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Interview Techniques with Three


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Introduction to interview techniques from Three. Also, introduces Three's Reimagined Learning Programme for students. October 2016

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Interview Techniques with Three

  1. 1. Interview Techniques with Three
  2. 2. 1 Today’s workshop Three • Who are they? Interview Skills • An opportunity to practice your interview technique Reimagined Learning • What is Reimagined Learning? • What do I get out of it? • How do I apply?
  3. 3. Interview Techniques with Three
  4. 4. We all know that a job interview can be a nerve wrecking experience! You will encounter many interviews throughout your working life, and potentially for entrance to further education, so it's important that you develop skills and techniques that enable you to come across well and verbalise your thoughts. Let’s imagine you have an interview for Three next week… ARE YOU PREPARED? Here are some helpful hints…
  5. 5. Read up on the company. Before Your Interview… Plan your route to venue. Practise answers to questions you are likely to be asked. Pick your outfit! Interviewers will often ask you towards the end of your interview ‘Do you have any questions?’ Prepare some!
  6. 6. On the day… Take your CV with you, even if you already have a copy Be punctual - be early and you can always wait in a nearby café if you are really early Smile when you meet your interviewer Wait to be offered a chair before sitting down Avoid feeling like you have to talk constantly, when it's appropriate - listen Remember to evidence your soft skills or strengths Focus on positive achievements and views Try to use experiences that are most relevant to the job Try to engage in conversation. Avoid answering questions with yes or no - try to elaborate Be honest
  7. 7. Here are some key interview points to remember… Body Language Voice Content Posture and stance Volume Positive tone Eye contact Intonation To the point Hand movements Articulation Humour &Personality Habitual gestures Verbal fillers Persuasive Smile! Breathe! Clarity Facial expressions Giggles Clear finish
  8. 8. Three Practice Tasks: 1. The Interview Roundabout: In groups of three, practice interviewing each other. One person takes the role of Interviewer, one Interviewee, one person to observe and critique. Then rotate. Use the ‘Typical Questions’ hand out to help you out. 2. Public Interviews: Who feels brave enough to be interviewed by a Three / MKF rep – answer three questions only! 3. Sell the Pen: An interview is about showing your personality – if you can sell the pen, you can sell yourself to a potential employer!
  9. 9. Our Be Three skills. Reimagined Learning Programme
  10. 10. Welcome to Three
  11. 11. Three in a map.
  12. 12. Reimagined Learning. What? 3-day training programme* • Working with Three employees • Creating & delivering a business project • Presenting to Three senior leaders *travel/transport costs paid for by Three Why? Unique opportunity to develop skills and experience • Gain real insight into the telecoms industry/careers • Stand out from the crowd • It’s fun and you love a challenge
  13. 13. Reimagined Learning. Reimagined Learning groups available: Apply online before 1 November 2016:
  15. 15. Thank you for your time