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Implementing 6 Hats thinking in real life

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  • Adv prod tools assgn6

    1. 1. 1. Study the 6 Thinking Hats and find out how you think. 2. Create a sequence of colors – the way you think 3. Do you think your thought process is optimized, if yes, justify 4. If not, what are you going to do to try and optimize your thoughtsSusmita Pruthi 1 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    2. 2. 2 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    3. 3.  My way of using the Six Colours to address any problem to find a resolution depends on the kind of problem: 1. A CGRS on faculty quality 2. A challenge – training & certifying diversely placed team members, high numbersSusmita Pruthi 3 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    4. 4. Collect all the facts on the CGRS This sequence works well so that the real cause/fact comes out and a Collect all the corrective action is planned. If it is the feelings, perceptions regarding faculty quality, then the plan to replace the situation the faculty is drawn. If it is a false CGRS, then the customer needs to be managed. Focus on possible solutions, alternativesSusmita Pruthi Manage the proposed solution for implementation 4 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    5. 5. Collect all the facts regarding team Play the devils members, their Focus on possible advocate or why location, their tech solutions, alternati skill level, something may not ves qualification, work experience etc This sequence has worked well and a plan of action is a work in progress. It has thrown up the different parameters and the impact Explore the Manage the positives and probe proposed solutionSusmita Pruthi of these parameter values. for value and Hence, a multi-pronged for implementation benefit. method is being worked out with Phase 1 being success. 5 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    6. 6. A brief note
    7. 7. It encourages Parallel Thinking, where everyone explores all sides of an issue at the same time Each of the Six Thinking Hats represents a different directionSusmita Pruthi or type of thinking, which is identified by a colour 7 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    8. 8.  The six hats represent six modes of thinking and are directions to think rather than labels for thinking. That is, the hats are used proactively rather than reactively.  Six Thinking Hats® helps actualize the full thinking potential of teams.  When used as a meeting management tool, the Six Hats method provides the disciplined process for individuals to be focused and to the point.  Most important, it requires each individual to look at all sides of an issue.  The key theoretical reasons to use the Six Thinking Hats are to:  encourage Parallel Thinking  encourage full-spectrum thinking  separate ego from performance  Uses  Problem solvingSusmita Pruthi  Strategic planning  Running meetings  Much more 8 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    9. 9.  Improve Exploration  Save Time  Improve Creativity & Innovation  Foster Collaborative Behaviour  Learn to Think in Parallel with Other Team members  Outcomes expected  Foster collaborative thinking and interaction by keeping egos and turf protection in check.  Reduce the adversarial approach in all interactions  Use a thinking framework that encourages full exploration of issuesSusmita Pruthi  Make time for creative thinking to develop alternative and innovative approaches  Lead and run more effective and productive meetings. 9 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    10. 10. neutral, objective serious, somber objective facts & cautious & careful figures emotional, angry growth, fertility emotions & creativity, ideas & feelings lateral thinking cool, sky above sunny, positiveSusmita Pruthi control & hope, positive & organization of speculative thinking 10 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    11. 11. The Black Hat is judgment - The Red Hat signifies the devils advocate or why feelings, hunches and something may not work. The White Hat calls for intuition. When using this Spot the difficulties and information known or hat you can express dangers; where things needed. "The facts, just the emotions and feelings and might go wrong. Probably facts." share the most powerful and fears, likes, dislikes, loves, a useful of the Hats but a nd hates. problem if overused. The Green Hat focuses on The Blue Hat is used to The Yellow Hat symbolizes creativity; the manage the thinking brightness and optimism. possibilities, alternatives, an process. Its the control Under this hat you explore d new ideas. Its an mechanism that ensures the the positives and probe for opportunity to express new Six Thinking Hats®Susmita Pruthi value and benefit. concepts and new guidelines are observed. perceptions. 11 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats
    12. 12.  look at problems, decisions, and opportunities systematically  use Parallel Thinking™ as a group or team to generate more, better ideas and solutions  make meetings much shorter and more productive  reduce conflict among team members or meeting participants  stimulate innovation by generating more and better ideas quickly  create dynamic, results oriented meetings that make people want to participate  go beyond the obvious to discover effective alternate solutions  spot opportunities where others see only problems  think clearly and objectively  view problems from new and unusual angles  make thorough evaluationsSusmita Pruthi  see all sides of a situation  keep egos and "turf protection" in check  achieve significant and meaningful results 12 NU TA 521 | Assignment 8 | Six Thinking Hats