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Finding first steps in development, charities, notforprofit


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Finding first steps in development, charities, notforprofit

  1. 1. Careers & Employability Centre Finding First Steps in Development, Charities, Not-for-Profit
  2. 2. • get relevant experience • find vacancies • build your professional network and present yourself effectively • identify appropriate next steps for you In this session you will find out how to:
  3. 3. Where are you now • What have you discovered so far in your career exploration? • What did you learn at the Make it Happen event? • In pairs/ groups…….
  4. 4. Key points • You may not have a definite idea about what comes next & that’s OK. Many of the speakers gained clarity as they built experience! • Development, NGO & Charity career paths will evolve & are generally non-linear. • Make the most of any experience you can get. • Volunteering is a great way to build experience & do as much as you can now! • Build & use your networks • Stay positive and be patient!
  5. 5. 1. Be sure it’s what you want. 2. Be sure it wants you. 3. Does it fit with your aspirations? 4. Know how you want contribute. 5. Build the right skills, qualifications & interests. 6. Be prepared to work for nothing. 7. Build your CV. 8. Don’t give up. 9. Have a plan (but be prepared to change it!) 10.When you get the break…make an impact! David Bull Executive Director UNICEF UK
  6. 6. What next? What could your next steps be?
  7. 7. What next? • Reflect on your skills • Research the sector & your options • Network • Build your experience • Search for vacancies • Write a CV
  8. 8. Reflect on your skills, interests, motivations We have tools on our website & hand outs in the centre to help with this process! ‘Profiling for success’ career interests tool could help!
  9. 9. Research the sector and your options
  10. 10. Build your network Build your network
  11. 11. Build your network Making new contacts • Sussex Alumni Careers Network • contact details from the vacancy advert. • names in journals, magazines, reports, the press, twitter. • specialist directories. • prepare your elevator pitch!
  12. 12. Build your experience - Volunteer (e.g. Project V) - Get involved while you are at Sussex (campaigning, societies, local action groups) - Develop useful skills - Information interviewing, work shadowing, work experience, internships - Paid work- entry level positions - Graduate roles (e.g. Charity Works – graduate scheme)
  13. 13. Current interesting opportunities on - Recycling Project Internship , Roses are Rubbish - Education Internship, UNICEF China - Professional Placement (Citizenship), Nationwide - Professional Placement (Education Assistant), Countryside Education Trust - Blog Contributor - Development in Action - Programme Associate - One Acre Fund - 12 Week Graduate Internship - SKIP Find sector specific vacancies on sector guides
  14. 14. Write a CV
  15. 15. Taking action How are you going to move forward now? • Make an action plan • What are your goals • Add some dates How will you know you have made progress?
  16. 16. Careers & Employability Centre Support • Workshops – daily events, weekly programme • Short interview with a careers adviser: Mon – Fri from 10 am ‘til 5pm and Wed ‘til 7pm • Vacancies – part time, work experience, internships, graduate jobs