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richest man in UEA when oil gas price up

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  1. 1. Take a look at these photos....Take a look at these photos.... Also, in case you're wondering whereAlso, in case you're wondering where this hotel is, it isn't a hotel at all.this hotel is, it isn't a hotel at all.     It is a house!It is a house!      It's owned by the family ofIt's owned by the family of  Sheikh Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan AlZayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan,Nahyan, thethe former president of theformer president of the United ArabUnited Arab EmiratesEmirates and ruler ofand ruler of Abu-Dhabi.Abu-Dhabi.  
  2. 2. The Audi A8 in SILVERThe Audi A8 in SILVER was made for a sheik....was made for a sheik.... IT IS NOT SILVER inIT IS NOT SILVER in COLOR, IT IS MADE outCOLOR, IT IS MADE out ofof SILVER !!!!!SILVER !!!!!  
  3. 3. Amazing whatAmazing what $2.75 US$2.75 US a gallona gallon gas can buy,gas can buy, isn't it?isn't it?