Looking for Internships and Vacation Placements


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Presentation by Helen Gorman, Careers Adviser at the University of Sussex, January 2012

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Looking for Internships and Vacation Placements

  1. 1. Looking for Internships and Vacation Placements
  2. 2. What will we cover?• What is it?• Why do it?• The schemes• Do it yourself• Making contact• How can we help?
  3. 3. What is an Internship?• An Internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees called “Interns”, to work at a company for a fixed, limited period of time• Most internships can last anything from a week to 12 months• Can be full or part time• Interns are usually students or graduates who have not yet found employment
  4. 4. Why should you do it?• Is it the right career choice?• Establishing contacts• Relevant work experience on your CV• Gain up to date work reference• Get a realistic view of what is involved• Developing skills• Apply skills and knowledge• Get a job!
  5. 5. The Employers View„ Internships are a fantastic way for individuals to gain an understanding of how an organisation works and get experience within a sector” Youth Charity“Today‟s interns are tomorrow‟s arts sector workforce…we recognise that internships are a valuable learning and development opportunity for those aspiring to a career in the arts sector” Director, Tate
  6. 6. Should I be paid?YES!National Minimum WageHealth & Safety
  7. 7. The schemes- Different sectors, different schemes- Large corporations‟ structured internships- Deadlines often Jan/ March time- Often for penultimate year students, some for 1st years- Some sectors may not offer structured schemes
  8. 8. How to find opportunitiesGeneral websites include:- www.topinternships.com – dedicated site- www.prospects.ac.uk/workexperience- www.inspiringinterns.com/ - agency based in London- www.targetjobs.co.uk – searchable database of summer internships- www.ratemyplacement.co.uk- searchable databaseOur jobs database: www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/jobs/search (search under vacation)Search sector specific sites: www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/careerchoices/researchingcareers
  9. 9. Other examples of resources outthere!http://www.gradcracker.com/ - Engineering websitehttp://www.step.org.uk/step_classic.aspx - Paid project based summer work experience science & engineeringhttp://www.w4mp.org/ - internships in politicshttp://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unyin/internships.htm - Internships at the UNwww.lawcareers.net- legal vacation schemeswww.bbc.co.uk/jobs - continuous rolling programme of work experience placementshttp://uk.oneworld.net/section/partners- excellent resource for searching 1500 global organisations (development)
  10. 10. Arranging your own Internship- Set your aims- Research- Think about what you could offer- Check out the NCWE guidelines www.work-experience.org- Look at definitions www.prospects.ac.uk/workexperience
  11. 11. Creative Approaches - findingcontacts• Social contacts• Academics• Previous work experience• Newspapers• www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/research _employers• Names in journals, magazines, reports, the press.• The phone book and Yellow Pages (www.yell.com )• Specialist directories and lists of companies• LinkedIn – growing in importance
  12. 12. A selection of resourcesResearch the career area first:www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/careerchoices/researchingcareerswww.prospects.ac.uk - look at explore types of jobs/career sectorsGeneral links:www.prospects.ac.uk/workexperience - fantastic sitewww.work-experience.org – National Council for Work Experiencehttp://graduatetalentpool.direct.gov.uk- Graduate Talent PoolVolunteering:www.sussexstudent.com/volunteering - Project Vwww.sussex.ac.uk/careers/gettingexperience/volunteering/findingopportunities - lots of useful links to UK and overseas volunteering opportunities
  13. 13. Careers and Employability Support• Careers and Employability Centre information centre• See a careers adviser• Review your application• Attend an event - employer presentations/recruitment fairs• Use the research section of our website www.sussex.ac.uk/careers