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Jeddah Historic Festival 2016

Step back in time with scenes from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's 3rd Annual Kunna Kida Historical Festival ("We were like this.")

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Jeddah Historic Festival 2016

  2. 2. Jeddah’s famous Mameluke Minarets sculpture greets visitors to the 2016 Jeddah Historic Festival called KUNNA KIDA (“We were like this.”)
  3. 3. At the entrance gate, a caravan of six camels welcomes visitors to the festival.
  4. 4. The festival logo – a typical beautiful carved wooden door of Al Balad, the oldest part of Jeddah.
  5. 5. A demonstration of how to wrap the scarf headdress traditionally worn by men
  6. 6. All done!
  7. 7. Me with a few of the event guides
  8. 8. The welcoming committee upon arrival at the festival
  9. 9. The festival ran for 10 days in January 2016
  10. 10. Creative handicrafts were on sale
  11. 11. Some visitors dressed in non-traditional clothing
  12. 12. Traditional elevated Saudi seating
  13. 13. An actor - re-enactment of a traditional vendor
  14. 14. Re-enactment of old time ice delivery
  15. 15. Actors re-enacting old traditional schooling
  16. 16. Traditionally dressed girls demonstrate how girls used to play.
  17. 17. An actor in make-up
  18. 18. Featured Jeddah photographer Dalia standing in front of one of her beautiful photos
  19. 19. A book signing at the new Jeddah Bliss Library
  20. 20. Artifacts – old urns
  21. 21. Me with our guide. I am holding an “Oud.”
  22. 22. Pinning a tag of my husband’s family name to the wall of all original Jeddah families of Al Balad
  23. 23. A Saudi woman checks out a display of old bridal wear
  24. 24. Green Rawasheen
  25. 25. Continuing the tradition, this man’s family business has been dentistry for several generations
  26. 26. Me with the handsome model in the photo behind us
  27. 27. Face Painting for kids
  28. 28. Al Balad’s famous Naseef House
  29. 29. Stylish clothing made out of men’s scarves
  30. 30. The door of Jeddah’s very first US Consulate