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SEO London 2011


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Presentation given at University of Sussex, October 2010

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SEO London 2011

  1. 1. SEO London ‘One application, infinite opportunities…’
  2. 2. What is SEO London?  Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London is an alumni driven not-for-profit organisation  SEO provides students from under-represented ethnic minority backgrounds the opportunity to gain internships at ALL of the top investment banks, management consultancies, professional service and corporate law firms in London More than 320 summer internships with 26 of the City‟s leading financial service firms in 2010 (plus 150 mini internships for first year students) More than 400 summer/longer internships available in 2011 with 30+ City firms (plus 170+ mini internships for first year students) SEO was originally founded in 1963 as one of New York City‟s first mentoring programmes for BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) high school students, London programme founded in 2000 by alumni of US programme Since 2000, 80% of 1300+ alumni of the SEO London programme have gone on to secure full-time graduate positions with partner firms at the end of their
  3. 3. SEO London programmes There are currently five different programmes supporting university students:  Investment Banking  Technology  Professional Services  Corporate Law  First Year Fast Track
  4. 4. SEO London partner firms
  5. 5. We help you go from …
  6. 6. …to…
  7. 7. Why SEO London?
  8. 8. What do YOU get from SEO London?  Access All Areas, All Firms – one application to SEO can provide you with access to 30+ partner firm internship schemes and 16 different internship divisions.  Application Support – SEO will help improve your CV and provide coaching before interviews.  Comprehensive Training – receive up to 100 hours of tailored technical and soft skills training before your internship starts.  Mentoring From Industry Experts – access to multiple industry mentors who will guide you through your summer internship experience.  Network with CEOs – meet leaders from every firm and division in the industry through both SEO‟s exclusive Seminar Series and extensive alumni network.  Highly paid internship – or vacation placement with one or more of the world‟s leading City firms.  Fast Track To Graduate – be the first to be considered for graduate interviews at all of our partner firms at the end of your internship.  Lifetime Access – to SEO‟s alumni support network at your firm and globally (more than 6,500 members worldwide).
  9. 9. Investment Banking
  10. 10. Which division is best for YOU? External facing  Investment Banking Division (IBD)  Capital Market Origination  Sales  Trading  Research  Structuring  Asset Management  Private Wealth Management 200+ internships available across these areas!!! Internal facing  Technology  Risk Management  Finance  Operations  Audit  Compliance  Services
  11. 11. A career in an industry with many benefits…  Fast-paced, dynamic work environment  Work with the brightest and best  World class training and development  Responsibility from day one  Global reach  Career mobility (internally and externally)  Creative work  Client exposure  Access to resources for social change
  12. 12. …including compensation! Source: HESA stats, efinancial careers, SEO data 2010 average graduate staring salaries 0 50,000 £48,000 £23,220 £19,677 All FTSE 100 companies I-banks Intern summer salary – any guesses?
  13. 13. www.seo-london.comSource: HESA stats, efinancial careers, SEO data Compensation after 5yrs Average salaries after 5yrs 0 150,000 £142,000 £39,850 £25,620 All FTSE 100 companies I-banks 2.5 times pay gap as graduates widens to 5.5 times after 5 yrs!
  14. 14. Technology
  15. 15.  In 2011 SEO will provide up to 50 internships / industrial placements at top tier banks and consultancy firms with leading technology platforms  Students can either apply for a summer internship or a six month / one year sandwich placement/graduate placement  Technology consulting opportunities also available with Accenture SEO London Technology Programme
  16. 16. Is Technology for YOU?  Do you genuinely have an interest and passion for technology?  Do you keep yourself abreast with everyday technological advances?  Why banking technology?  Which areas within technology are YOU most suited for?  Programmer / Developer  Infrastructure  Consulting  Business Analyst  Are you proficient in one or more programming languages?  Does your CV and application show your enthusiasm for technology?
  17. 17. Professional Services
  18. 18. Professional services programme  Over 100 places available in 2011  6-8 week summer internships at all of the Big 4 professional services firms as well as summer/industrial/graduate placements with Accenture  SEO offer summer internships in the following divisions  Audit/Assurance  Tax  Consulting  Advisory  Most placements will be London based but there will be provision to work in other UK cities as well if you wish (including Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Reading, etc.)  In 2010, 96% of the SEO professional service class received full time offers at the end of their internships
  19. 19. Corporate Law
  20. 20. SEO corporate law vacation scheme  SEO law interns will be placed on one / multiple summer vacation schemes with our 15+ partner firms  Magic Circle / Top 20 UK / Top 10 US firms  Summer internships with i-bank law and compliance teams  Vacation placement duration (two / three / four weeks) will vary by partner firm  SEO law interns will also have access to all partner firms through exclusive open days and SEO hosted training contract networking receptions
  21. 21. SEO First Year Fast Track
  22. 22. Investment banking „fast track‟ for first years  More than 150 students will be invited to attend exclusive training from and networking with SEO alumni and partner i-bank representatives  Learn about all of the different i-bank businesses and products from managing directors to better understand how banks make money and where you might be best suited  Network with analysts, associates, vice presidents, directors and recruiters  Participate in interactive trading games, case studies and panel discussions with senior bankers  Get the inside track on what banks are looking for in both internship and full time applications through CV workshops and interview skills sessions with heads of graduate recruitment  Be fast tracked for spring 2011 and summer 2012 internships with SEO partner investment banks  This year‟s event will also include sessions on Corporate Law and Professional Services  The event will be held on 13th-14th December 2010 at Nomura and Goldman Sachs
