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How on Earth: The Future is Not for Profit


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Donnie Maclurcan, Executive Director of the Post Growth Institute and co-author of How on Earth: The Future is Not for Profit, will unpack a pleasantly surprising and compelling vision for a world in which purpose and positive impact are at the heart of the global market.

Prepare to have some of your core beliefs about not-for-profit organizations challenged, as Donnie shows how 21st century not-for-profits can be highly efficient, transparent, and self-funded. Learn how such developments build on the changing nature of the market, with growing competitive advantage for businesses that prioritize purpose ahead of profit.

Explore how an economy built on not-for-profit enterprise offers a realistic antidote to both the failures of state socialism and the excesses of corporate capitalism.

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How on Earth: The Future is Not for Profit

  1. 1. What if the future of business is not-for-profit? Donnie Maclurcan Post Growth Institute @donmacca
  2. 2. What are ‘Not-for-Profit’ Businesses? “businesses that prioritize purpose ahead of profits and are without private owners”
  3. 3. Many Kinds of Businesses are ‘Not-for-Profit’ • Most cooperatives and mutuals • Government enterprises and sovereign corporations • Industrial foundations • The ‘new’ nonprofit
  4. 4. Nonprofits are Increasingly Self-funded Fees 53%Government 35% Philanthropy 12% Source: Salamon (2010)
  5. 5. The Business Spectrum
  6. 6. The Extractive vs Generative Spectrum
  7. 7. Products/Services Revenue Operating Expenses Profit Ability to buy more assets Capital gains Wealth Extractive Business
  8. 8. Debt Rises in an Extractive Economy Global debt as a % of GDP Source: BAML, 2015
  9. 9. Products/Services Revenue Operating Expenses Profit Generative Business
  10. 10. The arc of business competitiveness bends toward not-for-profit forms. The evidence is growing… Bold Claim
  11. 11. Not-for-Profit Business Advantages • Reputation (values alignment) • Purpose-driven workforce • Lower costs • Innovation But what about the power of private equity?
  12. 12. • Wealth generation • Social wellbeing • Ecological regeneration A Not-for-Profit Market Economy Creates: Not a panacea or utopia…. It’s a realistic bridge.
  13. 13. What You Can Do For-profits: – Embed purpose in corporate bylaws – Embrace employee ownership – Take your company not-for-profit Nonprofits: – Develop business activities that build on your strengths to support your mission
  14. 14. Donnie Maclurcan Post Growth Institute Forthcoming book (2017)