There is a huge abyss


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Stop getting sucked in with network marketing strategies and tactics that may have worked a couple of years ago, but are obsolete today.

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There is a huge abyss

  1. 1. There Is a Huge Abyss in theWorld of Network MarketingAs a business owner involved in network marketing, do you find yourselfdistracted by every new shinny thing around you when it comes to marketingyour business that you lack focus on any one thing? This is the networkmarketing pitfall which leads you into the black hole of confusion, frustrationand discouragement?Stop getting sucked in with network marketing strategies and tactics that mayhave worked a couple of years ago, but are obsolete today. The internet changesdaily, and as business owners it is our job to keep up with the latest marketingstrategies that really work and learn to let go of the ones that are taking yourbusiness down the drain. Literally!If you have been in this industry for a while, you might be dragging a dead horsearound while using old strategies that use to work but are no longer effective. Ifthe horse stinks, cut it loose.Here are some current tips on how to successfully implement networkingmarketing into your business today! And in a minute I am going to share withyou how I stay on top of all the latest information that is taking my business tothe next level.
  2. 2.  Social Media Facebook - You must create a fan page! If you do not have apersonal Facebook account, get one today. Fan pages are easy to set upand it gets your business, brand and name out there and available tomillions of active users every day. Join Facebook groups to promote your business and encourageother businesses to like your fan page. Here are some examples of groupsI am in: Bloggers Corner Network Marketing MasterMind Group Network MarketingThere are thousands of groups to network in, inside of Facebook alone Sign up with social sharing sites: LinkedIn Tumbler Google Plus Penterest Reddit Twitter Delicious There are many more, this was just to name a few (Google itto find more)If you use WordPress, install a social sharing tool kit in your widgets, so you caninstantly broadcast your articles to all of the social sharing sites.Article Submissions: It is important to repurpose your posts (articles) withother search engines. You know that Google is not the only place to get traffic!!If you use these tools, you will get traffic long before you begin to rank onGoogle! Ezine Articles Articles Base Go Articles Buzzle Once again, there are many article submission sites out there, do yourhomework and find them! Instant traffic.Comment on other blogs: Leave genuine, non spammy comments on otherpeople’s blogs, appreciating their work. They usually return the favor and it is agreat way to get back links. Always be authentic and professional. Never selfpromote on their blog.
  3. 3. If you start with the above networkmarketing strategies, you will see aninstant increase in your traffic!Guaranteed.If you write compelling content, that captures your reader’s attention, they willstay on your site longer and become potential leads or sales.Are you serious about taking your business to the next level and are tired ofmaking wussy commissions on your hard work? Instead of 4 - 6% commissionson small items, imagine if you were making 100% commissions on largerproducts? I do!!What are the 100% commission products?******BLOGGING PLATFORM PROMOTING THE 100% COMMISSIONPRODUCTS, ALREADY SET UP FOR YOU.......FRESH INFORMATION& EXPERT TRAINING********Up-to-the-minute and most detailed training the market has to offer. No morewondering if you are on top of the latest information. Always be in the know.Be a member of the fastest growing (private) online community, where we shareand learn from each other.Learn from the top network marketers and their secrets to success, as they lay outan actual plan to help you produce $30,000 or more a month income. Take amoment and think about what life changing money that is?It is the best decision I have ever made. After years of chasing all the shinnyobjects and spending a fortune on empty training, I finally found everything Ineed under one roof. Now, here is your chance to see what it is all about!Network Marketing for beginners all the way to the mostadvanced!Click the button to receive your free...
  4. 4. [101 WAYS TO ADVERTISE] - Learn How to GetThousands of Leads Both Online & Offline for yourBusiness!Plus you will get a free bonus 2 hour training sessionfrom top leaders, as my gift to you!This is a game changer, so grab it while you can!!!I hope to see you on the inside, as a part of my fabulous team!Susie Brown