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Learning Business


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Business in education

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Learning Business

  2. 2. B RIEF OF THE READING MATERIAL Electronic Education: Flipping the Classroom  The role and expanse of technology integration in a regular classroom to expand the learning effectiveness – touching all aspects and areas, is no doubt a big leap for the education system.  It has it’s variability in implementation depending on the school vision, budgets used, teacher development levels to take the integration forward
  3. 3. B RIEF OF THE READING MATERIAL Technological Change  Any business / company who has thought beyond the crisis has managed to make business out of a crisis situation proving the statement – ‘Change is the only constant’.  Adaptation is the only method of survival – whether in life or in business.  Both the cases – Kodak vs Fuji and Amazon – have proven that learning to learn, innovate and improvise and expand was the only way to grow.
  4. 4. S OME F ORUM F EEDBACKS On Technology in Classrooms  Teacher’s Opinions  Teachers are scared, untrained and not able to integrate  Endless learning cycles scare them  Loss of personal touch are still an issue  Some had opinion that the scores really don’t change but student engagement goes high  Researcher’s/Evangelists opinions  One need to start, sky is the limit
  5. 5. A C ASE Big Mac’s makeover
  6. 6. WAYS FOR B USINESSES Like NIIT, which moved from IT into other Learning businesses like Finance, Insurance, Management, Skills etc to grow in the market, successful businesses must have the foresight to look at market scenario, opportunities opening up and quickly move.  Moving from a regional player to a national player  Moving from a television satellite to other avenues like tele-marketing, education etc.