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Need and Role of Analytics In Education

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Learning Analytics

  1. 1. LEARNING ANALYTICSBy Susmita Pruthi
  2. 2. The Learning Ecosystem Education Department Teacher School Learning Community Classroom Playground Home Tuition
  3. 3. Some learning is happening at all times What is the learning – scholastic or co-scholastic or any other? How do we measure it? How do we tag it to a set of defined learning objectives or tag and follow up to define new ones and so on …
  4. 4. Need for Analytics Analytics are needed for any business to  increase efficiencies and productivity –financial or operational  expanding the business  help strategise a new business model due to  High competition in the market space  Entering newer markets  Manage the changing economic climate Educational Institutions, especially higher education, are also looking at analytics for parallel demands  Increasing my captive market to source enrollments  Retaining the existing student for newer, higher course  Getting references from existing  What operational efficiencies can be adopted to reduce fund outflow yet manage my output  Fund raising activities
  5. 5. Analytics in educational institutions But in an educational institution, it may go beyond pure business to educational / learning analytics  Basics are already addressed by most of the LMSs  like which student is consistently having good scores, is it comparable in all subjects, if not then what subjects are needing intervention, what the subject area for intervention.  But where it gets stumped is the form and nature of best intervention that can close the gap.  Higher levels of analytics can be  What is the most liked form of learning,  What are they learning,  How to assess the learning and application of learning,  How to precise the learning and pump the solution back to the learning effectively, to have the desired effectiveness and so …
  6. 6. Learning Analytics Identifying the scope of Learning Analytics with barriers and challenges Defining the data to be mined Defining the processes that will expose such data Define systems to capture the data Define the Learning Analytics Correctional Feedback into the processes & systems
  7. 7. Learning Analytics for elearning The scope of LA in elearning is as wide as the globe and beyond as the scope of elearning itself is wide. From conventional LMS based online learning systems that are trackable to social media enabled platforms – blogs, discussion forms, developer community etc, each offers some aspect of learning happening. These domains are more appropriate for mature learners and not primary learners.
  8. 8. LA for developer community While the developer community exchanges ‘best practices’, the technology evangelist pursues it backend with the technology service provider to provide the necessary feature in the next release.
  9. 9. Learning Analytics for Behavioural Sciences With Personalization feature, any website is able to make the entire content presented to you as you would ‘like’ it to be, thus enabling your comfort of usage (learning). Higher the usage, higher is the revenue (basis the business model). For example  Based on your last purchases, the websites throws the offers in these categories  Basis your choices during registration, alerts are sent you as info on great offers  Basis the last accessed job profiles, the portal pushes other ‘similar’ offers to you and so on
  10. 10. Combining LA with Behavioural aspect foreducation/learning effectiveness Many models and Frameworks are available And many more can be drawn basis the needs of the institution It is a ongoing ‘work in progress’ model as the cycle of Learning – Learning Analytics – Loop back into learning with continue to be addressed.
  11. 11. Other reading material browsedOn http://www.learninganalytics.net/ http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI3026.pdf http://evidenceframework.org/wp- content/uploads/2012/04/EDM-LA-Brief- Draft_4_10_12c.pdf http://kmi.open.ac.uk/publications/pdf/kmi-12-01.pdf
  12. 12.  Have created a Gloggter id : pruthisusmita Have not had the time to check out the possibilities hence the simple form of ppt for this assignment