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CV Writing for Postgraduate Researchers

Careers adviser presentation on CVs for PhD students, November 2016

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CV Writing for Postgraduate Researchers

  1. 1. Welcome to CV writing for Postgraduate Researchers
  2. 2. We will cover… • What is a CV? • Who is it for? • What should be in it? • How are academic CVs different? • Some examples • How we can help
  3. 3. What is a CV?
  4. 4. What is the purpose of a CV? • For applicants….. • Record of qualifications, skills and experiences • Demonstrates both suitability and potential for the job/ sector • To get an interview • For employers… • To initially weed out unsuitable candidates • To select suitable applicants
  5. 5. The matching process -
  6. 6. Who is going to read your CV? Understand what the employer is looking for What is different about being a postgraduate? Employers want work related skills- communication, teamwork, organisation, problem solving, specialist skills
  7. 7. Different types of CVs • Chronological/traditional • Skills based/targeted/functional • Academic • Different – to attract attention • Online
  8. 8. Presenting your research
  9. 9. What do you include in your CV? •Personal Information •Profile •Education •Work Experience – paid and unpaid •Interests – what else do you do? •Additional skills – languages, IT literacy •Referees
  10. 10. Academic CVs The Selection Panel looks for detailed evidence of: •Research •Teaching •Administrative experience •Public engagement •Plus what added value you can bring to the field, institution, department or subject group
  11. 11. Writing Style/ Layout • Detail • Active Language • Accurate grammar and spelling • Clarity • Logically ordered, easy to read and not cramped • Bullet points, underlining, bold
  12. 12. Covering Letters Accompany your CV and should: • Make an impact, • Highlight your suitability and motivation for the job • Encourage the employer to want to read the rest of your application Usually 1 side of A4 for most employers, academic roles can be longer, ideally key 4 points: • Why writing • Why you • Why them • What next
  13. 13. The Careers & Employability Centre Ground Floor / The Library • Come along to events – • • Careers Advisers appointments daily Call on 01273 678429 •