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LIMS Primer (Council of the District of Columbia)


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Overview of the new Legislative Information Management System (LIMS) used by the Council of the District of Columbia

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LIMS Primer (Council of the District of Columbia)

  1. 1. Legislative Information Management System (LIMS) Public Site - Walkthrough
  2. 2. LIMS – Public Site Key features of LIMS public site: • The new home page allows a user to enter any phrase or number to find all legislation related to the search criteria. No longer is a rigid search term or exact legislation number needed to retrieve information. • Available documents now include: bills, resolutions, contracts, grant budget modifications, reprogrammings, Housing Finance Agency documents, Inspector General and Auditor reports and agendas. • The public site currently supports legislation for Council Period 20 only; the previous Council Periods are being redirected to
  3. 3. LIMS – Public Site Key features of LIMS public site: • The Basic Search feature enables the user to search for legislation using any of the following criteria: o Legislation number o Abbreviated Legislation number like 10, 20-10, 20-1, B20-45 etc., o Short title of the legislation o Keyword or phrase • The Advanced Search feature allows the user to conduct a detailed search for legislation. • Latest Laws section displays the newly created laws (top 5 records displayed).
  4. 4. LIMS – Public Site Home Page Legislation Categories filter Displays the newly created Laws – up to 5. Link to previous Council Periods Advanced Search with more refined search options. Input Keyword(s) or # to search for Legislation.
  5. 5. LIMS - Public Site Home Page About LIMS This dropdown helps to narrow down the search by selecting a specific Legislation category
  6. 6. LIMS Public Site – Latest Laws Most recent law This link will take user to the page where all laws can be viewed.
  7. 7. LIMS Public Site – Advanced Search Key features of LIMS advanced search includes: • The Advanced Search feature enables a user to filter legislation based on any/all of the following criteria: • Legislation number or any phrase • Category, Sub-Category, Introducer, Co-Sponsor, Requestor • Committee referrals, Legislation status, Start/End Date etc,. • The wide range of search options helps the user to retrieve the exact result they expect to view.
  8. 8. LIMS Public Site – Advanced Search Search legislation by Date Range Filter legislation by “Requestor” Search by legislation category Search legislation by the sub-category Search by co- sponsors Search legislation by the committee referral with comments Search by introducers Search legislation by the committee referral Filter legislation by legislation status Link to go back to Basic Search screen Option to hide the Advanced Search and go back to Basic Search
  9. 9. LIMS Public Site – Advanced Search – Official Law Filter legislation by legislation status – Official Law Search legislation by law effective dates
  10. 10. LIMS Public Site – Advanced Search - Congressional Review Filter legislation by legislation status – Under Congressional Review Search legislation by Congressional Transmittal Dates
  11. 11. LIMS Public Site – Search Results Introduction document assigned to the Legislation (link to PDF) Link to Legislation details page which provides summary and bill history Toggle button to sort search results by Recent Updates or Chronological Option to export search results in Excel or PDF Current status of the legislation; mouse hover displays the status explanation
  12. 12. LIMS Public Site – Legislative Record Key features of LIMS legislative records: • Each legislative record offers a user either a snapshot of the status of a measure or a detailed history of a measure: • Legislative Summary – Key data provided in this tab include the legislation number, introducer, committee referral and any other additional information about the measure • Bill History – This tab offers a comprehensive history of a measure from introduction to its final status • Each record also includes an “Other Documents” tab which includes the referral memo, and any other documents sent to or from the Executive regarding the measure
  13. 13. LIMS Public Site – Legislative Summary Print the currently displayed legislation to PDF Current status of the Legislation Displays history of the legislation. Displays other documents of the legislation.
  14. 14. LIMS Public Site – Bill History Link to introduction Document Link to view the Hearing video Link to view the Committee Report Link to view Voting information Link to view Signed Act Link to view Signed Law Link to enrolled version of the document
  15. 15. Voting Information LIMS Public Site – Voting Information
  16. 16. LIMS Public Site – Other Documents Other Documents section Link to documents Other Linked Legislation
  17. 17. LIMS – Public Site Thank You