Second wednesday presentation 14 04-10


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Presentation at Second Wednesday, 14/04/10, a web sector

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Second wednesday presentation 14 04-10

  1. 1. Everything you wanted to know about digital strategy (but never thought to ask) Second Wednesday – 14th April 2010 Your digital strategy is in endless beta Digital consultant – strategies for the digital economy I specialise in digital strategy in creative media, B2B, public sector & pharmaceutical Tactical delivery in e-marketing, social media, online content Strategic planning is... creating a vision for a project or business – what and why Tactical planning is...working out the best way to deliver the strategy – how, who and when Digital strategy – context: Web is a nascent industry (20 years young), propelled by experimentation and doing. Web has become a commodity, a necessity rather than competitive advantage. Strategy planning protects resources, stimulates innovation and creates measurable, achievable goals. Strategy specialists are commonplace in USA are starting to be hired UK in larger organisations. Full service agencies often offer planning/media buying and strategy as part of bid. Most strategists specialise in campaign planning/buying for big brands. Digital engagement: Connecting with audiences, stakeholders, customers or leads online – this can be through creating social spaces, content audiences can engage with, or using the web to research what customers want.
  2. 2. The strategy planning process: POST: People, Objective, Strategy, Technology Phase Outcome Deliverable Tools 1. Understand the business Get key stakeholders Project Initiation Interviews – see where digital can inspired by Document Business plan review align and enhance opportunities business/marketing plan 2. Research the market – Understand market Website review Web analytics past activities, trends in sector and Competitor review Social analytics competitors, market outcomes of Sentiment analysis trends previous activities Survey/ interviews Focus group Crowd-sourcing 3. Develop a vision or new Key team members Digital strategy Lateral thinking: or better way of delivery engaging in planning document Six Thinking Hats in specific areas (can and finding solutions 1 year action plan Open space workshop involve radical Brainstorm disruption) to address business goals 4. Get governance and Ensure team are Training session Team workshop buy-in skilled and Follow-up review motivated to deliver
  3. 3. Offering strategy as part of a web service: Advantages: Adds value, high value service, differentiation, can later up-sell client to delivery services, acts as entry point, work is varied, Disadvantages: Majority of clients unwilling to pay for advice, less trusting of consultancy from service suppliers, doesn’t always fit in with procurement models, need to educate market of value, little visible goal, can often be hard to make client implement. “Business types like to say “strategy” a lot as it sounds big, complicated and important. And it is important, but there is no need for it to be complicated. Quite the opposite. At the heart of it all “strategy” is just about having a plan for the thing you are working on. Or as Wikipedia puts it “a strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal”. What – When – Where – How - Why Strategy services you can offer: 1. Preparing a detailed analysis of existing site and recommendations 2. Writing a web brief 3. Developing a web content plan or marketing plan Contact Me: Email: Tel: 07981 222799 Twitter: @susioneill Skype: susi.oneill web/blog: