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International Students work in the uk after your studies april2014


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International Students work in the uk after your studies april2014

  1. 1. International student briefing - working in the UK First steps…use the CEC web site and 1. Check the full range of appropriate vacancy media including – web, print, events, agencies 2. Look at job level, salary, location, person spec 3. Narrow your search and compile list of target vacancy sources to check regularly and register for email alerts
  2. 2. International student briefing - vacancy sources • Employer directories • Websites • Recruitment agencies • Careers events • Professional bodies • Speculative job search
  3. 3. International student briefing - how to apply for jobs Do some research to find out…. • When and where vacancies are advertised • How to apply – CV, Application form, Linked in • Interview format and etiquette
  4. 4. International student briefing - making speculative applications Four steps 1. Identify potential employers 2. Phone or research on line to find a key contact to apply to 3. Send a tailored CV targeted to that company 4. Follow up with a phone call or email after 1-2 weeks
  5. 5. International student briefing - top tips 1. Research the roles and the employers carefully 2. Tailor your application to the role, and.. 3. Get advice on your application 4. Show your enthusiasm and demonstrate your motivation 5. Join a professional body to network, learn about the sector and show your commitment (BPS, Law Society, ACCA) 6. Have a back up plan!
  6. 6. So, how can you get to see us? • Careers Advisers available daily (10-5pm). • Briefings – Finding part time work, CVs, interviews etc • Come along to our events – all listed on our events page • •