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Generation Z Infographic


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New research into the views of Generation Z on business and sustainability shows this first post-Millennium generation want businesses to get involved in making the world a better place, and will reward them for doing so. Nearly three quarters of those surveyed (74%) agreed that businesses have a responsibility to create a better world.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Generation Z Infographic

  1. 1. ENERGY AND MINING COMPANIES FOOD & DRINK CONSUMER GOODS TECHNOLOGY RETAILERS AUTOMOTIVE CLOTHING & FASHION FINANCE & BANKING 58% 52% 40% 32% 32% 27% 27% 30% disagree 17% disagree 8% disagree 18% disagree 27% I will go out of my way to buy products and services from businesses that I know are helping to create a better world agree 59% I believe businesses should make ‘doing good’ a central part of their business, and not just by giving to charity agree 77% I believe it is OK for a business to make a profit out of making the world a btteer place agree 62% In choosing a job, I would rank working for a company that helps make the world a better place as important a consideration as salary agree 45% CLIMATE CHANGE LEAST IMPORTANT 16% 16% 12% GENDER EQUALITY CLIMATE CHANGE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY JOURNALIST COMMENTS ON THEIR PACKAGING EMPLOYEE INTERVIEWS 68% 58% 46% journalists MOST TRUSTED INFORMATION SOURCE 68% INTERNATIONAL BODIES 45% INDIVIDUALS WHO’S RESPONSIBLE? WORLD PEACE AN END TO GLOBAL POVERTY EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO WATER AND SANITATION 51% 41% 40% WORLD PEACE MOST IMPORTANT energy & mining FACEBOOK LEAST TRUSTED INFORMATION SOURCE 18% 12% TWITTER FACEBOOK DEBATE WHO CAN WE TRUST? ‘generation z’ GIVES GREEN LIGHT TO BUSINESS z salt research on attitudes to business and sustainability among What 16-20 year olds does a better world mean to you? Which types of business talk the most about sustainability? 37% ONLINE FORUMS Whose responsibility is it to create this better world? When businesses talk about sustainability, what sort of information do you trust most? 85% GOVERNMENTS