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CV & Applications


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Careers Adviser presentation, October 2015

Published in: Career
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CV & Applications

  1. 1. Welcome to CV & Applications
  2. 2. Session Aims • Function of the CV and Application process • Selecting relevant content for the recruiter •Connecting your experience & recruiter requirements •UK style of CV and Applications
  3. 3. •Understands what the employer is looking for! •Clearly demonstrates your potential for the job/course •Promotes yourself •Tells your story •Designed to get you to interview! What’s the purpose of application?
  4. 4. - Recruiters want to read about the skills / qualities you have that are relevant to them and their selection criteria. - This is a ‘matching process’! i.e. Mirror the job description or recruitment expectations. - A CV is a marketing exercise - You are promoting your skills, in general or to a targeted audience. Look in detail at company web pages / recruitment packs. The matching process
  5. 5. Offer Academic Personal Work Portfolio Evidence Portfolio Evidence --------------  Lifetime Recruiter Expectation Self Analysis / You The Recruiter
  6. 6. Different Styles of CV •Chronological/traditional •Skills based / targeted / functional •Academic •Different – to attract attention
  7. 7. Chronological CV
  8. 8. Skills Based CV
  9. 9. •Contact Information •Short Personal Profile: 2/3 lines •Where I am •What I want •What I offer •Education •Work Experience – Relevant & Other •Role specific skills •Interests – what else do you do? •Referees What to include in your CV?
  10. 10. Evidencing your experience in CVs & Applications  Make connections between what you have done and what the role expects / requires  Focus on your role in the examples & evidence you give  End on your achievements  Make sure you answer the question  Use STAR…….
  11. 11. STAR Process
  12. 12. Writing Style/ Layout in Applications & CVs • Detail is convincing • Use Active Language • Accurate grammar and spelling • Clarity, carefully and clearly laid out • Format/ presentation- logically ordered, easy to read and not cramped
  13. 13. Careers & Employability Centre • Short interview with a Careers Adviser - discuss your career plans 11-5 Mon- Fri plus (Book on the day) • Briefing sessions- Applications forms, CVs, Skills, Finding Work • Events- we have a comprehensive events programme • CV and Application Feedback