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Handouts with useful stats and resources for online video for the web training course

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Online video for the web resources

  1. 1. Online Video for the Web Workshop Creative Exchange, Derby Tuesday 29th June 2010 The online video phenomena Online video stats: - UK Online Video view are increasing 37% each year (ComScore Feb 2010) - Video links with search and proactive seeking, linking ‘lean forward’ not ‘lean back’ like television - 33 billion videos watched in Dec 09, YouTube has 40% share of video views (in USA) - Online video advertising has 3-7% response (10 x online banner advertising) - Video advertising fastest growing online ad sector, spend doubling each year - 44% of online video viewed at work (Nielsen, USA, 2009) - Placement of a video on a home page can increase your SEO score by a factor of 50 (Forrester, 2009) - Video content now appear in Google results - Google TV is bringing the web to TV. Advertisers can create & distribute TV adverts to cable networks TV from $100 (US only) The ‘average’ YouTube video: • Has 500 views over time • 25% of those views will come in the first four days • Only the first 30 to 60 seconds will be watched • 45% ‘recover’ (searching for something they’ve already seen) • 55% ‘discover’ (search or find something from a link) Diana Kaplan: Blip.TV 1
  2. 2. Animation tools MovieStorm – A machinima (games engine) tool to make custom animation Xtranormal – Simple character animation tool, mainly used for parodies Animoto – Slide show and video animation tool Recommended Equipment: Filming (budget £100 - £150): Flip Mino or Ultra HD Kodak zi6 or zi8 Tripod: desktop and full size Editing (budget £0 - £60): iMovie – free for Mac Windows Movie Maker – free for Windows Adobe Premiere Elements – PC/Mac c. £60 Convert video formats: Share and exchange video formats: Recommended online channels: On demand Hosting/embedding: – critical mass for video, second largest search engine in world – creative community video, ‘respectful’, cannot embed on commercial sites Live streaming: – live streaming from mobile phone – live streaming from web cam or mobile phone Successful business videos: Wiggly Wigglers ( – The winner of Dell’s Small Business Excellence Award for online media, a rural ecological business use video to demonstrate and promote niche products like a wormery that need to be understood to be valued. Will It Blend? ( - Blentec’s viral video phenomena, a series of quirky character demonstrations of what the blender can blend, including an iPhone and an iPad. Panacea 81 ( – Lauren Luke, the young single mum from Tyneside had a passion for make-up: her kitchen videos netted her 31 million viewers, a column in a newspaper supplement and her own make-up line with a top New York cosmetic company. RSM McGladrey ( – YouTube channel for a US accountancy firm used as a recruitment tool. 2
  3. 3. Tips for creating online marketing video • Online video should engage, inform and entertain • Keep it real: authentic, basic production quality • Be passionate, be conversational • At your organisation: Find good communicators – outgoing and passionate, talkative • Speak directly to customers, or interview them Informercial or storymercial has drama, character & conflict with product embedded in plot Longer form (10 mins+) can take 3 act film form (set-up, development, resolution) • What point are you trying to make? • What’s the call-to-action and next stage outcome? • How can you make it ‘viral’ (sharing and marketing strategy) • Recommend business video length: under 2 minutes ( Measuring engagement and Conversion: • Track view each month • Referrals to your website using in-video tags • Call to action overlay forms e.g. ‘click to join newsletter’ or ‘click for 20% discount” • web domain at start and end of video • Test sales videos using an A/B campaign for effectiveness • – click to buy advertising technology Filming: Wardrobe – use solid colour clothes, not checks or stripes Framing – keep headshots close with some space to allow for movement Lighting – make sure there’s good lighting: sun or light source should be in front, not behind subject Background – avoid somewhere too cluttered or loud, this can be distracting Find somewhere quiet – let people know you’re filming and to avoid loud noises Check recording rate: High (1080P) – for future use (e.g. TV, DVD) – big files, big storage, slow upload Medium (720P) – for most everyday use – smaller files, less storage, quicker upload Production: Record lots of short segments, that could link for different purposes, for example: - New product: Felt bag, it’s feature - My inspiration behind the logo design on the bag - Latest in: our new range of bags 3
  4. 4. - This season’s special offers What to film: - A walk-through of a new product (could include close up shots), talk about its origins, inspiration and product benefits - An interview with one of your team, partners or customers – what are they working on? What do they do? What do they think of your company? - Live action or ‘behind the scenes’: at a customer event, trade show or awards ceremony Further planning: - Being prepared helps: use a tripod and have a few practice runs if you’re filming an interview with an important message. - Remember: you’re not giving a Parkinson interview or making the new Spielberg film! Avoid complex post-production editing and keep the tone as informal as possible whilst still supporting your brand value. Resources: Creative Exchange – e-marketing courses Social Media Strategy – Thurs 8 July, £99 Digital Strategy – Thurs 28th October, £150 Creative Industries Network Derbyshire network for creative businesses, with directory of video and marketing professionals. Online marketplace for outsourcing video, animation and rich media content for websites Visible Gains Blog on video conversion for business marketing Course developed for Creative Exchange by: Susi O’Neill, Digital Consultant Twitter @susioneill email: 4