Measuring Meaning: The Evolution of Brand Value and What to Do About It


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These slides were presented at the Sustainable Brands London 2013 Conference, to view the associated video or listen to the audio of the presentation please visit

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Measuring Meaning: The Evolution of Brand Value and What to Do About It

  1. 1. MEASURING MEANING: THE EVOLUTION OF BRAND VALUE AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT Denise Turner Havas Media Group November 18th 2013
  2. 2. #ageofdamage
  3. 3. Ευδαιμονία (Eudaimonia)
  4. 4. Globally the disconnection between people and brands persists Most people would not care if 73% of brands disappeared Less than 20% of brands notably improve our quality of life
  5. 5. Relationships are largely broken, with notable differences across markets EUROPE Contribution % of brands improving notably people’s quality of life USA LATAM ASIA (Mex, Br, Arg, Chile, Peru)) (Fr, UK, Ger, It, Sp, Port, Net, Sweden, Russia, Baltics, Turkey) (China, India, Indonesia, Japan) 20% 5% 9% 27% 39% 27% 7% 8% 42% 51% Attachment % of brands people would care about if they disappeared
  6. 6. More Fitter Bigger Smarter Faster Closer Cheaper Now Wiser Tougher
  7. 7. 21st Century Relationships 134,000 Consumers 23 Markets Over 700 Brands 12 Industries Ongoing 5+ years Meaningful Brands is a new metric of brand strength It is the first global framework to connect human well-being with brands It measures the quality of benefits brands bring to people’s lives
  8. 8. Meaningful Brands Outperform The Market By 120% HM MEANINGFUL BRANDS Index’13 x 120% STOXX 1800 MB Index considers top 25 meaningful global brands (from companies operating in the stock market) MB Index considers top 25 meaningful global brands (from companies operating in the stock market)
  9. 9. And meaningfulness pays in marketing terms UK mb 2013 Retail Public Transport ITC Brand Indicators Highest MBI ’13 Lowest MBI ’13 Highest MBI ’13 Lowest MBI ’13 Highest MBI ’13 Lowest MBI ’13 Familiarity 93% 64% 97% 56% 67% 46% Overall Impression 85% 55% 79% 46% 74% 46% Purchase intent 91% 18% 37% 8% 40% 30% Repeat Purchase Intent 95% 90% 88% 73% 92% 84% Advocacy 81% 45% 76% 39% 62% 39% Quality of Life Contribution 45% 20% 71% 25% 32% 16% Attachment 70% 35% 70% 23% 52% 25%
  10. 10. Tomorrow Our Belief And Pathway To Growing Brand Value Meaningful Today Aspirational Functional Cost-advantage Differentiation Make a difference
  11. 11. The big point of difference is a unique index that measures a range of benefits
  12. 12. Truly meaningful brands do well in all three areas Placed fairly in the market Listens & cares Good Quality Fair Price Innovative Products Category leader Makes a difference to my life Emotional (happier, express identity) Organisational (make life easier) Financial (savings) Intellectual (ideas,/skills, smart) Physical (health, fitter) Social (connecting) Natural (reuse, recycle) Makes a difference to society Gov & Ethics (ethical, transparent, sustainability leader) Environment (enabler) Economy (local economy / jobs) Community (socially committed) Workplace (employees)
  13. 13. Brands that enhance the wellbeing of people, communities and societies are more meaningful MEANINGFUL BRANDS Global 2013
  14. 14. Enabling better everyday lives by focusing on wellbeing areas that matter most + PERSONAL Wellbeing + COLLECTIVE Wellbeing IT / Consumer Electronics Media Retail Food & Beverage Automotive Public Transport Finance & Insurance Oil & Energy
  15. 15. connecting with people on a personal level Marketplace outputs Innovative products Fair prices Category leader Range Useful products Personal wellbeing Financial Savings Intellectual Learning, Smarter Emotional Enjoyable moments Organizational Life easier Collective wellbeing Environment Recycling, Enabler, Sustainable Sourcing, Environmentally Committed Gov. & Ethics Transparent, Ethical
  16. 16. Realising personal wellbeing is essential Collective wellbeing is important to be a top performer
  17. 17. Finding a way to connect brands with people on a collective as well as a personal level has been proven to be successful
  18. 18. Thank you!