A Global Company !33 Sales in more than 100 countries 34 Industrial sites Net sales €2,8bn ~$3.2B
 13,000 Employees 1,3m m² of flooring sold each day
  5. 5. DOING GOOD. TOGETHER. O U R 2 0 2 0 S T R A T E G Y Developing products based on C2C principles that contribute to People-friendly spaces AND respect the planet’s natural capital. Building a circular economy inclusive of programs and business models that encourage take back, reuse, recycling, and elimination of waste. Inspiring others to join us in Doing Good through education, collaboration, transparency, and communication.
  6. 6. iD Revolution - Salesbook We believe in Designing for Life !5 97% of raw materials assessed and optimized – over 3,000 individual materials 100% of products are Phthalate free 71% of our materials do not contribute to resource scarcity Reduction of greenhouse emissions 9% 100% of products low VOC 45% Products Certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation 7 Recycling Centers Take Back Program Eco Designed for closing the loop Good Materials Resource Stewardship People Friendly Spaces Reuse
  7. 7. Luxury Modular Tile iD Revolution Broadloom Carpet Axminster Gold
  8. 8. A Tarkett product – designed for sustainability from the very beginning !7
  9. 9. C2C Process and Gold Level Certification Social Fairness Respect and protect everyone in the value chain. Material Reutilization 83% recycled or bio- based materials, including bio-plastics, recycled PVB and abundant minerals. Renewable Energy & Carbon Management 50% of electricity derived from renewable sources. Water Stewardship 99% of process water is recycled in a closed loop. Material Health Platinum Level for Material Health GOLDPLATINUM
  10. 10. PVB Automotive & buildings Bio based polymer iD Revolution 100% good materials for healthy product 83% not contributing to resource scarcity 100% recyclable Chalk Abundant resource !9
  11. 11. The world’s first non-PVC and C2C Gold certified resilient floor, made of recycled material and bio polymers !10 iD Revolution is free from : • PVC • Phthalates • Formaldehydes • Substances of very high concern (SVHC) PLA
  12. 12. iD Revolution • 99% of production water is recycled • 50% of production electricity comes from renewable sources • 50% or production electricity comes from offset (Tambopata) • 23% recycled plastics from windshields (PVB) • 17% bio based content, mostly from sugar cane • 49% filler, mostly chalk • 11% other sustainable materials Tarkett Overall • 167,000 tons of recycled material in 2017 • 67% of production water is closed loop • Goal: 100% of production water closed loop by 2020 • Goal: 100% of production electricity from renewable sources by 2020 !11 Reducing Electricity & Water Usage SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION
  13. 13. Tambopata-Bahuaja 
 Biodiversity Reserve and Agroforestry Project
  14. 14. Tambopata-bahuaja reserve and agroforestry project The Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park are internationally recognized biodiversity hotspots in the Peruvian Amazon where dynamic tropical forests provide habitat for an unparalleled community of rare and endangered wildlife. Our work and your support helps to ensure they stay that way. Biological diversity - or biodiversity - is the term given to the variety of life on Earth… It forms the web of life of which we are an integral part and upon which we so fully depend. The Convention on Biological Diversity
  15. 15. iD Revolution - Salesbook !14
  16. 16. Translatable impacts – for every 10,000 carbon credits purchased from Tambopata the following positive impacts & co-benefits are achieved Climate Impact (tCO2) Total Hectares Protected Number of Trees Kept Standing Hectares of HCV Habitat Protected People Supported 10,000 1,362 770,082 1363 2 For all projects KPI’s are set and our ESG criteria. This means we can ensure the investments made are helping in the best possible way. It also means we can measure the positive impacts of the projects across all the different SDGs.
  17. 17. Doing Good. Together.