Nottingham writers studio june 2010 resources


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Resource sheet for talk on social media for writers

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Nottingham writers studio june 2010 resources

  1. 1. Nottingham Writers Studio: Welcome to Social Media 7 Roads of social media (PCM Creative, 1. Generate new work 2. Customer service 3. Improve customer retention 4. Increase your knowledge 5. Align with your competitors 6. Establish authority as an expert 7. Do business more productively Approach – The 5 Cs of online marketing • Content – this is your products, and also the marketing content you use to promote your products. It could include video, photos, your social network feeds, a blog, e-books • Community – Who gathers around your content and who you want to attract • Conversation – This is the chatter that sells your products, are they made using a special process? Do they have an unusual history? Use key influencers to influence more of the right people. • Consistency – ensuring your design and content is consistent with your personal brand: tone, imagery and also regularity and frequency. • Keywords - – find out the traffic in UK and global for your keywords. Social networking success strategies POST - consider your Passions, Outcomes, Skills needed and your Tactics SEAT - Seed and share, Engage with community, Additionality (add value) Time (value it) Intertextual works Penguin: - 6 interactive media stories Such Tweet Sorrow, - RSC re-interpret Romeo & Juliet November in Manchester, - a young writer’s ‘social media love story’ Intertextual storyteller extraordinaire, Tim Wright: www. Social tools for writers RSS reader – – read and subscribe to websites and blogs Delicious - – bookmark what you are reading online Google Alerts – – get alerts when new content for keywords is published Social Mention – – see what people are saying about you in social media WordPress - (hosted) and (free software download) for blogging Blogging tips Hyperlink – give you work context, and credit others Brevity – less is more, keep posts tightly focussed and 500 words or less, broken down into bite-size pieces Frequency – write what’s good, in a frequency that makes sense for your work Community – link your blog to a Twitter account, comment on other blogs and forums Tips for personal marketing on Twitter Once a day: A tip based on your experience Something personal Ask a question Re-tweet an expert Converse with a contact Converse with a key influencer Once a week: Your new or archive blog article Promote followers (follow Friday) Once a month: Build or promote a list Start a discussion Twitter management tools HootSuite – manages all major social networks and scheduling updates TweetDeck – Desktop and iPhone App to manage all major social networks Contact Me Email: Tel: 07981 222799 Twitter: @susioneill Skype: susi.oneill web/blog: