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C Vs and Applications - a presentation by deltatre


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A presentation by deltatre, a sport media services company, at the University of Sussex Careers and Employability Centre, 12 June 2012

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C Vs and Applications - a presentation by deltatre

  1. 1. CVs & Applications 12th June 2012, University of Sussex
  2. 2. A bit aboutWe are a sport media services company that provides operational, technology and consulting services for broadcast, web, results, graphics and sports business processes.We work with leading sports federations and television broadcasters.
  3. 3. Founded in 1998 in Turin, Italy and has over 350 employeesdeltatre media was established in 2002 and has over 50employees based in Wimbledon, London.We also have offices based in Manchester, Paris, New York andSwitzerland.Major Clients and events include:UEFA, FIFA, IRB, IAAF, BBC, Channel4, ITV, BSKYB andLOCOG
  4. 4. CV writing: What we look for…How closely does the CV match the Job Description? Generic CVs are not very impressive, tailor the skill set you are putting emphasis on according to the skills outlined in the job description. It should be easy to identify the skills needed for the role.Does the CV demonstrate both “Soft” and “Hard” Skills? What skills are you making us aware of? Is there a balance of skills? For technical roles we NEED to see evidence of soft skills. What examples of these skills can you identify?
  5. 5. CV writing: What we look for…What experience does the candidate have that is RELEVANTto the role? Prioritise the most important information, relevant experience should be clearly outlined and accessible for employers. Other experience is important but secondary to the relevant skillsAttention to detail, have you triple checked yourgrammar/spelling/syntax. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar are an instant turn off. If English is not your first language ensure that this is thoroughly checked. We would be put off a potential candidate if any obvious mistakes were made.
  6. 6. CV writing: What we look for…How does it look? Your CV should be accessible. The most important information should be displayed clearly and easily read. Layout and structure is important, a well presented CV will automatically be more attractive than a crowded or poorly structured one.Have you ensured that it is not too long? The best CVs include all relevant information in two A4 pages. At graduate level there is no need for this to be longer. Include only relevant experience, bullet point your achievements and remove extra words
  7. 7. CV writing: Key things to Remember Your CV is the employers first impression of you, make it reflect how you want to be perceived. Highlight skills in the experiences you have had; being in a sports team is often a valid and impressive demonstration of skills BUT outline this. Make it VERY easy for employers to see why they should hire you, hand the information to them on a plate. Due to high numbers of applicants often employers do not have a lot of time to spend on each CV, make yours special and stand out
  8. 8. Examples of CVsWe will now show you some good and badexamples of CVs that we have received for our graduate scheme.
  9. 9. Application Forms: Things to rememberQuestions are designed to allow the candidate to showcaserelevant experience.Application forms are a great opportunity to demonstrate how yourexperience is related to the role.Take your time over it, it is very easy to tell if an application hasbeen rushed. Impressive applicants have thought through theiranswers.A good demonstration of skills may not come from where youexpect it to, think outside the boxStructure your response
  10. 10. Application FormsCompetency based questions Most application forms (and interviews) are based around competencies. These are often related to the whole culture of the business as well as a specific role Companies who use competency based questions will be looking to see these demonstrated clearly in the answer. Use the buzz word and deliver the information in an easy way. Make it easy for them to see your skills Reflect the company’s culture and competencies throughout your responses (it is easy to find information on this on most large company websites) Keep returning to the competencies provided and the question asked Often competency questions require an example. Can you think of examples that related to the following competencies?
  11. 11. Application Forms: Example CompetenciesAbility to multitaskProactivePassionateProblem SolverPrioritization (Working to deadlines)Attention to detailFlexibilityAdaptabilityTeam Player
  12. 12. Application Forms: Example QuestionsWhy do you think you would be an ideal candidate for our graduate placement?Please describe a time when you have built up a good working/team relationship withsomeone who worked very differently from you. How did you do this and was itsuccessful?How can you add value to this role and the company?Give an example when you have encountered a problem in a work context and howyou overcame it.Please outline an example of when you demonstrated leadership skills.
  13. 13. Opportunities with deltatreGraduate Scheme We are looking for a graduate wishing to pursue a career within the sports media industry We can offer a challenging and rewarding environment to work in Successful candidates will be involved in projects across all departments throughout the 2 year placement. Departments are outlined below and will include experience in the following areas: Web – Website development; testing; creative design; live updates Graphics – Live events including set up and operations incl use of VizRT & d3D; creative design.Results – Live & Post Events operations incl. use of MATRICS (d3 results system); results collection & distribution. Video – Live Streaming operations; Post production video editing. Sales- Producing sales tenders; marketing collateral & sales strategy across all departments .