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The College of Law -- LL.M LPC Talk 2012


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Talk from The College of Law on Thursday 25 October 2012 about their new LL.M LPC course.

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The College of Law -- LL.M LPC Talk 2012

  1. 1. Want to be a top lawyer?Start thinking like one.Legal Practice Course (LL.M LPC)
  2. 2. How do you become a solicitor?
  3. 3. New Masters level LL.M LPC• An internationally recognised masters qualification• Exclusive to The College of Law• Endorsed by leading law firms• A unique opportunity to specialise• At no extra cost
  4. 4. What is the College LL.M LPC?• A Masters level qualification with the scope to specialise in international or national legal practice• Choice of 18 electives - 8 new international electives• Unique Business of Law framework• A practice focused dissertation• Flexible study options including our Supported Online Learning programme (i.LL.M LPC)
  5. 5. What will the course cover?Core practice areas Business Property Law Law and Litigation and Legal Skills Practice PracticeAdditional areasProfessional conduct, solicitors accounts,taxation, wills and administration of estates
  6. 6. More elective choices than any other law school Advanced Advanced Commercial Employment Housing Family Law Criminal Property Dispute Law Law Practice Law ResolutionImmigration International International International Personal Insurance Law Law Public Arbitration Capital Injury and Companies Markets Clinical NegligenceInternational International International International International PrivateCommercial Competition Intellectual Joint Mergers & Client Law Law Property Ventures Acquisitions Law
  7. 7. How will you learn on the LL.M LPC?• Small workshop groups• Online resources and i- tutorials• Mock examinations with feedback• Pro bono to bring your learning alive• On-going tutor support
  8. 8. How can you study the LL.M LPC?• Flexible study options • Full-time • Part-time • i-LL.M LPC (Supported online learning) programme)
  9. 9. Where can you studythe LL.M LPC?1: Birmingham2: Bristol3: Chester4: Guildford5: London Bloomsbury6: London Moorgate7: Manchester8: York
  10. 10. Why choose the College of Law? Reputation Teaching Our connections• Our roots stretch • Taught only by • Work with 92 of back 100 years qualified lawyers the top 100 firms• The largest law • Practice based • Exclusive school in the world from the start arrangements with• 8 centres - all with 4 out of 5 top • All tutors have an global firms first class facilities open door policy • Total of 850 law• We have trained • Mock exams and firms and more lawyers than detailed feedback chambers any other law school • All exams are • Unrivalled national open book Employability Service
  11. 11. What are your career prospects?83% of our students secured training contracts orother legal work (2011)Dedicated Employability Service - One to one advice - Skills workshops - Online student employability programme (StEP)• JobSearch- exclusive online legal database• Mentoring scheme• External speakers
  12. 12. How will we help you to improve youremployability?• Use our Employability Service and online resources• Get involved in our award winning pro bono programme: • Legal advice clinics • Shadowing • Public legal education • Tribunal representation • Many other external organisations
  13. 13. What can I do now to get ahead? –Join our Future Lawyers Network• Makes the world of law more accessible• Regular legal news & updates• Unique online community- connect with trainees, practitioners and law students• Online Student Employability Programme (StEP)
  14. 14. Life at our centres….
  15. 15. Why our students recommend theCollege of Law
  16. 16. How do I apply?Full-time courses apply online courses apply through theCollege at
  17. 17. Come and chat with us • Open Days • Insight day • Centre visit • Careers and law fairs • Webinars
  18. 18. Other ways you can keep in touch… Join us on: Follow us on: See more videos at:
  19. 19. Questions?