  23. 23. Eligibility Criteria
  24. 24. PROGRAMME ELIGIBILITY ASSESSMENT STAGES INVESTMENT BANKING  On track for 2.1  300 UCAS points  Penultimate year or final yr if planning to do a Masters  Operations and Finance year long placements available  Any degree background  Application form  Numerical Test  Phone Interview DEADLINE – 14TH NOV TECHNOLOGY  On track for 2.1  240 UCAS points (340 points for Consulting)  Penultimate year or final yr if planning to do a Masters  Summer or one year long placements available  C++/JAVA/C# beneficial  Any degree background  Application form  Numerical & Programming Aptitude Test  Phone Interview DEADLINE – 14TH NOV PROFESSIONAL SERVICES  On track for 2.1  300 UCAS points (Audit/Tax) 320 UCAS points (Consulting/Corporate Finance)  Penultimate year or final yr if planning to do a Masters  Some consulting opportunities for first and final year students available  Any degree background  Application form  Numerical & Verbal Reasoning Test  Phone Interview DEADLINE – 31ST OCT Are you eligible – Banking/Tech/PS?
  25. 25. PROGRAMME ELIGIBILITY ASSESSMENT STAGES COPORATE LAW  On track for 2.1  300 UCAS points  2nd year of a Law degree or final year of a non Law degree (Should be completing LPC in 2012 or 2013)  Any degree background  Application form  Verbal Reasoning Test  Phone Interview  Written exercise DEADLINE – 14TH NOV FIRST YEAR FAST TRACK On track for 2.1  300 UCAS points  First year (or second year of a 4 year degree)  Should be graduating in 2013  Screened on application form alone  NO INTERVIEWS OR TESTS DEADLINE – 7TH NOV Apply online now at Are you eligible – Corp Law/FYFT?
  26. 26. Applications
  27. 27. What makes YOU a strong SEO intern?  Preparation!  Academic excellence  Excellent quantitative, analytic and creative skills  Leadership in extra curricular activities and a demonstrated commitment to community service  Very good attention to detail  Strong interpersonal and networking skills  Career commitment  Commercial awareness  Strong academic reference
  28. 28. Commercial Awareness  Genuine, demonstrable interest in how the city works  All you need to know about the City 2009/10: Chris Stoakes  All you need to know about being a Trainee Solicitor: Elizabeth Cruickshank & Penny Cooper  Be aware of latest business, economic and government developments and have an opinion  FT / The Economist • FT (First Page / Lex column / Companies & Markets headlines - last 4 pages in particular / M&A news) • The Economist – great for helping you form your own views  Times/Guardian/Telegraph business sections • Read business news and market stories to understand facts and issues • Develop an opinion by reading comments/analysis sections  Bloomberg / Reuters (especially for i-banking candidates)
  29. 29. Why should SEO choose YOU?  Do I like you? Do you have a personality, opinions?  Do you show an interest in the business world and current affairs?  Do you pay careful attention to detail? Can I trust you with clients and big deals someday?  Are you prepared? Can you explain why you are (a) interested in working in a particular business and (b) why you think you will be successful in that business?  Are you bright? Do you have sound analytic and quantitative skills? Do you demonstrate good decision making skills?  Are you creative? Are you adaptable?  Are you someone who is action orientated? Do you have drive? Are you willing to go that extra yard?  Are you a team player? Can you listen and can you persuade? Will you network?  Will you give back? To help prepare yourself please visit
  30. 30. Curriculum Vitae (CV)  Prepare before you put your CV together:  Do your research / target your CV  Check CVs of friends/family who have done internships  Be yourself and pitch yourself appropriately – be consistent with your cover- letter  Follow instructions provided by SEO or by banks (ESPECIALLY with online applications)  Keep it to one page (!!!) and have a simple structure (no paragraphs please!)  Use consistent tense  Look it over with a “fresh pair of eyes”. Have someone else proofread and give feedback/check errors  Keep a copy (so you know WHY you applied and WHAT you wrote)  Use spell check!!!
  31. 31. Preparing your cover letter  Think of it as a way to frame and position your CV to be attractive to SEO or a specific firm.  You should not have a summary or objectives on the top of a CV for investment banking, so use the cover-letter as a guide to the most important features of your CV.  Each cover letter should be different, so always keep a copy and check over who you wrote it to!  Be specific and concrete – your cover letter is your opportunity to paint a very visual picture of who you are, what motivates you, what your successes are, etc. Let us see you in action!  Make sure that cover letter has a structure as you would any essay  Paragraph one: Why you are interested in the industry  Paragraph two: Why you are interested in the division to which you are applying  Paragraph three: Why would you be great candidate for the SEO programme
  32. 32.  FORMATTING ERRORS:  Multiple page CVs  Dynamic summaries or objectives on the top of your CV  Fancy fonts (Arial/Times New Roman ok.)  Anything swirly or multi-coloured not ok!)  CONTENT ERRORS:  Poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors  Inaccurate or untrue information  Forgetting to change the company name on a previously used cover letter!  Incorrect dates on your CV (there is a background check, so make sure it‟s right!)  Misspelling contact person‟s name  Inconsistent tenses  Negative comments about past work experience/colleagues  Procrastination – if you leave CVs and cover-letters to the last minute, you WILL make mistakes!  Silly/inappropriate e-mail address (i.e  Wrong or outdated phone number  Writing in TEXT speak, U NO WAT I MEAN?  If you do not receive a favourable response, do not send a rude e-mail or leave a rude phone message. Recruiters have good memories!! CV & cover letter bin-proofing
  33. 33. What next?  Make an (online) application asap – all admissions are on a rolling basis!  Please visit the website for more details  SEO interviews will be held in December 2010 and January 2011 for summer programmes  Start your preparation  Ensure you are commercially aware  Practice numerical and verbal reasoning tests  Practice interview questions
  34. 34. Join the SEO Family For more information, including access to the online application, please visit We look forward to hearing from you!